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The Art Of 'Being'

09/30/2015 Bangalore, India
You would have often seen people wrestling. There is happiness and excitement on the faces of those who are watching the wrestling match. But the wrestlers are sweating it out in the ring; they are angry and their clothes get torn in the tussle.
In the same way, in a game of cricket, you do not see a smile on the faces of the players, but the people who are watching the match are excited and happy, and all their attention is on the game. They clap and applaud the players. Seeing this, I thought that, if every person were to take a step back and observe his own mind as a witness then such a great comfort can dawn from within. Whatever events are happening in our lives, we should just observe them like a witness. We are actually the eternal witness.

Whatever events are happening in our lives, we should just observe them like a witness. We are actually the eternal witness.

There is some or the other event happening around you – some pleasant, some unpleasant. Like for example, in the cricket game, you may find that your favourite team is losing the game and the team you don't like is actually moving towards winning the game. Whatever happens, just remind yourself that you are simply witnessing it all. Can you all do it? Once in a while, try doing this. In the same way, something or the other is happening in your body. There is some pain somewhere, there is some sensation elsewhere. You may be feeling elated, or you might be feeling low, become a witness to this as well. Remind yourself again and again that 'I am simply a witness, unaffected by all that is happening. I am not participating in the scene, I am just watching it all happen before me'.
When you bring your attention to this, then all the restlessness and discomfort in your body disappears and you become still. See, why would there be some stress or discomfort in the body? It is because of desires. Desires cause some stress or imbalance in the body. When there is stress, then naturally you feel tired. But when you detach, when you become a witness to all that is happening, then all the stress disappears. The entropy of the body gets reduced (a scientific term referring to the degree or measure of randomness or disorder in a system).
Do you know what entropy means? Entropy is said to rise when there is an increase in the heat or restlessness (due to desires) in the body. Then various kinds of distortions arise in the body because of this. Scientists say that the entropy (of a body or a finite system) is proportionate to orderliness. You must have observed that in the colder regions, there is a greater degree of orderliness at every level. Everything seems to function in a much more organized manner.
Also, whenever any distortion or desire arises in the mind, then there is some corresponding sensation or disturbance in the body also.

The greater the steadiness in being a witness, greater is the joy and bliss that springs from within.

Desire increases the heat or restlessness in the body. For example, there can be no heat without any anger. You also cannot have any anger if you do not feel increased heat. On the other hand, if the body temperature becomes too cold, then it means that the person has passed away. So restlessness increases with any distortion. And when there is restlessness and heat, then it becomes an obstacle to our naturalness. Scientists call this phenomenon as entropy. When the entropy is less, then there is a greater degree of organized function.
What happens when you go deep into meditation? The mind becomes cool and calm. It becomes still and all its restlessness drops. So, when we get into a state of being a witness, then the mind becomes so calm and clear. This sense of calmness in turn solidifies the state of being a witness. Both go hand in hand. Scientists say that for greater orderliness to prevail, the entropy of a system should be as low as possible. They say that at zero entropy there is total orderliness.
So, observe all the events in life as a witness. Observe everything happening inside the body as a witness. Reaching this state (of being a witness) takes time. It takes time for the heat of desires, for the restlessness arising from various distortions to settle down within. The greater is the steadiness in being a witness, greater is the joy and bliss that springs from within.
In the same way, become a witness to your thoughts and feelings also. Now this does not mean that you struggle to get rid of certain thoughts or feelings when they arise. For example, if some desire arises, if lust. or anger, or greed, or jealousy, etc., arises then just observe it. If you resist or try to get rid of it, you will actually end up becoming a puppet in its hands rather than becoming free of it. Then you will become the active and engaged participant in the scene. You will become the protagonist, the player, instead of just watching the play.
Just remember that you neither have to remove it nor get entangled and engaged in it. Be a witness and observe whatever is happening. You experience a great sense peace and relief.

Again and again, bring yourself into the state of being a witness. It does not happen in one go. You need to make an effort again and again to reach this state.

There is great depth in knowledge. We need to listen to knowledge again and again so that we are able to remember and use it at the right time in the right way. You feel so light from within, and then no work feels like a struggle or an effort. Nothing can tire you then.
The end goal of all joy and comfort is to relieve you of your fatigue and distress. It does not only mean physical tiredness, it also means mental tiredness as well. When the mind is entangled in negativity such as anger, greed, jealousy, etc., then what is the use of having great wealth? Distortions arise when there is feverishness for wealth and fame, then you need to work towards being free from these distortions.
See, the same medicine which helps cure diseases when taken in excess amounts can also cause harm and side-effects. Then a medicine also becomes a reason for disorders. So, again and again, bring yourself into the state of being a witness. It does not happen in one go. You need to make an effort again and again to reach this state.

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