Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Q/A session with Sri Sri in Philippines, 3rd November 2009

 Q: Guruji there seem to be so many single parents these days. Why is that?
Sri Sri: When People are not able to deal with their own stress and negative emotions, they project them onto the people closest to them, usually the husband or wife.
If one’s mind is calm and emotions are settled, then there can be love and understanding which is necessary for any marital relationship to work.
Q: How do we balance having a wish (really wanting something) with surrender?
Sri Sri: When you wish for something the wish just happens naturally. You have no control over it. It doesn’t ask your permission. It doesn’t need a visa for entry!
So, just say “Let thy will be done”!
Q: How to bless areas? For example: areas that have been affected by calamities?
Sri Sri: Every area is already blessed. Every area belongs to God.
Q: Guruji what do we tell people that have been through a calamity?
Sri Sri: Tell them to give all their worries to me. Disasters and calamities also have a positive side to them. They bring people together.There is a new creation after every calamity. Nothing is permanent. In every crisis there is an opportunity. The Chinese word for crisis contains the word opportunity in it. Every crisis reminds you to smile, makes you aware of the impermanence of everything, even ourselves. So instead of sitting and blaming, lets see how we can move forward, rebuild and help others.
Q: Guruji what does Om Namah Shivaya mean? What is the difference between chanting and silent meditation?
Sri Sri: Om is the life force. Sound is energy. When the sound is made with all your heart, it has a very positive effect. Namah Shivaya includes the 5 elements – na – mah – shi – va – ya: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space. Chanting and silent meditation also have an impact.
Q: Guruji you are always around so many people, how do you balance your energies?
Sri Sri: They balance themselves! I do not do anything that is not in my nature. Just like the wind blows, it does not tire because that is it’s nature. 

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