Sunday, August 30, 2009

When you are filled with Divine love, then there is no desire for liberation nor sadness due to bondage

India (Art of Living International Center, Bangalore), August 26:
. Women were barred from the knowledge of Yoga and Mantra in the past. Even today some institutions continue this practise. What is the reason behind this?
Sri Sri: It is not clear where exactly the practise discontinued. In the ancient India from a long time women would use Janeyu. Goddesses Parvati and Gargi are shown wearing it. It is there in the scriptures as well. Somewhere the chain broke, but it will be revived.
Q. Even after listening to knowledge, if attachment with a person arises and if it is not fulfilled will I have to take another birth?
Sri Sri: The grip of attachment is released with kripa(grace), kaal(time) and seva(service). Assume that you already have grace and give priority to time and service. It is not that all your attachments and desires will be fulfilled. Whatever is needed and good for you will be given. That which is unimportant, an illusion of the mind be discarded - this should be your prayer.
Q. How to increase the seva bhav(intention to serve)?
Sri Sri: Do not intend to increase the seva bhav. We assume that we lack the attitude of service and then try to increase it, so it doesn’t happen!
That is why we assume we have seva bhav in abundance . What stops you from doing seva is laziness. You can get rid of laziness by giving importance to the right diet and some exercise. Doing seva by yourself might seem difficult, so do it in a group. That is why it is said,
“Ekastapasvi, dhwiradhyayi” -when you have to do adhyayan( Study), do it in a group. When you do tapas(penance), do it by yourself. Similarly, when you do seva, do it in a group. That leads to a rise in enthusiasm and is less tiring.
Q. How to attain mukti(liberation) while living in a household?
Sri Sri: Even while living in a household, the desire for liberation arises, right? If the desire is there then liberation is not very far. Usually when we are tired of something we wish to be free from it. When you are filled with Divine love, then there is no desire for liberation nor sadness due to bondage.

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