Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We have to take meditation and wisdom everywhere

India, (The Art of Living International Center), July 26:
Q. Dear Guruji, the rains have still not come! What can we do?
Sri Sri: Meditate and chant Om Namah Shivaya. Rains will come.
Q. Why do you want to help everybody?
Sri Sri: Will you ask the sun, why do you shine? If you ask a tree why do you flower, what will it say? It is simply its nature. I only do what is in my nature. Helping others, manushyatva(humanity) is our swabhav (nature). We have to move from a lack consciousness (abhav) and the influences of external factors (prabhav) to our swabhav (nature).
Q. What mistake can’t be forgiven?
Sri Sri: One who does not forgive, he is mistaken.
Q. I am full of doubts and inhibitions right from the beginning. How can I be free from this?
Sri Sri: Somewhere in the middle sankocha (inhibition) has come. It will go. Don’t think that it is there from the beginning. Doubts have arisen perhaps when you were eight or nine years old. Continue your practice and you will see that your inhibitions will drop.
Q. Even trees and plants are smiling here in the ashram! Please help me get rid of my anger!
Sri Sri: Have you done the course? No? Do the course yourself!
Q. Shanti(peace), sukha(joy), santosh(satisfaction), priti(love), vishwas(faith) - I have everything. What should I do now?
Sri Sri: Then what is it that you want! Go work now! Go to the villages, become teachers and start spreading this knowledge.
Sri Sri then says: I want to share something interesting with you all.
Our ancestors have deeply studied our environment. They have included all the animals - dog , donkey, elephant etc - in Divinity. Each animal is associated with a devta (angel). Each animal has a certain vibration – a specific energy field. This field of energy corresponds to the angel who rides the animal. For example, the Devi (Divine Mother) is depicted as riding a tiger. The energy field of the Devi is felt in the vibrations emanating from the tiger.
Human beings have a specific energy field too. The field of energy is called bio – energy. The cosmic energy is absorbed by the various species and transformed into this bio- energy field. The ecological balance is lost when any one species and its corresponding energy field is affected or depleted.
When the frog population is affected, rains are less. The chanting of the Vedic mantras creates the vibrations that are necessary to create harmony and restore the balance.
A girl shares her experience of a miraculous change in her.
Sri Sri: There is no dearth for miracles, it is there in abundance. Only you have to have the confidence and the faith.
The teacher’s training participants from the Middle Eastern countries including Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morroco, Pakistan and Palestine gathered on stage to sing a song. All those gathered for the satsang clapped along keeping time with the rhythm of the Arabic song.
One man, introducing himself to be a Muslim Indian, asks Sri Sri, “It is so beautiful to see an Arabic song being sung amidst so many Hindus and everyone clapping together. How can we make this happen everywhere?”
Sri Sri: You all have to work for it. We are a one world family – spread this message to every corner. The sense of belongingness should develop.
Narrow-mindedness or a limited perception is what creates terrorism. We have to broaden our vision. We have to take meditation and wisdom everywhere. Terrorism is in the mind. Through meditation, the mind can be transformed. Only meditation can bring this change.

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