Sunday, August 7, 2016

Making A Better World

Fri, 07/10/2015 Bad Antogast, Germany
There are problems in life but we have to collectively work towards them and overcome them. We are so fortunate that we have this knowledge. This organization is now 35 years, and this is what we have been doing, coming together and solving problems.
Many people cannot believe what happened in Cuba and Columbia (referring to the peace talks between the Columbian Government and rebel group (FARC) to end a more than 5 decades of armed conflict). They say that this is too good to be true that the rebel group (FARC) are now wanting peace. This war has been going on for the last 50 years. All the big powers (referring to America and Europe) tried to get them to cease fire, but it did not happen.
Today, the Spanish news channels are asking me, "How did you do this? What did you tell them? Everyone else tried and failed. How did you get them to agree to peace and non-violence?"
I said, "I don’t have any ulterior motive, or any other agenda. I went with a simple message of peace, and I was ready to listen to them. I understood their position. They are not bad people, they are also victims".
Usually what do we do is, we point the finger towards the other and say, "They are bad people, they are the culprits, and I am right". If you go with that attitude, nobody would want to listen to you.
The first thing I told them was, "I understand your position, you are not bad people", and that is when the communication began. They agreed and said, "You are the first person who understands that we too are victims. Everyone looks at us as culprits". This changed the atmosphere and they declared unilateral cease fire.
There are issues in the world today, and depression is one of them. Depression is going to be the biggest killer in the world. Every two seconds, seven people die out of stress, and what we are doing is helping people relieve their stress, and this is very significant. If more and more teachers work towards this, we will definitely make a better world.

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