Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The mind that has bowed down is called Naman

India (Art of Living International Center, Bangalore), August 31:
Q. If our soul is all powerful then how is it that the mind gets distorted. Is the mind bigger than the soul?
Sri Sri: You put a black drape over your window and you ask if the drape is bigger than the Sun. You look at a wonderful scenery and a small dust particle enters your eye, distorts your vision and then you ask if the particle of dust is bigger than the entire scenery. This is delusion.
It seems as if the black drape over the window covers the Sun. You can remove it, as easily as you put it. It does not require lifetimes of penance and practices. All you need is a belief.
Just the faith that nothing can cover the Sun. This veil that is covering the mind, look at it as a game, open your eyes and see, you’ll realize that in reality neither the veil exists nor the mind. This is known as Naman (literally: no mind, also: bowing down)
The mind exists as long as bhav (emotion) is not awakened. As soon the bhav awakens, the mind starts to bow down, dissolve. The mind that has bowed down is called Naman.
Bow down and you’ll see that the mind is not far from the soul, is not different from the soul. It is not against the soul. When the mind becomes no mind (naman), that mind is the friend of the soul. The mind that remains stiff, seems like an enemy of the soul – yet it cannot be an enemy.

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