Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Atma shakti (power of the Self) is much more powerful than any shapes and forms

July 31, 2011
Q: Jai Gurudev! Is meditating in a pyramid any different from meditating in other places?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: A pyramid is an external environment. But it is not like only in a pyramid you will have great meditation, no! Even in a dome you can have good meditation and in the open sky you can have even better meditation. So your atma shakti (power of the Self) is much more powerful than any shapes and forms. You know, shapes and forms are a limited sphere of influence but more than that is the sound of the mantra. The mantra influences several times more than shapes and forms and more than the mantra is the silent presence. So all this is effective only when there is meditation.
Q: How do I avoid negative thoughts?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Negative thoughts, why do you want to avoid them? Let them come and they go. Avoiding means you are trying to hold on to them. If they come say,'Oh you have come, hi, bye bye', and they go.
Q: (A member of the audience asked this question. It was inaudible.)
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Friends make fun of you being in spirituality? Yes, you smile at that and say, 'What a great thing you are missing you don’t know'. Tell them,'Anyways you are going to follow this; it is only a matter of time', you tell them. 'In five years you will come for this knowledge. And we are pioneers you know', tell them,' I am a pioneer in everything, we first taste and whatever we leave behind you take it'. If anyone makes fun of you, you keep smiling, don’t lose your smile. Tell them wait, wait, it is only a matter of years; you will be doing the same thing. Tell them they are used to eating the leftovers; tell them, 'I am enjoying the good meal now'.

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