Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Rich Will Get Richer

Wed, 10/01/2014 Bangalore, India
Blessings to everyone on this auspicious day! Just walk ahead in life with a deep sense of contentment.
There are two things you must remember:
Our godliness lies in our innocence and in being natural. That is why it is said, 'Sahaj miley avinashi' (One attains the divine by being innocent and natural).
The second thing to remember is that we have received a lot from the divine. Just take it for granted that you have received a lot in your life. If you keep thinking, 'I want this, I want that', then the mind becomes restless and wanders here and there. But when you have this deep faith that 'I have received so much in life', then the mind is at peace and there is contentment.
When you keep thinking that 'I must have this, or I want that', then you experience misery.
When you think that 'I have received so much', then you will receive more and more.
In the same way, if you think, 'I have done so much for others', or 'I have given so much to others', then also you will become miserable and arrogant.
Having this feeling that 'I have received so much, and there is so much I have to share with others' is the sign of being in knowledge. This is true contentment.
So I have said three things:
1. Be innocent and natural. If you are innocent and natural, then there is no delay in attaining the divine. Then even if you want, you cannot be separate from the divine. This is the kind of unshakeable devotion one must have towards the divine.
2. Remember that 'I have been given so much, and there is so much to share with others'. This is the path to happiness and contentment.
3. Thinking that 'I have given so much, and I want this and that', is the path to misery and suffering.
The Yajnas (sacred fire offerings) done here are done for the benefit of the entire world, to bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to the world. The benefits of the Yajnas done here reaches far and wide. All that we need is to get connected to our source, to the divinity, and then we will realize that we already have everything.

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