Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Spread The Sweetness Of Joy Around

12/11/2015 Bangalore, India
There are four levels of communication - para, pashyanti, madhyama and vaikariPara is that level of communication which is beyond comprehension; where there is no duality, there is no two.  
Today, our Art Excel teachers conducted the Intuition Process for blind children, after which they were able to read, see colors, numbers, and many more things! When we asked the children how did they do it, they said, "We are reading through our mind’s eye". They were able to read by just touching, and feeling. In the Intuition Process that we are now teaching children, their intuition gets developed and without having to open their eyes, they can feel through the mental faculty. This process could become a revolution. When our teachers asked me if we could do this process with blind children, I said, "Okay, experiment with it". Today they have come up saying it is working wonderfully! This is giving hope to go to all the blind schools. They don’t need to go through Braille, this could open up another inner faculty for them to see things.

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