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The Power Of Self Knowledge

02/17/2016 Bangalore, India

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Achieve Nectar Through Renunciation

02/24/2016 Bangalore, India

Achieve Nectar Through Renunciation

2016/02/24 Bangalore, India

When we are in activity, our mind is always focused in the front of the body. Close your eyes now, you’ll feel your mind is in front because the mind goes through the eyes to look at the world, and through the ears. During activity the mind is mostly focused in the frontal part of the body. For relaxing, we take our mind to the background. You will see suddenly there is something different happening. This is necessary, from time to time.

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In the beginning of Rudra Puja there is shloka, ‘Na karmana na prajaya dhanena tyagenaike amritatvamanashuh’, what does it mean? 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:   Yes, this is a very nice one! This is said about the renounced Saints; about the enlightened people. This is usually the mantra that is said while doing pranam. The vedic pundits say, ‘Na karmana na prajaya dhanena’It is not through actions, not through money, not through fame or progeny or the following. The nectar can be achieved only through renunciation.  

The next line says, 'Parena nakam nihitam guhayam vibrajate yadyatayo visanti'. Beyond the heavens, beyond sorrow and beyond all pleasures, that (shinning light) which is in the depth of one’s heart, the enlightened live there or are immersed in that space which is deep within one’s heart. There could be many meanings to this.
These are the mantras that are said while doing pranam (bowing down or worshipping the divine). This is what we have always been saying. 
Vedanta vijnana suniscitarthah', The enlightened saints are so certain about the knowledge of the Vedanta. What is Vedanta? Everything is one. What appears is not the truth, what is not appearing, that which is beyond all the appearances, that is the truth. And this has been scientifically established in the Vedas. The enlightened saints are so sure about it, not doubting it at all. They are very well established in the conviction of the Vedanta.  
‘Sannyasa yogad-yataya-suddha-sattvah te brahma-loke tu paranta-kale paramrtat-parimucyanti sarve’ . With Sanyasa yoga (those who adopt the yoga of renunciation) they are of pure intellect, and not only do they attain the Brahman after leaving the body but they also show the path to everyone else and take everyone along while in the body. 

‘Dahram vipapam parame’ sma bhutam yat-pundarikam pura-madhya sagmsthamtatrapi dahram gaganam visokas tasmin yad antas tad upasitavyam’- the renunciate lives in a space which is free from sorrow, and brings everyone into that space. And let me be in that space -- this is the prayer; 

Just coming into that space of the Guru, not just physically but also mentally getting into that space itself brings you freedom. It is so deep and it is (gaganam) so vast, it has no (visokam) sorrow in it. So many words, they all indicate one thing, that is the space that is beyond all name and form. 

’Tasmin ya dantastatu pasidavyam’, that which is inside, that is worth going near, that is what is worth appreciating. 
Yo vedadau svarah prokto vedante ca pratistatah tasya prakrti-linasya yah para-sa mahesvarah. Where are u looking for God? Don’t look for Him at all! This world is God, this life is God. Don’t blame the world around. It has various names and forms but it is all God. That which is said in all the Vedas, that which has been sung in all the scriptures of the world, that which has been established by Vedanta, that Divinity which is right within you, and everywhere around you. 

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Share Because You Care

03/03/2016 Bangalore, India

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The Eternal Source Of Energy

03/03/2016 Bangalore, India