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What We Get Through Silence

October 04, 2013


Deep silence and joyful celebrations is what Navratri is all about! It is a time to step out of the worldly things and go into the other world.

Gurudev, Dasha Mahavidyas (ten cosmic personalities of Divine Mother) are worshipped in Navratri. What are these and what significance do they have in our daily lives?
Sri Sri: Yes, ten Mahavidyas are there. I also don’t know the complete thing about them. 

Whatever Vidya (knowledge) we study and understand with our intellect is limited. What we get through silence and meditation is Mahavidya (greater knowledge). 
The knowledge that we gain by effort is Apara Vidya. And the one which is gained through effortlessness, through silence and intuition is Mahavidya
When Avidya (ignorance) is dispelled, you get Mahavidya. Also you dispel Avidya using Mahavidya. Both these things are there.

Gurudev, you had mentioned that we can never be sure of a friend or an enemy. And that one should rely on oneself. Is that being selfish?
Sri Sri: No, it is not being selfish. It is being aware that there is a bigger force that guides you in your life. So when your time is good, and when your life is in the hands of that bigger force, or the Divinity, then that rules your life. This is what we need to see. It is that one power only that comes to you as a friend, as an enemy; as everybody. When you recognize that one thing that is present in various forms in front of you, then you are at peace with yourself.

Gurudev, it is said that sadhana gives desired results. If a demonic person does sadhana, will he also get a boon?
Sri Sri: Yes, it has happened in the past. Ravana did so much penance. And there were so many demons that became powerful by doing penance. But because of their ego, they made some or the other mistake. That is why they were not completely successful.

Gurudev, sometimes I feel I am giving too much attention to the destination, i.e., Moksha (liberation), and so I forget the journey, i.e., life. What to do?
Sri Sri: Just Relax! This is part of life. Life is love, energy, enthusiasm and freedom. And freedom is Moksha. Moksha is not an end, at some place. Moksha is throughout life, at various stages.

Moksha means relief, and relief from work is essential. Relief from non-work is also essential. If you are simply sitting, lethargic and then you do something, you feel happy. You feel the energy. So everything is there. Just Relax!

Gurudev, I don’t understand Sanskrit since I am from outside India. Could we have some session to understand Sanskrit better?
Sri Sri: You don’t need to understand much. In fact English language has got a lot of Sanskrit in it. Even the names of months are in Sanskrit only. November, December, January, all these months, the names are in Sanskrit (November –Nav Ambar (ninth sky), December – Dash Ambar (tenth sky)) 

So there is no need to understand much! All that we need to do here is just enjoy the vibes of the sound (mantras) and relax, and then meditation happens.

Of course, if you want to learn, then there are many opportunities to learn. There are so many ways to learn. But basically even people who speak different Indian languages, they don’t understand these Vedic hymns. Nobody understands them. What is important is just its vibrations, the intonations, and how it is chanted. That is what is most important.
But if you want to go scholarly into it, you are most welcome. You can go into Google and get the meanings. But the meaning that you may find on Google are very incomplete. That much you should bear in mind and then read it. It is not totally correct but not totally wrong also.

Gurudev, is getting a certain experience the goal of Sadhana? I haven’t got any experience in my Sadhana till now. This keeps bothering me.
Sri Sri: No, never mind! It is the experience of going from the scenery to the seer that is important. If experiences come, they come. If not, never mind! Still it is okay. Experiences change all the time.

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