Friday, December 9, 2011

Yoga makes you a child again

December 04, 2011


Leading Yoga Gurus of various lineages came together at The Art of Living International Center for a two day 'International Yoga Summit'. The two-day conference had eminent speakers exploring ways to use yoga as value-based education and a tool to bring world peace.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was instrumental in bringing all the Yoga schools together on a common stage.
The Yoga Gurus deliberated on the following topics:

1.Keeping the purity and authenticity of knowledge yet disseminating Yoga to every nook and corner of the world
2.Physical and emotional health through Yoga
3.Mental health through Yoga
4.Challenges faced by Yoga Masters

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar commenced the session with the following words.

Yoga is prevalent in all the ancient scripture. Jyothish, Ayurveda, Vedanta are all permeated by Yoga. Yoga is the basis on which everything else works and that union is emphasized in the Vedanta.
Today we have Vedantis here and the Yogis here, what more could one want?!
Where ever there is Yoga and Vedanta there is no abhava (lack), there is no anyaya (injustice), there is no agyana (ignorance) and there is no ashaucha (impurity). These are the four things we need to get rid of in society: agyana, abava, anyaya and ashaucha. So Yoga makes you a child again.
There are a number of Yogas: Karma Yoga, Gyaan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga. The Gita is all Yoga from beginning to end, and the amalgamation of all this, taking everything together and moving forward in life is essential.
We have such great experts here and this is such a great day. Just the Yogis’ presence will do the job. We have received lots of blessings and we are going to receive more. So when you go out from here, you will also have a child like mind and that innocence which is very important; an innocent mind, a pure heart and pure deeds.

Krishna says, ‘Yoginam api sarvesam mad-gatenantaratmana’, of all the Yogis the one who resides in me is the one who keeps me in his heart. The one who has put me in their heart, will excel in everything. So bhakti is very important.
Today, Bhakti Yoga, Gyaan Yoga and scientific Yoga, all have come together. Such a great fortune! So, enjoy the conference and remember you have a big responsibility to take this to the door step of every household. Make the world free from misery and free from suffering.
God is blessing you and will continue to bless you all!
The Yoga Gurus also signed a proclamation for having UN declare 21st June as the International Yoga Day

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