Monday, February 13, 2017

Self Reflect And Find The Nectar Of Life

03/20/2016 Bangalore, India
Today Iranians are celebrating their New Year! It’s New Year in Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, and what they have kept here is very interesting. It is the same tradition that is followed in Kerala since centuries. On a New Year day they keep a mirror, some sweets, fruits, a lamp, a clock and a book. So New Year begins with seeing all those auspicious things. The custom is to see seven auspicious things.
Do you know, showing a mirror to yourself is a very ancient tradition? You look in the mirror and see how time has gone by and you are smiling, and happy! Here, in Karnataka also, behind a kalash (pot filling with water indicating fullness) there is a mirror, and that is how you are welcomed into homes. In weddings and everything, a lady carries this pot of nectar and a mirror, symbolizing, when you reflect on your Self, there is nectar in life. You are filled with nectar, you are a pot of nectar, you only have to look at yourself. It is so beautiful! Small little rituals convey such deep philosophy. Now we are hearing of such rituals, but at some point in time, people must have practiced these all over the world. Anyway, we are already doing that, reflecting on our Self and feeling the richness and abundance.
As you sow, so shall you reap. If you think, "Oh I lack this, I lack this", that is what grows. If you think, "Nobody loves me", then nobody loves you! But if you put positive affirmations, that is what comes to you. That doesn’t mean that every day you have to go on putting positive affirmations, no. It’s a very delicate balance between having an affirmation once and going on repeating it all the time. Creating awareness is different from repeated affirmations.

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