Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guruji speaks this evening at ashram

People who meditate have double responsibility’Bangalore ashram, March 27 (Friday), 8:15 pm: “Everyone wants to be happy in life, but usually are unhappy,” said Sri Sri to a 5,000–strong crowd at the satsang this evening. Held in celebration of the New Year observed today in many parts of India, the satsang took place in the ashram’s amphitheatre.
“There are three aspects which bring unhappiness:
1. Disturbance
2. Fear
How can we remove these aspects?
An unselfish feeling removes any disturbance.
Detachment erases fear.
Removal of greed alleviates poverty.
The greater the feeling, the faster we can tackle these challenges. Today, the New Year begins, Every year is given a name. This year’s name is Virodhi – year of conflict.
Sadhaks and seekers have to calm this conflicting force. A bad person is one who will increase conflicts. A good person will reduce it. This year will test your character.
We need to use skill to remove this feeling of opposition. In some cases, we can use proper understanding, compassion or knowledge.
Virudh is necessary in life. Virudh was started so that we stand up against injustice. Conflicts have a place in life. There are disease-fighting bacteria in our bodies – that’s how we stay healthy. One should not quell opposition to injustice. If we want to stand up against any malaise, this year is the best time to do so.
Elections are coming up in India. Oppose corruption. We should stand against every instance of injustice. Don’t think, “The fire is in someone else’s house - that’s why I won’t act.” It won’t take long for the fire to spread to your house.
There are 10 types of conflicts that can arise this year.
The first one is doubt. Doubt could be self-doubt, amongst people, nations and religions. When you are aware of a doubt unfolding, then you know that it will pass. It is only a matter of time.
This year, people who meditate have a dual responsibility. Not only do we have to maintain our steadfastness but also help others who are in trouble. This is the right time to get into knowledge, service and devotion. The first thought in our minds should be: ‘I want to gain self-realisation.’
God is all-permeating. It is truth, beauty, consciousness. When God is inside you and in everyone, why can’t the individual experience it? There are 5 reasons:
1. Ignorance 2. Ego 3. Craving 4. Aversion 5. Fear
When these five aspects disappear, then you are moving towards divinity.
In this New Year, observe yourself: Has your ignorance reduced? Recollect the time when you did your first part one programme and advanced progamme:Has ignorance reduced? Have you become more natural?Are you able to take insults? Are you able to smile when others are frowning at you?Has your fear reduced?
If not, meditate more. You will find that these aspects will reduce. Meditation, pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, padmasadhana and seva will reduce these five aspects and bring you closer to knowledge.
The difference between God and an ordinary life is that these five aspects are absent in God. In an intelligent person, these aspects are present in small proportion. A foolish man has them dominant in his character.
Gauge each year by observing how much these five aspects have reduced. You will find that there has been definite progress.

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Blessed devotees of beloved Gurudev,

Jai Gurudev.

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