Saturday, May 27, 2017

Honor Everything In Creation

05/05/2016 Bangalore, India
Save your mind and use your brain. Mostly, we save our brain and use our mind more, and, this is where we get into problems. We keep our minds so fragile that even a small thing throws us off balance and we go on with that for so long and feel so unhappy, pathetic and depressed.
Recently, I saw that in colleges in India, the depression rates have gone so high! And, in the Police department, in Maharashtra, a huge percentage of policemen are depressed. This is because we keep our minds so fragile that small things throw us off-balance. Please use your brain and save your mind.
Even a brilliant person hardly uses 3% to 5% of the brain all his life! I think you should start using at least 5% to 6% of your brains. Don’t return back the brain unused to nature! Come up with ideas, what we can do to better the world? What can we do to uplift society? How can we reduce prejudice in the world?
There is prejudice against women, against elderly and aged people, against caste, religion, etc. We should see how we can get rid of these prejudices. Prejudice has infiltrated almost every aspect of human life.
You go to a temple and you face prejudice there. You go to villages and there are prejudices there. A man from the city man is feared in a village, and in a city villagers are considered useless.
There is caste prejudice in our country. Prejudice against women, prejudice in the media, prejudice in government and the bureaucracy; with Gurus. We must come out of these prejudices. What do you think? What can we do about this? How do we educate people so that they have a broader vision? Think on these lines! Be more creative.

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