Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Calm Mind Is The Key To Clear Action

Tue, 12/09/2014 Bangalore, India
This thought just occurred to me some time back. A king does not have any friends, and a saint has no enemies. A king will be at a disadvantage if he begins to have friends. Similarly, if a saint has enemies, then he too will be at a loss in some way or the other.
If a king has friends, then there is a chance that his decisions will be influenced by favoritism for his friends, instead of being for the greater good of the people. If a king starts having too many friends, then he will not remain impartial and people will not get fair justice from him. Is it not so?
One should not get too close to a king, and one should never go too far away from a wise saint. Those who get too close to a king or too far away from the company of a wise saint will surely lose out in some way or the other.
So many innocent people have died in the past, and so many keep dying even today because of these terrorist attacks. I can't bear to see all of this.

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