Saturday, March 29, 2008


Question : Guruji, after having tried various means I am not able to come out of entanglement what do I do , Please help ?

Sri Sri : It maybe some Karma from the last birth or some samskaras. Do seva . Maharajji was saying that Seva would definitely remove karma of entanglement. If seva cannot remove then knowledge will remove entanglement. If knowledge cannot remove, then Bhakti (devotion) can surely remove entanglement. Even if Bhakti is not able to remove entanglement then leave it to time. With time entanglement will surely dissolve. But don't just live it to time without trying all the other means (laughter!!). Do seva be in knowledge, have Bhakti and even after that, if you are not able to get rid of your entanglement, then you just leave it on time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Question : Guruji, my mind wanders everywhere how do I meditate?

Sri Sri : Take a stick and start chasing your mind. See where it goes. If it goes to Goa chase it to Goa, if it is going to Bhavnagar, chase it there, if it is going to bhelpuri, chase it to bhelpuri, if it is going to Bhagdad, chase it to Bhagdad….. Chase, keep chasing and you see your mind is so tired that it will come and fall at your feet.
That's why Maharshi Patanjali says meditate on everything, meditate on elements, on Rishis, who are out of craving, even if you meditate on Rishis who are out of craving, you get into meditation. And when you sit for satsang, you get into meditation. But sometimes if you sit for santsang, and you are not there 100%, you count the ceiling, you look here and there. You have to bring interest yourself, You have to bring the juice (ras/ necter) yourself. It is already there, you have to see the one behind. The one who put the juice.
Don't think I have to do, I tell you need not do anything its all burning for you, you don't have to lit it at all. When you are in Gangaji, you don't need a shower, when you are taking a dip in the Ganges, why do you need to have a tap and a shower? Become effortless. Just know that I am nothing and I don't want anything. But don't start thinking about it continuously, this is also a Maya. That's why Adi Shankaracharya says it is foolish to even think that I am Zero.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Being Wise

Question: Guruji, they say that there are two kinds of people. The first, are the kind of people who ask question out of ignorance. And the second are the people who don't ask question out of ignorance. What would be my category?

Sri Sri: At least this you have realized!!! See how wise you are!!! Only a wise can understand such things!! So you are certainly not a fool. You are wise.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Question: Guruji after having tried all means, certain worries keep coming to me. I am not able to surrender those. What should I do?

Sri Sri: Why do you need to surrender? I tell you don't surrender, this surrender is an illusion. What do you want to surrender? Anyway everything belongs to God. What is it that is yours and you want to surrender!??!? It is just a concept, I want to surrender this, I want to surrender that. This is like try catching a cat in a dark room, which is not there. Just relax; God did not want us to surrender. What to surrender? Don't worry; just know that you are nothing. The path of knowledge is easy for those who where in the head. If you think you are something wakeup and see, what are you ?!?!?! You are carbohydrate, amino acids, fats, every cell of your body has been existing millions of years ago and is also existing now and you call yourself Radha, Sita, Rama, tomorrow again this form will go and new form will come where will you go. Walk like being a big zero, but always be on the right side of the number.
I am nobody, I am nothing. These two 'dharanas' intensions, is an antidote to ignorance wakeup and see!!! And the job is done!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Question: Guruji, in my meditation often I feeling doing some harm to the Gods. My mind feels like doing something against them. How do I get rid of such a feelings? What should I do?

Si Sri: You know if it is so compulsive, so obsessive you do it. Just go ahead and do it. But that way you are going to hurt yourself! Hurt your hand! God is not in the statue or the idol in front of you, God is in your heart. We invoke God and bring it to the statue for some moments only and again we place it back in our hearts. Like the Ganapati idol, we put it in the water. First we invoke the God in the idol, play with that for some time and after all that tell him to come back to us and reside back in our heart!!
But yes. If such a feeling persists, just observe the sensation. See what is happening within you. You know these types of violent tendencies also come because of the food you eat. All these are the Rajashik tendencies that come from food. Focus on you diet. Be aware of what you eat. Stay away from Rajasik food for sometime. Food does matter a lot. Listen to Narada Bhakti Sutra. Rejoice in the self….Be contented.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seva and Service

Question: Guruji, I have been practicing in the Spiritual path for quite sometime, but I still find that I am not able to become dispassionate. To bring about dispassion in me what should I do?

Sri Sri: Don't get caught up in words. These are just all words. I tell you if you are centered dispassion comes to you automatically. Just be centered.
You do seva, satsang, and sadhna and you will be rest everything is just falling in place for you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Joy and Enthusiasm

Question: Guruji, how to always keep up with enthusiasm and joy?

Si Sri: Leave always. If you think of always, then craving comes. If it is always there then you would not even know that it was ever there!! Like you take a dip in a river, you feel cold and when you come out you feel warm, and again do dip in water, you feel cold, and so you experience cold because you experience the warmth.
Leave it to the divine. Our nature is joy and enthusiasm. However sometimes it gets clouded but it can never go.
Our consciousness is 'nitya-nutan' (Ever fresh) this is with us forever.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mind and Soul

Question: What is the difference the mind and the soul? And how is it connected to each other?
Answer: The mind is like the wave and the Soul is like the ocean. And the connection between the two is that the mind cannot be without the soul, but the soul can exist without the mind.
So in meditation you drop the mind, you become one with the totality that is the ocean. Therefore there are both existing together, the mind as well as the soul, like the wave as well as the ocean.