Thursday, April 16, 2009

Knowledge naturally blossoms through devotion

Monday, April 13, 2009
Bangalore, (India), April 13 (Monday) 8:30pm: The Vishalakshi Mantap Meditation Hall was filled with over 2,000 people from different walks of life: urban youth, senior citizens, corporates and youth from rural areas. Many are participants of the Teacher’s Training Course who are aspiring to serve society and spread Sri Sri’s message of peace and harmony. Others seek inner peace through the ongoing Advanced Meditation programme.
Q. I’m feeling feverish. Please guide.
A.: Are you feeling feverish about things? Just relax and meditate.You know, we are a combination of matter and energy: Prakrati (matter) and Purusha (spirit). When you’re talking to somebody, think whom are you talking with? The Prakrati or the Purusha? The body is like the wick of the candle. The spirit (Purusha) is the glow. Recognise the spirit.Keep this guiding thought: ‘I am the spirit, not just the body’. Even the memory of this, ‘I am the spirit and not the body’, sorrows will vanish like dew drops vanish when the sun rises.
Remember: ‘I am not the wick of the candle, I am the glow.’The candle will never say, ‘I don’t want the wick’. The wick has its place. The glow is there and so is the wick. This is Jeevan Mukti (liberated while in the body). Have this dharna (guiding thought), when you sit to meditate: ‘I am the glow’ and relax – do nothing.Whatever discomfort is there, let it be.This is the other mantra – let it be. If there is any stress, tension or stiffness – don’t try to get rid of it, be with it, it doesn’t matter. You will find that the quality of your meditation will improve.The moment you say, ‘let it be’, automatically there is expansion. The tension is relieved.
There are some questions seeking guidance on improving of the political situation of India. Some sharing of healing experiences and so on. A member of the audience suggests that let Guruji speak on knowledge instead of answering so many questions on diverse topics.
To that, Sri Sri says:The Bhagvad Gita starts with a question and answer. If there were no question and answers, then there would be no Gita. Open your mind and listen: the Guru speaks only knowledge. The Guru doesn’t even need to speak – there is knowledge in his presence. If you simply sit in his presence, there will be knowledge.In this atmosphere, Knowledge dawns.Through surrender, Knowledge dawns. Empty your mind here and keep a pleasant state of mind. Simply being here is being in knowledge. Every cell in the body absorbs the knowledge from the vibrations in this atmosphere. These vibrations are knowledge itself. This atmosphere is so sattvic (pure). Knowledge blossoms in a sattvic atmosphere.Even if the questions seem meaningless, where there is love and where your attention is, there is celebration.The mother doesn’t try to find meaning in a baby’s talk. She feels good to simply listen to her baby. The vibrations between mother and child are of another level. When you sit only with your question in the mind, then you become deaf. You don’t listen to anything else. Drop your question in the question basket and listen to what the Guru is saying. Gyan (knowledge) naturally blossoms through devotion. Drop your worries. Don’t be in a hurry to gain something. To constantly seek gain is the way of the world. It doesn’t work on spiritual path. When the mind dissolves, much is gained. Just empty yourself and be here. Then you will see progress in every step of your life.
Remember this sutra, Loko Binna Ruchi:
In society, people have different tastes. Even in one house, members of the family have different preferences. We have to deal with this diversity with compassion, understanding and tolerance.Whether it is politics, homes or spirituality - remember, Loko Binna Ruchi.
These are small sutras. It would be good if people learnt a little Sanskrit, especially women. Then children naturally imbibe these values from the mother – Loko Binna Ruchi.(Someone from the audience asks a question.)
Q. Is the Golden Age over or is it coming in the future?
A.: The day you feel good, that is the Golden Age for you.

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