Tuesday, March 8, 2016

India - Land Of Diversity

(Photographer: Amit Shinde. Below is a continuation of the post Never Complain, Never Explain)
Yesterday, I spoke about Republic Day celebrations. To celebrate Republic Day is to celebrate and honour Brahmajnana (Knowledge of the Brahman or the Absolute). How is this so? When we were born into this world from our mother’s womb, we became ‘public’ to this entire world. Otherwise before birth we were in a ‘private’ state, isn’t it?
Again after three years of age we became private. We became closed and limited to our individual selves. We got stuck in “Me and mine”. We would only think about “My mother” or “My father”, etc. So we again became ‘private’. Now when this realization dawns on you that there is nothing private for you, and everything is public, everything and everyone belongs to you – then once again you become ‘public’. And so it becomes a ‘re-public’. You become a Dvija (twice-born, here meaning onto the path of knowledge and awareness).
So from being ‘private’ you became a ‘re-public’. This is the sign of being a gyani (wise or knowledgeable one). When you see the essential oneness between the world within you and that outside you, then that is knowledge. If you feel differently within and behave differently outwards, then that is not being ‘re-public’. Did you get what I am saying?

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