Saturday, November 7, 2009

How many times have you cried?

Just turn back and look at your life when you were a kid. How many times have you cried?You cried as though hell has fallen on your head. You thought that was the end of the world and then sobbed and sobbed and then went off to sleep.
So what happened afterwards? Anything happened to you ? You remains unaffected by all these.
Try this :
You can come home happily and say with a smile, "today the entire job that I did flopped! There was no success in any of the work I did today." Anyway everything has flopped, so at least do not let the mind also flop.
You should have the guts to say "come what may I am not going to give up the smile on my face because I am much more than the event or the circumstances. Everything comes and goes, but I continue in spite of all the situations."
When somebody has passed away, you cannot say "Okay, now I am going to be happy" and smile and dance! No, you should not do that.
The ancient people had designed a methodology for this.
They said that if anyone dies in a house, the people of that house are in 'ashoucha' for 10 days. For 10 days you can mourn and cry. After 10 days of mourning, on the eleventh day, they usually distribute sweets to the people, have a celebration, wear new clothes, have a family get together and have a feast.
On the day of the final rituals, they take some ghee and water and put it on their eyes which give a cooling effect and then they decide. "Okay, now we get on with our life."
If a spiritual person passes away, then even this not there. Then every moment is a celebration because the spirit is all pervading.
In the same way, there is 'shoucha' when a child is born in a house for 10 days. You are so excited because a new soul has come into your family. So be with all the excitement and happiness for 10 days. You are free from all the social rules and obligations for you to enjoy 100 per cent.
Then come back to your commitments and responsibilities.
The sadness or sorrow is only in the circumference.
It is like a cloud covering the light that you are.
The nature of your being is joy. That needs to be uncovered.

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