Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love is that which cannot be expressed or hidden fully

“If you keep trying to express it, then it will become just a sound and the feelings are lost. Saying “I love you” everyday and every time, it eventually turns into, “I can’t stand you!” Too much expression spoils things. If you don’t express at all, that is also not good. There needs to be moderation. Just like a seed – it does not germinate if you scatter it on the surface nor if you bury it too deep. It needs to be sown at just the right depth. In the same way, moderation is necessary.

Q. What is the importance of lemon in aura cleansing?
Sri Sri: Have you see lemon juice under the microscope? It looks like the rays of the sun. When you see vitamin C under the microscope, it looks like a sunflower. Some substances like salt, lemon, chilies etc, have the potential to remove negativity. In the west, bathing in the ocean for rejuvenation and improving health is popular. The burdens, the worries in the mind, harmful influences are reduced in this way. Faith also works here. Even when you take regular medicines, if you don’t have faith in the doctor or the medication, it may not help you at all.
Q. How does one achieve strength (Shakti) and devotion (Bhakti)?
Sri Sri: With rest - you achieve devotion. When you put in effort along with rest you get power or strength. Effort and prayer, both, go together. Either is incomplete without the other. For completion of any task both are required.
Normally women only pray and men only put in effort but both should do both.
Q. I don’t know whether I should give importance to family or to my career.
Sri Sri: You have to look out for your career. Your parents will be happy when you have a career. If you have no job and you sit at home, will they be happy? No! Then they (family and career) have both come together.
Q.I have never been successful in life. I consider myself to be a load on my parents’ shoulders.
Sri Sri: Drop your laziness and don’t be too choosy. Whatever work you get, take it up and do it. Do not think it is beneath your dignity. Do not think you are not successful. Every work is attached with honor and dignity.
Q. Guruji, there is lot of confusion in family because one member follows Art of living and another member follows some other spiritual path, pranic healing.
Sri Sri: Both just stick to your own path.
Q. During meditation, the mind wanders to so many places. Once you said, “Let the mind go wherever it wants to”. Does that mean me and my mind are two different entities? If yes, then what is the mind and who am I?
Sri Sri: When you try to keep hold of your mind, it runs here and there. When you become aware of the wandering mind, then you realize you are bigger than the mind. When you find you are not this mind, not this body, not anything else, whatever remains is the Self. Knowing your Self, recognize the Supreme Self. Then you find you are everything. You are the mind, the thoughts, you are the whole world. But that happens at the second level. When you know your Self, you know the Divine. Sarvam Kalvidam Brahma – Everything is One Divinity. Knowing this, become established in this knowledge.
Q. Guruji, you once said desires come and go. Those which need to be fulfilled stay and others simply vanish. But what about those desires which stay and are not fulfilled?
Sri Sri: Have patience & perseverance.
Q. Why am I so crazy to be here!!
Sri Sri: Because I am also like that. Only a rich can make others also rich. Only a liberated one can bring freedom to others. Only a devotee can evoke devotion in others. A person in love with the Divine makes others also like that. Whatever is there within you that is what others receive and that is what you perceive in others.
Q. What is a soul mate?
Sri Sri: First you meet your soul, then you can find out about soul mate.

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