Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everyone should be given the opportunity to contribute

Bangalore Ashram, Feb 09:
Sri Sri Ravi shankar reached the ashram at 8:30 pm, and came straignt for satsang at the Vishalakshi Mandap. He just returned from Velanganni, a hamlet in Tamil Nadu and shared his experience of addressing 1,000 Roman Catholic priests of the Indian Priests Congress. Then, a little girl stood up and told Sri Sri that there was no Art of Living Center at her hometown, because of which programs were not being conducted. After saying this, she started crying. He assured her that a center would come up. the girl's mother stood up and said, "With whatever, we have we want to buy a plot on which we can construct an Art of Living Center."
He said, " You can't be emotional and give everything you have, as I won't accept it like that. Many people should contribute a little to have the center. Many people in the past also said this. At frst, when I went to Canada when there was no center there, a man came to me and said, Sri Sri, my whole life has been transformed. I have $15000 and I want to put all this money and make an Art of Living Center." I refused him and said , " I am not in a hurry to have the Art of Living Center. If you insist, you can contribute $1000 and if you still want to contribute more, you can give $2000 but not more than that. Everyone should be given the opportunity to contribute."
He said that the divine's job was to take care of His Devotees' needs.

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