Monday, March 29, 2010

How can I keep this wonderful state at home?

Q: Beloved Guruji, this course is so wonderful. How can I keep this wonderful state at home?
Sri Sri: Don't try to hold on to the state of mind. Integrate wisdom in day to day life. Sometimes up & sometimes down. They'll come & they'll go.
Q: Don't you get tired of wearing white all the time?
Sri Sri: No. Because I am colourful myself! Isn't it?
Q: Dear Guruji, What to tell people at home who are very suspicious of what I am doing here?
Sri Sri: When you go back give them gifts, show them all the nice pictures, give them a big smile.The depth of silence, the depth of meditation no one can know unless one has experienced himself. What beautiful wealth we all possess in our Self, that we have not explored. Every human being can go into that depth of meditation. That little experience, little skill to do that is missing. We are so fortunate to go into such stillness within ourselves.

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