Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wake Up And Be In The Moment

02/19/2016 Bangalore, India
Arjuna was shaking, shivering, and Krishna smiles and says to Arjuna, "Speak like a great scholar, like someone who is enlightened. You should be ashamed of yourself, just look at your state. You are grieving for something which you should not grieve for. You grieving does not indicate wisdom. Be here now". Jesus has also said, "Those who came before me were robbers and thieves". What did he mean when he said this? It's not like they were robbers and thieves. He meant that they have stolen your mind (because of which you are not in the present). The mind is latching onto the past. Be here now. He said, "You are thinking of glorifying Moses and talking about other people who are not here right now, and you are expecting some prophet to come in the future. I have come to fulfill their prophecies". Wake up and be in the moment.

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