Monday, April 9, 2007

The Senses are like Fire

The senses are like fire. Your life is like a fire. Whatever you put into the fire of the senses burns. If you burn a tire, it creates pollution and a foul smell. But if you burn sandlewood, it creates fragrance. Some fires pollutes and others purify.

Celebration happens around the bonfire. Grief happens around the cremation fire. The same fire that supports life in winter also destroys.

You are like fire. Are you the fire that produces smoke and pollution or the flame of camphor that creates light and fragrance. A saint is a camphor flame light and the fragrance of love. He is the friend of life.

The highest quality of fire creates light and warmth. A medium quality fire creates light but also little smoke. The lowest quality fire produces only smoke and darkness. Learn to distinguish the different fires. If your senses are engages in goodness, you will create light and fragrance. If engages in impurity, you produce smoke and darkness. It is samyama that transforms the quality of fire in you.

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