Thursday, November 12, 2009

Only spirituality and knowledge can bring charm into your life

Bangalore Ashram, Nov. 10, 2009
Q: Guruji tell us where did you go what did you do?
Sri Sri: Wherever I go, there is Satsang there is celebration.
Q: I have been in love with a girl for the past four years. Recently she broke up with me because of some misunderstanding. I want her back and don’t know what to do.
Sri Sri: Basically you broke your heart. Okay so what do you want? You want her back right? What is the guarantee that if she comes back to you she will be happy? Do you know how to achieve what you want? You have to go deep inside. You have to become calm and centered. When you are feverish, your mind is agitated. You lose all your charm. If you are not charming, what is the guarantee that anybody will stay with you? You have to make yourself pleasant, charming, strong and subtle. Who wants to be with someone who is unhappy, sad or depressed? First get rid of your sadness. Shake off the past. accept the lessons from the past and move on. You have to become strong, serene, and calm.
Only when you meditate, do pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga then you can have all the four. Do yoga and you will see the difference immediately? When the difference comes your wishes will start being fulfilled.
When you are desperate, you can do only two things. Either commit suicide or repose in yoga. Only spirituality and knowledge can bring charm into your life. A yogi is one who not only can fulfill his desires but can also fulfill others desires.
Q: Guruji I want to understand what it means when people say one should donate their eyes, organs after death. How can we, when this body itself does not belong to us?
Sri Sri: It is ok to give or donate your eyes or organs. After you are gone realize that it is not yours so let anyone take whatever he or she want.
You know abroad people also plan what they should wear when they die, where they should be buried. They are so attached to those things, to their body.
Primitive thinking creates fear. It doesn’t matter, whatever you donate, as it is it is not yours so why worry and think so much about it.
Q: Guruji I have been doing pranayama, meditation, but I don’t think its helping. I think I am wasting my time doing this because I am still not able to study. I did not even fair well in my last exam, so am I wasting my time doing meditation?
Sri Sri: Sometimes you think you have too many thoughts. If you want your mind to be still then you need to do abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (dispassion).
Through practice and dispassion you can meditate. An over ambitious mind kills the spirit. Listening to knowledge for 15 to 20 minutes a day and doing the practice will ensure to you get into meditation.

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