Friday, September 18, 2009

I am nobody' is a shift in identity

India, (Art of Living International Center, Bangalore) September 16:
Q. What does 'I am nothing' mean ? Are we negating our own existence?
Sri Sri: You know everything else can be explained but emptiness cannot be explained. You are asking me to explain the emptiness. A substance can be explained but lack of all substance cannot be explained. Similarly, 'I am nobody' is an experience. It is a shift from being somebody, from being a limited identity to unlimited identity.
Q. How to be rid of jealousy while still being competitive?
Sri Sri: It is better to compare yourself with your own self. How you were ten years or five years ago and what you can be yet tomorrow, compare with yourself. Second thing is you know, create a sense of belongingness with all those who are making progress.
Q. What is Kevala Kumbhaka ?
Sri Sri: Kevala kumbhaka is when there is almost no breath and that your mind is in a very happy state. It happens without your effort.

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