Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Are Evergreen

December 25, 2012

Bad Antogast, Germnay

People from all over the world are here today, that is very good.
This is our family reunion! From all over the world, we are celebrating Christmas here.

This Christmas tree here it is telling you, 'Be like me, evergreen, full of light, and full of gifts.' So each one of you is a Christmas tree with lots of lights, with shining gifts and evergreen!
Next year there will be more and more people walking the spiritual path, and it will be much easier as well.
In 2013, we will be teaching two new Kriyas which is very different and very nice.

Q: Can you tell us about this new era? Will women have a bigger role?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Women will have a bigger role in the world. Already women have a big role, but it will be an even bigger role.
Do you know, there was so much anxiety about the 21st of December. My goodness, people created a rumour all over the world that on 21st of December the world is going to end.
There were people buying food and stocking their basements. Many people left their homes and their country and went somewhere up the mountains. And many came to Bangalore Ashram thinking that if they are in the Ashram they will be in a safe place because the world is going to dissolve.
I have been saying that this is a rumour. There are so many people in the world who simply enjoy creating panic. They want to sell things fast, so they create panic. When there is panic then people go and buy things and store them. So these are all gimmicks.
I said the world will continue. Today is already the 25th and the world is intact, it is continuing. It is only in the American movies that such things will happen; the world would come to an end.

What we need to do is take a look at all that we have received and be grateful. We have received so much in our lives. And whatever we need to receive in the future, we will receive that as well. Of this you should be confident.
So, be grateful for what you have received.

When you need to do some seva, you should always feel, 'I need to do more, I have not done enough.'
If you think, 'I have done enough seva and I have not received as much as I deserved', then this is the secret to be miserable. If you want to be miserable then you can demand, 'I have not got what I should be getting.'
Demanding for what you don’t have can make you miserable.
And if you think, 'I have done enough and I don’t need to do anything more', then also you can become miserable. That is actually the sign of an upset, angry and depressed mind.
So when it comes to doing, say, 'How can I do some more? How can contribute more to make this world a better place?' This should be our line of thinking.
And when it comes to getting, say, 'I have got what I needed to get and I will get what I should be getting. Nature will provide me with what I should get!'
This confidence makes you happy, and this attitude that 'I want to do more for the world', gives you the energy to move in that direction.

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