Saturday, December 3, 2011

When you let go the best will come to you

November 30, 2011

Q: In order to bring change in the system it is said you should get into the system. But when we are in the system we are in a position where we don’t want to upset the people who are working with us, then how do we bring change?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: For that you should have skill.
Truth does not mean rudeness. Often people who think they are just being truthful are very rude. Rudeness blocks communication and can disturb the harmony. It also destroys the sense of listening. For anybody to hear you, you should have their ears first for listening. If you block the listening however correct you are it just doesn’t get absorbed. They don’t take it.
So to buy someone’s ear you should not be rude. And if you are rude you cannot buy someone’s ear. You can be firm but you cannot afford to be rude. And often we don’t know the line between firmness and rudeness. That is the problem.
Q: Jai Gurudev. How many types of Gitas are there and what are they?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes there is Uddhava Gita, Anu Gita, Guru Gita, Gopi Geet. Like these there are many Gitas.
Q: There is a lot of talk on FDIs in retail. Please give your views on that.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: If you travel around the world, whether the East or West, from Malaysia to Argentina you find only these multi-national chains of shops all over the place, like Walmart, 7-Eleven. These stores are there from Japan to Argentina. It is only in India there is some breathing space. In China and India it is a little different.
You come to India and you find all these different stores with different name, some local and some national shops. Of course India is a very big market so many of these big stores wants to come and open shops here but we should study before opening these. We need to study as to how adversely it might affect the economy and the small shops here.
I was told in Delhi all the big malls got shut down because people don’t go there. They prefer to go to small shops. So one view is, so what if we open these big stores anyways nobody will go. People will go to their small shops. You cannot use this logic before you take a step like this because once you take such a step there is no going back on it.
This should be studied and hasty decisions should not be made.
With the nuclear agreement itself there are a lot of issues and serious concerns that our scientists have put forward which the government has not addressed.
Q: Are there any indications on what the purpose of life is?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: First purpose is to find out the purpose of life. Once you find it then relax.
Q: Guruji, I am not a very sad person nor do I find life depressing. But many times when I wake up in the morning I have a heavy heart and feel lonely and feel like crying. What is that and how do I stop feeling this way?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Engage yourself in some seva activity, however big or small. If you are engaging yourself in seva activities then these sorts of things will get lifted. Of course listen to some knowledge and do sadhana along with that.
Q: Guruji, all my questions are always answered before asking you. But still there is something that I want to say to you but I am not able to explain it.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Good! That is how many people feel. After having said everything, they still feel there is something that they want to say but are not able to say it. This is a normal feeling.
Q: Guruji, the value of the dollar is increasing day by day when compared to rupee. So suppose we use Indian products will it come down?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It should help the economy. We have many Sumeru products which are much better and chemical free, you should all use that. Our own Sri Sri Ayurveda products are there. You must start using them.
Q: Guruji, come what may I am not able to let go of my desires. I am so obsessed and passionate about them that I fear if I let go of them, what will my life be?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You should know when you let go the best will come to you. Don’t be afraid.
Q: Jai Gurudev, can a devotee get angry with the Guru? Does a devotee have the freedom to do that?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, a devotee can be angry, no problem. It is very safe to be angry with the Guru. Tell me, does anger ask you before it coming? No! You get angry and then later on you feel guilty; I should have not gotten angry. So don’t try to justify your anger at that time. You got angry because at that time you were ignorant, never mind, move on!
Q: Guruji, you said just smile at those who are criticizing you but it is really not something I can do when somebody criticizes me and my work. I know that is their ignorance but I just can’t share a smile with them. Please guide.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Never mind, relax! Do only what you can do. I am not telling you to do something which you cannot do. If you cannot do then okay, relax!

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