Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Feel One With Everyone And Celebrate

05/13/2016 Bangalore, India

'Main Tera' (13th May) in Hindi, if you play around with the word, also means 'I belong to you'. Yesterday, I belonged to you, today, I belong to you and tomorrow also I am yours.
'This is mine', 'That is yours', all this is a limited perspective of an ignorant person. An ignorant person finds fault in everything, but a lover or a devotee finds oneness in everything, and would say, "I belong to you. I am yours". One who has knowledge know that there is not two, there is only one. So expand from the small 'I' to the big 'I'.
Recognizing the oneness with humanity and serving society is the basis of The Art of Living. I am glad that so many of you are doing such wonderful and sincere work and furthering the cause of making life a celebration.
Our motto is: Making Life a Celebration. This can happen when you recognise the divinity within you and feel the oneness with the entire humanity. If you do not recognize the divinity within you, you cannot feel the oneness with the entire world. Don't miss even a single opportunity to celebrate. Every moment in life is a celebration.
This knowledge comes to you (as an experience) through spirituality. That's why you should hold on tight to spirituality, else you will slip off in life.
Time stops when we dive deep in art and creativity. Lead a unblemished life, feel one with everyone, and celebrate life.

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