Friday, September 9, 2016

The Divine Armor

Tue, 10/20/2015 Bangalore, India
Move on in life with the confidence that you will be given everything in abundance, and that you are being protected by the Divine. There is a divine armor around you that is protecting you; you have nothing to worry about. Know this and keep walking ahead in life with satisfaction, confidence, joy, patience, fullness and faith.
Tomorrow is Rishi Homa. It is the day when we honor the tradition of Masters from time immemorial. Tomorrow is also Ayudha Pooja. All the instruments and all technology is a part of the Divinity, so tomorrow, we will honor all the instruments and recognize them as gifts from the Divine.
See, in spirituality, life is taken holistically. It is not that spirituality is one corner of life, it is the skill to see the wholeness of life. Everything is part of spirituality - food, music, dance, knowledge, instruments, technology; everything. And spirituality is attending to this wholeness of life. So Ayudha Pooja is when all the instruments are recognized and honored as Divine gifts. All the computers, cell phones, tools, technologies, screwdrivers, hammers; every possible instrument is honored as a part of the Divine.
Today, in the Chandi Homam, young children, boys and girls, elderly couples, ladies, horses, elephants, everything were honored as a part of the Divine. Every little bit of the universe is pervaded by the Mother Divine energy, and so we recognize and honor Her presence in all life forms.
When you close your eyes, the space and the light is all Mother Divine (Shakti). When you open your eyes, all the forms that you see, with all its perfections and imperfections, everything is a form of Shakti (also called Kundalini Shakti, Chitta Shakti, Para Shakti). So whether it is desires or knowledge, everything is part of the same Shakti.

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