Monday, May 22, 2017

Higher Feelings Manifest Your Desires Faster

05/03/2016 Bangalore, India

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Moderation Is The Key

12/30/2015 Bangalore, India
(Below is a continuation of the post What Is The Purpose Of Life)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Is The Purpose Of Life

12/30/2015 Bangalore, India
See, what happens in life - you were like these beautiful children, happy, joyful, free and then when you grew up, in due course, what happened, from time to time, negative clouds came on you and you found that something or the other is not good, this or that person is not good, or you are not good. When you feel, 'I am not good' then nothing around you is good, and then you get into a muddle. Has this not happened to you? (Many in the audience raise their hands). And then your mind goes in circles. When this happens, so many toxins get generated in the body.
Remember that 70% of the body is water and these water molecules, these fluids in our body have memory.
In India, there has been this belief that water has memory, and today science has also proved it. Here in Stuttgart, an Institute has done research on water crystals. They asked different people to take water from one glass and found that the pattern of each of those drops were different. So if you touch water then it takes your memory and its pattern is different. Then, they put a flower in the water and took a drop and tested it. The water had the pattern of the flower. They then took different flowers, the pattern again changed. So, the conclusion was that the river Rhine is not the same from its origin to its end because throughout its course, it takes the memory of the whole path.
The Rhine water in Bazu is much different from the water as it goes north to Rotterdam and so on, as it is carrying the impressions. We already know this. In the poojas and yagnas, when the chanting is going on, the water is allowed to fall down like a stream on the crystal lingam and the water absorbs the chanting.
During Navaratri, in India, they do this to water in a pot - all the chants are directed to the pot, and this water stores all the vibrations of the chants. Similarly, when you are sitting and meditating or singing bhajans, the fluids in your body are absorbing those impressions. That is why you feel elevated and good. So, just imagine when someone is sitting and thinking negative all the time, what happens? A negative cloud is created around them. You have to pierce through that, throw it out and come up. That in itself is the sadhana. That is what happens in satsang. 
Satsang is when you pierce the negative clouds and throw out the negativity that has come on you. Whatever the reason is completely irrelevant. How it has come is not relevant. Did you get it? It’s like the dust on the carpet. Instead of looking at the dust and clearing it, we are looking to see which window it has come from, so much so, that we get caught up with the window. So, instead of clearing the dust, we are looking we are caught up in looking at the window. Instead of clearing the negative clouds, we attribute it to some cause and get stuck in the cause. This only allows more negative thoughts to keep coming. So review, 'What is my life all about? Why am I here? What is it that I want to do?' Come back to the purpose, otherwise you get so caught up in small insignificant things, forgetting the real thing.

Monday, May 15, 2017

See Divine Behind Everything

04/28/2016 Bangalore, India
Some people say, "Don’t worry about the world, find your joy and your peace that is more important". Correct, that is the first step, you find your peace. But once you have found your peace, what you do? And when your peace is connected with so many people around you, how can you be in an island of peace? Can you be? No! So, when you spread peace around you only then your peace can be permanent. So going inward is as important as reaching out outside and transforming our environment. This has to happen simultaneously.
Some people say, "Forget about the world, don’t try to bring peace in the world, don’t try to reform the world, just go within yourself, you find your peace". But in The Art of Living we have found our peace, haven’t we? (Unanimous response from the crowd saying 'Yes'). The very first sitting in the Happiness Course, you are already peaceful. You understood to some extent the principles of life. And when we have found our peace and joy, it is our duty to spread it all around. That is why The Art of Living is doing so much work in the World - see in Latur (district in the state of Maharashtra), we are rejuvenating the 17th river in the country and the 13th river in Maharashtra. If someone was just trying to find his or her own peace and didn't bother about getting into river rejuvenation (here referring to any kind of service activity), then they have not find joy or peace because once you have meditated and found inner peace, you naturally want to bring it to everybody. So looks like we are one step ahead of those who are just wanting to find peace within themselves. We have already found it, now we want to spread it to everybody.
Someone who has seen a good movie is all enthusiastic to tell everybody, "Hey, come see this movie, I will also come with you and watch it", isn’t it? So that is the spirit in which The Art of Living is working. You can only spread what you have and if we are spreading peace and joy it is because we have it. Those who do not have it, let them search for it and find it. We have found it and we want to spread it!
When it comes to joy there is no end for joy, there is no end to personal comfort. You can go on looking for it, but the nature of joy is to share and care and that’s what The Art of Living stands for. And the basis for this is the spiritual connect, spiritual elevation and spiritual attainment.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Take Up The Challenge

01/21/2016 Bangalore, India
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