Thursday, February 25, 2016

Moving Higher

Fri, 04/17/2015 Bangalore, India

(Below is a continuation of the post Are You Being Responsible?)
It is the teachers who have helped bring about a wave of change at the time of the country’s struggle for independence. Our teachers took the responsibility to bring enthusiasm and inspire the people. Teachers always have a very big role to play in every aspect.
The Naxalite movement that you see today also began with the teachers’ community. I would appeal to all the teachers to work together for bringing peace and progress to our country today. You have to teach and inculcate inspiration and good knowledge in today’s children. Children are like empty transparent vessels, whatever (knowledge) you fill them with, they will reflect the same and behave in that way. If you fill them with fear and wrong ideas, then they behave in that way. But when we give them good ideals and noble virtues, then they grow up to become ideal and responsible citizens.
We can pass on ideals to someone else only and only if we ourselves have imbibed and demonstrated those ideals and virtues. This is why I would encourage all the school and college teachers who have come here today to take a sankalpa to lead an inspiring and ideal life. Give me the responsibility to fulfil whatever lack you may feel in life, and do not bother about that. I will look after that. Just focus on what all you can do to bring a more positive change.

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