Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Colors Of Life

Thu, 03/05/2015 Bangalore, India
Tomorrow is the festival of Holi. This is the last full moon of this year. The next full moon will be in the next year per the lunar calendar, and this last full moon is celebrated with colors.
Usually people burn all the old things at home on this day. We have already burnt all the past and we are already clean so we will not create more smoke and pollution, so we not burn anything, but we will play Holi with sandal paste and not with the harmful chemical colors. We will play some gentle Holi.
There are different colors associated with our feelings and emotions: anger with red, jealousy with green, vibrancy and happiness with yellow, love with pink, vastness with blue, peace with white, sacrifice with saffron, and knowledge with violet. Each person is a fountain of colors which keep changing.
If your life is like Holi, where each color is seen clearly, then they add charm to your life. Harmony in diversity makes life vibrant, joyful and more colorful.
Like Holi, life should be colorful, not boring. When each color is seen clearly, it is vibrant. When all the colors get mixed, you end up with black. So also in life, we play different roles.Each role and emotion needs to be clearly defined. Emotional confusion creates problems.
When you are a father, you have to play the part of a father. You can't be a father at the office.
When you mix roles in your life, you start making mistakes. Whatever role you play in life, give yourself fully to it. In ignorance, emotions are a bother; in knowledge, the same emotions add color. Tell yourself that you will do justice to all the roles. You can play all the roles: a good spouse, good child, good parent, good citizen. Assume that you have all these qualities in you. Just let them blossom.

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