Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spiritual gurus in India

Question : There seems to be as many spiritual gurus in India as there are Indians. Is that a good thing?
Sri Sri: Why not? That's okay. India has always been renowned for diversity and difference of opinion. Harmony in diversity. But people should not misuse the trust people have. Certain people are misusing the trust our population has in the ancient tradition of knowledge. And that is unfortunate. They are using spirituality for their own ulterior motives.
Question : Would you care to name these people?
Sri Sri :Here and there you hear of people being cheated in the name of religion and spirituality. It is not any big name but gullible people are being fooled in the name of religion and spirituality. It's not necessarily only Hindus but from all religions. In the name of god, healing and spirituality people are taken for a ride. One reads in the newspapers constantly of Indians killing Indians over religion, it could be over a mosque, temple, church, any place of worship.
Question :What do you think can be done to prevent such a situation? Why are Indians intent on killing each other?
Sri Sri : I don't know if it is religion, social injustice or caste violence. Any form of violence comes from a sense of frustration and a lack of knowledge of how to handle it. Education in human rights teaches you how to handle violence.
We need to bring people closer, together, not keep them apart in caste, community etc. Politics is playing a very big role in keeping communities apart in terms of religion etc. That is a very dangerous thing for the unity of this country. There should be justice and equality.

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