Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is your vision for the youth?

Sri Sri: I want you to have a vision. Each one of us should take the responsibility of ourselves and people around us, take such a vision. Have a dream. When I was in school, I used to say to my friend that I have friends all over the world and they are waiting for me. One day my mother came to know about this. She questioned me about why I am telling lies to my friends, I didn’t know what to say (And today it’s a reality!). One day my school friend wrote “Ravi is going to London, Paris, New York…” and so many things on the toilet door. Since that day I never used that toilet throughout my schooling (huge laughter). You know youth like you should not be so serious. Play some pranks. Once Pitaji (Guruji’s father) had to go somewhere on business tour. I replaced the stuff in his suitcase with my toys. When he opened the suitcase in front of his clients, toys popped out (laughter) but he sportingly enjoyed my childhood pranks. Don’t lose your smile for anything in the world, it is not worth it.

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