Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The mind does not wander, it is in search of more and more. This thirst for more will lead to the Supreme Self'

India (Art of Living International Center, Bangalore), August 28:
Q. I am beginning to experience the futility of existence. Why am I here? There is confusion, what should I do?
Sri Sri: Good Luck! It is good luck when the small identity dissolves and the bigger is attained. Everybody seeks pleasure for the mind (mann), but having a pleasant consciousness is something else! Every single part of the body is soaked in pleasantness. There is a difference between entertainment and enjoyment. Entertainment brings you short term happiness. Meditation penetrates the whole body in the form of vibrations.We assume that our likes and thought patterns, desires and frustrations are our identity. When that dissolves, one begins to wonder “who am I?”. This is OK, it is the first step. However, you need to establish yourself in Sadhana(spiritual practices) and the knowledge. Satsang is very important. All the scriptures also explain the importance of Satsang, otherwise the mind tends to wander and get lost in other things.
Q. I start my practises with enthusiasm but soon it dampens, something pulls me away. Why is it that even after knowing what is right one does not do it?
Sri Sri: Because of rajogun anger and desires increase. When craving increases, desires also increase. We progress two steps due to the sattva and then we fall back because of the imbalance in rajogun. So even while on the path, a person tends to wander or be distracted. Ahara Shuddho Sattva Shuddhi - In the initial stages, a sadhak (seeker) has to pay attention to the nature of food he consumes. Also, it is important to have it at the right time. For the perfected Sage, there is no need for this. His consciousness is untouched. Food tends to influence the mind, body and the behaviour. Due to increase in rajogun irritation comes up and anger follows. When we are in Satsang, sattva increases.
Q. Under your guidance, there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, then why are there different religious symbols displayed here (in The Vishalakshi Mantap, meditation hall)?
Sri Sri: They are on the pillars and not in the mind and heart. If someone says he is a Hindu, Jain etc, we would tell them to hang it on the pillar and be free from within!
Q. During meditation my mind wanders a lot. When will it settle down?
Sri Sri: The mind does not wander, it is in search of more and more. This thirst for more will lead to the Supreme Self. One glimpse of the self is enough to lead you back. At least you are aware that the mind wanders. This is a big thing. Sometimes people don’t even know this. Once you know this, it means it will come back. Desires take you farther away from the Self. Small small desires can disturb your meditation. When you sit down to meditate, tell yourself that at this time “I want nothing”. The second is to tell yourself “I do nothing”. The third sutra (principle) is “I am nothing”. Do not think that you have to meditate, just sit and be hollow and empty. You do not have to make any kind of attempt. These three sutras are very important.

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