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The World is a Reflection of Our Feelings

August 24, 2013

Bangalore, India

You know, we all should take this joy and enthusiasm that we have with us to every village and every home in India.
In India, cows are worshipped
in the form of mother and are
called Gomata (Mother).
Research has shown that the
milk of our Indian cows is
becoming more like mother’s
milk. Even Nature changes with
the kind of feelings and
sentiments you have within.
One of our devotees Rohini told me about the good work happening in the drought hit villages in Sangli. There was a draught in four Talukas there (sub districts). There we started giving water in 16 villages and 12 plantations. We had small tankers. But wherever our tankers went, people used to run behind them. People had healing experiences. One boy had skin problems. Just by having a bath in this water, he recovered. When the milk was boiled with mixing any other water, the milk used to get curdled. But the water from our tanker when mixed with milk, the milk never curdled. From this story I want to tell you that the way your sentiments are, so will the world appear to you. It is said that – “Jaise Bhaav taise Bhav” (Bhaav: feelings, and Bhav: creation; here meaning: As are your feelings and sentiments within, the world appears to be the very same way). So the way you think, you find that the world becomes like that. I am giving this example. The water was taken from the same well. When our devotees distributed the water, the milk did not curdle. Why did the milk curdle with water from another tanker? There were no feelings in the water (the water was devoid of purity of sentiment or feelings).

I want to tell you one more thing. In India, cows are worshipped in the form of mother and are called Gomata (the cow as Mother). Research has shown that there are two types of proteins in cow’s milk. One is called the A1 protein and the second is called A2 protein. The Jersey cows in foreign countries have A1 protein in their milk, which is harmful to the health of a human being. That is one of the many reasons why the whole Vegan movement has started. But mother’s milk, goat’s milk as well as milk from the Indian cows does not have A1 protein. It has A2 protein. So this milk is very beneficial for the human beings.
Since ages we have always called the cows as Gomata. Even the protein has changed in our cows! The milk of our IndianDesi (local or indigenous breeds) cows is becoming more like mother’s milk. This is very good for human beings. It can remove cancer, and can boost the immune system. That is why, even Nature changes with the kind of feelings and sentiments you have within. So because we always worshipped the cow as Gomata, the cow also started giving milk like a nurturing mother. That is why a country like Brazil is also importing cows from India, because our cows’ milk has A2 protein.

Gurudev, in the Bhagawat Gita the Lord says that you have to perform Karma (action) as long as you are alive. But one Karma leads to Karma. That is why this cycle never gets over. My question is, which is that Karma by which we can be liberated from the cycle of Karma?
Sri Sri: Liberation is acquired by Nishkama-Karma (Action which is done without any feverishness or attachment to the fruits of the action).

Gurudev, I liked the Shakti Kriya very much. What is this source of energy? What is the secret behind it? Please explain.
Sri Sri: There is energy everywhere. Everything in creation is just the play of this (divine) energy. No praise is enough. That is it.

Gurudev, I liked the Shakti Kriya very much. What is this source of energy? What is the secret behind it? Please explain.
Sri Sri: There is energy everywhere. Everything in creation is just the play of this (divine) energy. No praise is enough. That is it.

Gurudev, there were many saints in Maharashtra who did miracles and have brought many people into spirituality. Even today, people turn towards spirituality by looking at miracles. What can be done to let the people focus towards spirituality and not on individual gains?
Sri Sri: One has to go step by step, from one ladder (of life) to another to reach the goal of Mukti (liberation). In the beginning they come so that get some relief from the hardships of life so that they can free themselves from their pain and suffering. After this the thirst for knowledge awakens in them. It is after being soaked in knowledge that the human being starts desiring for Moksha (salvation). And all types of people come on the path. This has been going on since time immemorial; it is not something that is happening just now.
In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that four types of people worship me. Some people want money and comforts, so they come out of desire for that. Some people come to me to get rid of pains and misery. Then some people come for Moksha (salvation) and then there are the Jnanis (knowledgeable ones) who also come to me. He has said this very clearly. Not only the wise, inquisitive people also come to the Lord desiring answers to their deepest questions and to quench their curiosity. All four types of people come to the refuge of the Lord.

I am very passionate towards my goal. But while working to achieve it, I become frustrated and desperate. How to handle that?
Sri Sri: As I said, you need passion, dispassion and compassion. Only passion will not help. Along with passion, dispassion is also essential.

It is considered old fashioned now to practice spirituality and human values. How can we inculcate these values in the coming generation?
Sri Sri: No, it is not so at all In fact it is the latest fashion. You talk to all our YES+. Fashion keeps changing with the time. What you are talking about is what used to happen in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Now since the year 2000 onwards, spirituality is the biggest fashion.

When I have lot of choices in my life, and I want to choose one, how can I decide which area I will become successful?
Sri Sri: I usually say, choice is yours, blessing is mine. You relax first. Don’t be too over ambitious. Relax and then chose.

Nowadays there is an increase of anger and rage in the children towards their parents. What can be done towards this?
Sri Sri: What to do! Just keep them busy in music, knowledge and service. If they start doing this early on in their childhood and growing years, then the anger and such tendencies will be reduced.

What is the significance of Yoga Vashishtha in day-to-day life? I tried reading the book but I found it very difficult to understand.
Sri Sri: You may not be able to understand Yoga Vashishtha in one go(a sacred scripture that elaborates on the Creation and the path of liberation through the enlightening dialogue between Sage Vashishtha and Lord Rama). So you must keep reading it again and again. Read whatever is convenient for you - One or two pages is also good every day. We are making CDs and audio tapes on the book, both in Hindi and in English. The English version is available. So just play those CDs and just listen to the talks.

Gurudev, the Shaiva Sidhhanta (an ancient school of spirituality and scriptures that elaborate on achieving liberation through practices dedicated to Lord Shiva) says that by increasing the virility (maintaining abstinence) can lead to self-realization. We thought that being peaceful leads us to the divine. Can we attain divinity with passion too?
Sri Sri: One needs both passion and awareness, and one also needs stability and peace. Life is multi-faceted, it has both dynamism and stillness. All these are needed.

Gurudev, you have given us everything: knowledge, love, blessings, joy; everything we could possibly need. There is one thing you have not given us – which is your mobile number. When can I have it?
Sri Sri: (Laughter) Look, I do not always carry my mobile with me. But I anyway catch whatever you are thinking. You and me both have this powerful mind which invented the mobile. So we can connect directly with that. Where is the need for mobile?
Are you all on Twitter? How many of you are not on Twitter? Join me on Twitter. I keep speaking about some knowledge on that from time to time. The Twitter handle is “@SriSrispeaks”, it is the name of the Twitter account. Whenever you feel like you can write an email to me also.

Gurudev, we read about ordinary people doing extraordinary service. People with less education are visionaries. With all my education and my good intent, I see I am nowhere. How can I too become a visionary?
Sri Sri: You should believe you are one already. Okay? You are a visionary. To you this question has come that you want to be one, you are already one.

I feel very good doing meditation, but I don’t understand what is this hollow and empty. Is it necessary to understand this?
Sri Sri: No, it is not necessary at all. When you have already become hollow and empty, what remains to be understood then? If you are not hollow and empty, then perhaps there is something to understand. Isn’t it? You cannot hold on to an empty thing. Whatever is happening is right. With this belief, just sit and relax. It is said – ‘Bhole bhaav miley Raghurai’ (One attains the Lord by the purity and simplicity of one’s feelings).

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