Monday, November 30, 2009

What is the most beautiful thing in this world?

Sri Sri: It is that you recognize that, 'this is beautiful'. Only a beautiful person can recognize the beauty in everything. So therefore, if you say to someone, "you are stupid" with your one finger pointing towards  him, just know that three other fingers are pointing towards you!! Similarly if you say someone, "you are beautiful" then just know that three fingers are pointing at you saying, "you are beautiful".

Sunday, November 29, 2009

See your whole past as a dream & move on to the future

Bangalore ashram, Nov. 27:
Q. This is my 10th Advance course. But I am not able to get rid of my fear. I don’t know what to do?
Sri Sri: Yogasana, do more yogasanas (practice of yoga postures). Yogasanas stretch your nervous system. The endocrine system gets strengthened.
Q. You tell us to accept people as they are. I accept people as they are but I get frustrated and irritated. Please tell some recipe for acceptance without getting irritated.
Sri Sri: When you feel anger inside, do you notice the sensation? Forget about the other person. It is the sensation which is giving you trouble. When you focus on the sensation, it gets dissolved. Why should you spoil your own nervous system? Why should you spoil your own beautiful body because someone said something. You know, 72 muscles are strained when you frown. Your body becomes a wreck.
Q. I get caught up in my problems. How do I come out of this?

Sri Sri: When you think your problem is big you are not looking at others’ problems. When you compare your problems with others, your problem starts looking small.
Q. What is the difference between being detached or in denial?
Sri Sri: Whenever you get so confused analyzing your own feelings, I tell you, just drop it. Many times you go to get counseling and you get even more confused. The counselor tells you, “Oh, in your childhood your mother didn’t take you to the fair so you are feeling that anger.” I would tell you, see your whole past as a dream and move on to the future.
Something pleasant happened. Something unpleasant happened. By picking your memory, you spoil your present moment as well. All the past is nothing but a memory. Some of its impact may continue but the event is not there. Wake up. Shake up.
You see these dogs, puppies and cats - how they shake themselves when they get dirty? They shake and move on. We should save our mind.
Q. Is it right if one’s parents do not appreciate the virtues of a child but compares demerits of the child with the good qualities of other children?

Sri Sri: Once in a while it is ok. When the intention is that their child should learn, then it’s ok. But if it happens every time, then it is not ok.
Q. Can grace change destiny?
Sri Sri: Yes, only then is it grace.
Q. Guruji, I have anger and arrogance in me. In anger, I lose awareness. Please tell me some remedy.
Sri Sri: When you are angry at yourself, you get angry with others also.
When you are angry at others you get angry at yourself for getting angry.
This is like a pendulum. We have to stop this.
It’s ok if you get angry. Don’t get angry because you got angry. Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad. Life is like a jungle. Thorns are also there, flowers are also there, fruits, peacocks, deer, lions, tigers everything is there. Have a holistic approach.
Just be natural, easy and relax. Take things as they come and move forward. Don’t get stuck in a place. The mind plays so many tricks to keep you miserable. Sing, meditate, serve. Be part of service. We have to save our mind.
Q. Why does a simple situation look complicated later on?

Sri Sri: So what? Later, a complicated situation will start looking simplified. Every complication is a test of your skill. When you simplify the situation and get caught in doer-ship, you find it gets complicated again so that your arrogance is checked. When you feel that whatever happens is the will of the Divine, you are free from arrogance.
Q. Craving and ego are troubling me. What to do?
Sri Sri: Be natural. Take things as they come.
Q. Why do I fight with my wife though I love her?
Sri Sri: When someone asked Mullah Naseeruddin why he fought with his wife so much, he replied, “Because I love her so much. I fight with someone and love someone else? That is not done! I do everything with one person.” Fights are also a part of life.
When you focus on each other too much, then fights happen. If you both have a common goal, to serve, to uplift the society, then fights don’t happen and love blossoms and there is plenty of work for every couple.
In the Indian marriage tradition, there is a ceremony called the saptapadi, the seven steps, which the couple has to take together. One of these steps (signifying vows) is that the couple work together for the upliftment of society.
Q. Guruji, I don’t write letters to you for I have full faith you would solve my problems anyway. Many people asked me to write a letter to you. But I still didn’t write letter to you. When I came here for the advance course many people were writing down their botherations in letters. Please tell me, should I write or not?
Sri Sri: You move according to your way and let others move in their own way. It is not necessary that all paths should be the same.
Q. How to overcome low self-esteem?
Sri Sri: Go and work in villages and slums, you will get your self-esteem back. Go and work for a week, ten days or even on a weekend. Teach some lessons to the children there and see how your self-esteem will come up.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do something useful to everybody & if you do that, then everything else is taken care of

Chennai, Nov. 26: The Mahasatsang had the characteristic elements of an Art of Living celebration: Gaan (music), Gyaan (knowledge) and Dhyaan (meditation). A team of highly talented musicians played a series of fusion pieces integrating Western rock and Indian classical music, after which Sri Sri spoke and guided everyone into meditation.
“The 3Ms are very important for any occasion - Music, Meditation & Meals
“Truth is that which you cannot avoid nor confront
Love is that which you cannot hide nor express totally
Beauty is that which you cannot possess nor reject.”
Sri Sri then led the thousands, who had gathered for the Mahasatsang, into a meditation.
Later, there was a series of questions from the audience:
Q. Where is the mind and where is it in the body?
Sri Sri: Who or what is asking this question and what is going to listen to the answer. Intellect is that which registers the answer yet it is the mind which is looking for the answer.
Q. How to conquer the five senses? Can you explain in one sentence?
Sri Sri: When you have sunlight and a candle, then the candle becomes insignificant. Likewise, other things become insignificant.
Q. When do we know that we are made up of love?
Sri Sri: Love cannot be known or understood. It can be felt only. The child doesn’t ask his mother – ‘What is your qualification, what do you do? Who are your friends? Tell me, then I'll love you’. Just like our body is made up of carbohydrates and amino acids, we are made up of this substance called love. Anger, greed, jealousy are all just distortions of love.
Q. How to control terrorism?
Sri Sri: The whole world and all religions are debating on terrorism and how to control it. I tell you - Indian spirituality and spiritual knowledge have the power to reduce terrorism and fanaticism.
Q. Is astrology a science?
Sri Sri: Yes, definitely astrology is a science yet that doesn’t mean all astrologers are scientists. (Laughs)
Q. Allopathy has no cure for cancer or tuberculosis. Can Ayurveda or Siddha cure them?
Sri Sri: Most definitely. You know, the Siddha system is only available in Tamil Nadu. Ayurveda is available all over India.
Q. Will the world be destroyed in 2012? Is that true?
Sri Sri: People used to say this in 1999 - that world will be destroyed before the Millennium. In fact, in Canada people stocked up six months worth of groceries (laughs).
There will be a positive spiritual shift that will happen. You know, people are meditating in Terra Del Fiago (near South Pole) and in Norway (near North Pole) and chanting Om Nama Shivaya, becoming vegetarians and taking up Indian traditions.
Q. Guruji, we have two requests for you. Why don’t you come more often to Chennai and start an ashram here?
Sri Sri: Tomorrow we are going to get a meditation hall started here. You all should come here and meditate.
Q. Why don’t we start an exclusive Art of living TV channel to spread the knowledge of the Art of living?
Sri Sri: Why should it be restricted only to one channel? It should be on all channels (laughs). However if you want to start one, you have my encouragement. The channel should not just be meditation or music alone. It should be spiritual knowledge with knowledge on what’s happening in world.
One final thing – Whenever you have any worries, you can just post or courier them to me. Do something useful to everybody and if you do that, then everything else is taken care of.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love is that which cannot be expressed or hidden fully

“If you keep trying to express it, then it will become just a sound and the feelings are lost. Saying “I love you” everyday and every time, it eventually turns into, “I can’t stand you!” Too much expression spoils things. If you don’t express at all, that is also not good. There needs to be moderation. Just like a seed – it does not germinate if you scatter it on the surface nor if you bury it too deep. It needs to be sown at just the right depth. In the same way, moderation is necessary.

Q. What is the importance of lemon in aura cleansing?
Sri Sri: Have you see lemon juice under the microscope? It looks like the rays of the sun. When you see vitamin C under the microscope, it looks like a sunflower. Some substances like salt, lemon, chilies etc, have the potential to remove negativity. In the west, bathing in the ocean for rejuvenation and improving health is popular. The burdens, the worries in the mind, harmful influences are reduced in this way. Faith also works here. Even when you take regular medicines, if you don’t have faith in the doctor or the medication, it may not help you at all.
Q. How does one achieve strength (Shakti) and devotion (Bhakti)?
Sri Sri: With rest - you achieve devotion. When you put in effort along with rest you get power or strength. Effort and prayer, both, go together. Either is incomplete without the other. For completion of any task both are required.
Normally women only pray and men only put in effort but both should do both.
Q. I don’t know whether I should give importance to family or to my career.
Sri Sri: You have to look out for your career. Your parents will be happy when you have a career. If you have no job and you sit at home, will they be happy? No! Then they (family and career) have both come together.
Q.I have never been successful in life. I consider myself to be a load on my parents’ shoulders.
Sri Sri: Drop your laziness and don’t be too choosy. Whatever work you get, take it up and do it. Do not think it is beneath your dignity. Do not think you are not successful. Every work is attached with honor and dignity.
Q. Guruji, there is lot of confusion in family because one member follows Art of living and another member follows some other spiritual path, pranic healing.
Sri Sri: Both just stick to your own path.
Q. During meditation, the mind wanders to so many places. Once you said, “Let the mind go wherever it wants to”. Does that mean me and my mind are two different entities? If yes, then what is the mind and who am I?
Sri Sri: When you try to keep hold of your mind, it runs here and there. When you become aware of the wandering mind, then you realize you are bigger than the mind. When you find you are not this mind, not this body, not anything else, whatever remains is the Self. Knowing your Self, recognize the Supreme Self. Then you find you are everything. You are the mind, the thoughts, you are the whole world. But that happens at the second level. When you know your Self, you know the Divine. Sarvam Kalvidam Brahma – Everything is One Divinity. Knowing this, become established in this knowledge.
Q. Guruji, you once said desires come and go. Those which need to be fulfilled stay and others simply vanish. But what about those desires which stay and are not fulfilled?
Sri Sri: Have patience & perseverance.
Q. Why am I so crazy to be here!!
Sri Sri: Because I am also like that. Only a rich can make others also rich. Only a liberated one can bring freedom to others. Only a devotee can evoke devotion in others. A person in love with the Divine makes others also like that. Whatever is there within you that is what others receive and that is what you perceive in others.
Q. What is a soul mate?
Sri Sri: First you meet your soul, then you can find out about soul mate.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Music and harmony cleanses the emotions, enriches the heart

Bangalore ashram, Nov. 17, 2009:

Everyday you should meditate. You brush your teeth, you have a bath to keep your body clean. Similarly, you should listen to a little bit of knowledge and meditate. Cleansing of the intellect happens through knowledge - that knowledge which tells you that everything is impermanent. Music and harmony cleanses the emotions and enriches the heart. By giving, the heart becomes pure. With knowledge and meditation, everything becomes pure.
Q. Guruji, when someone dies why do we say Ram naam satya hai {Ram (the divinity within) is the truth}?
Sri Sri: When someone dies you realize that this is the truth. One day everyone is going to die. When you are alive you don’t realize the truth. You are caught up in unwanted things.
Truth is something which you cannot avoid.
Beauty is something which cannot be renounced.
Love is something which cannot be expressed.
These three things are more than enough to remember. It enough to digest.
Q. What does a yagya consist of?
Sri Sri: In any yagya, there is dhyan (meditation), daan (giving), gyan (knowledge) and gaan(music)
Gaan nourishes the right brain. Gyan nourishes the left brain and dhyan nourishes both.
One grows due to yagya.
Q. Guruji what qualities should we look for when we choose our life partner?
Sri Sri: Well, (smiling) I don’t have the experience! Ask those who have the experience. And you can take more help from the matrimony department!
You know why they say that marriages are made in heaven? It is because the choice is already made for you. You just have to take it and move on. You are free from choices. Move on with what you have on your plate.
You know the best thing is that you don’t focus on the drawbacks. Focus on the positive. In a relationship if both the people have their focus on spirituality then they will move ahead together like parallel lines move, without clashing, to infinity. The moment they will shift their focus and focus on each other, there will be clashes. So it is very important that both are on the spiritual path.
Q. Guruji, how was the Vishalakshi Mantap (the five-tiered, lotus-shaped meditation hall in the Bangalore ashram) made?
Sri Sri: Manuji (a devotee) said, "Guruji, we must have a hall where people can meditate. So I made a drawing and it was made. Earlier, there was no hall. The Ashtavakra talk (Sri Sri’s commentary on the Ashtavakra Geeta) happened under a thatched roof, where rain water would be leaking.
Yet when we inaugurated the Vishalakshi Mantap, the hall was already too small! So many people had come. You know when people meditate together then the energy radiates in the world.
Q. Guruji, what is the secret of this place?
Sri Sri (smiling): The secret is here (pointing to his heart).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forbes India magazine Top 100 richest list inaugural

Bangalore, 20th November, 2009
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers questions on the way beyond wealth
When every breath of your body is focussed on creating wealth it takes an infinity to realise the expanse of the breath itself. Journeys across such an abstract expanse need a guide whose spiritual GPS is never offline. But then Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a man of God like no other. His powerful innovation of Sudarshan Kriya from the ancient system of Pranayam has calmed many a burdened mind. It is hard to combine the commanding heights of spirituality with the mundane lowlands of everyday practical living the way Sri Sri has managed to do. So when a club of extremely wealthy men of practical world need to understand how to go beyond all the wealth, Sri Sri was the obvious choice.
We seemed to have hit the hot button because questions from men of Mammon flowed freely. To make sure the answers had depth, we picked four questions that seemed to be the most fundamental and intricate. But that was till Sri Sri answered them; after that they were blindingly obvious.
Harish Mariwala, Chairman & MD, Marico Industries: We are realising more and more that society has a significant stake and role to play in the growth of every individual and organisation. It then follows that some part of the wealth built by the individual or organisation owes its origin to society. In a steady state scenario, this issue may not be difficult to sort out - one could follow the Islamic Zakat approach and give a fixed percentage to charity or to society. But when it comes to estate planning or leaving behind a legacy through a will, there would arise a question, where your guidance and views will be enlightening. What proportion of a rich person’s wealth should one bequeath to society?
Sri Sri: The Dharmashastras advise a man to divide wealth in five portions:
    - One portion is used for spiritual and religious purposes
    - One portion for charity and society
    - One portion for the growth of the wealth
    - One portion for oneself and one’s own comforts
    - One portion for one’s family
The most intelligent thing would be to undertake all the charitable works during one’s lifetime itself. However, when you write a will with the wealth that is left to you, definitely give a substantial portion for charitable work.
Venugopal Dhoot, Chairman & MD, Videocon: What is the best contribution one can make to a better society? Make billions, spend billions, or give away billions?
Sri Sri: The best way is to do both. To make billions, spend a little less, save the rest and give away!
Twenty percent of your earnings should be earmarked for charity. However, charity should be self-sustainable. That is, it should create more wealth rather than perpetuating the cycle of poverty and dependence. In this sense, the best form of charity would be providing quality education for children and more importantly, building a good character in them.
Venugopal Dhoot: In the 11th chapter of the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna said, “Win the war with enemies and enjoy a prosperous empire.” How can a businessman be altruistic and yet follow this piece of advice? Is there a way to resolve this riddle?
Sri Sri: Krishna’s advice was not for a recluse but addressed to a prince. The Gita should not be dismissed as a text for people who are not in the world. In fact, the Gita is of no use for people who are retiring from the world. The entire Bhagwad Gita is focussed on the prince who had to shoulder a huge responsibility, encounter complex situations and solve complicated human relations to make the country productive. Any business empire has to perform all these functions. They have to manage human resources; resolve conflicts.
One cannot be emotional and say “I don't want to compete with anybody. The world of business is always a struggle- a fight. Your weapons are speculation, bidding, negotiation, branding, marketing, pricing, innovation etc. These are the weapons for you to fight the business wars and you should fight it to your complete satisfaction. If it does not turn out to be viable, naturally you lose your fight. (Non-viability, heavy competition, lack of HR, labour problems).You can’t do business with a charitable mindset. Charity and business should be kept separate altogether. However, when it comes to enjoying the fruits of your business, you should have a charitable mind. You must keep aside a portion for charity.
Analjit Singh, Chairman & MD, Max India: If one has faith and believes God exists, how important is it to pray, meditate etc?
Sri Sri: Prayer is asking God what you want for yourself or thanking Him for what you have received. Meditation is listening to God’s will. If you believe in God, then you will definitely want to connect and communicate with Him. The way to communicate with Him is through prayer and meditation.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Partner, RaRe Enterprises: My principles in life are as follows

  • All spirituality lies in our deeds and empathy towards others

  • All deeds should be with practical integrity and means should be more important than the ends.

  • More than anything else in life, I work for a sense of achievement, which I judge and am not bothered about what others think.

  • I have far lesser wealth than people think but far more than I need. Wealth also has a purpose in life.

  • I realise that all things in life including wealthy, success and beauty are transient and temporary.

  • Therefore I never take them for granted nor am I overwhelmed or over-influenced by them.

  • The divine is the giver of all wealth, and along with the wealth, has cast upon us a responsibility that as far as possible must be used for a good purpose.

  • I would seek your divine views and thoughts on my beliefs and principles of life.

Sri Sri: What you have mentioned are some moral and ethical values. Spirituality is recognising that you are a part of the universal spirit and that there is no ‘Other”. Spirituality is recognising the truth that a divine power is managing the creation and your own life. No doubt integrity, charity, compassion etc. are all virtues which are essential by-products of spirituality. How calm and dynamic you are at the same time, how compassionate and shrewd you are at the same time indicates the depths of your spirituality.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is the solution to life's problems?

Sri Sri: If you are learning to ride a bicycle, it seems so difficult but over a period of time, if you practice it , it becomes easy. The same thing with cooking, or driving a car. Anything appears to be difficult because it is the beginning but dont give up!...first take a position that it is possible, then being in knowledge often, that is what is satsang. Then you cannot be shaken and if your behavior is in a decent manner, you cannot get upset. It is just a matter of training yourselves.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What to do if someone is jealous of you?

Sri Sri: Nothing(laughter). When you are unable to control your own mind then why should you want to manage someone else's mind! Jealousy towards someone else can happen because of 4 reasons someone else's money, fame, partner or somebody's wisdom/enlightenment( He said 'this jealousy is good to have ,perhaps.
Any of these jealousies is not worth it as the grass is always greener on the other side .people who are famous are never at peace,surrounded by security and of course insecure about how long fame will stay;that soon someone else may come who can become more famous .and anyways, one day they will all die ..billions have come to this earth ..and billions will come .and
die. You need to broaden your horizon whenever such negative emotions arise think of how huge this universe .millions of galaxies .among them in a galaxy is the solar system, and within it in a tiny planet called earth, we reside in a corner. If you look at how insignificant your presence is in this universe, then all negativity would drop. If you keep thinking about the vastness of the universe, expansion happens.
You become the seed you sow, if you keep thinking, 'I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner' then that is the seed you sow. Look at life as a dream know that everything is dying every moment.He asked everyone to read 'Celebrating Silence' where He has written at length about how to deal with negative emotions.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

For harmonious sustainable growth of a society, all different sections of society will have to work in rhythm, in harmony

(Sri Sri’s addressed an august gathering on November 18, 2009 on the occasion of the Minister-President of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, (Germany) Mr. Gunther H Oettinger visiting the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore. He was accompanied by a government delegation comprising the Ministers of the State for Finance, Economics and other parliament members. The Honorable Minister for Large and Medium Industries, Karnataka, Mr. Murugesh Rudrappa Nirani and President of the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Crasta were also present.)

Welcome to you all. It is wonderful to have you all from Germany - from the German home to the Indian home. You have a home here. You are most welcome to this country. Feel at home.
Our ancient philosophy in this country has been that of a one world family. We are part of one family, one big family where human values have to reign the most. Human Values are needed in business, in politics, in social life. In any field that you take, if there are human values, if there is a uniting force, if there is harmony, only then can society survive. It took 10 years for communism to crumble. It took less than 10 months for capitalism to crumble down. No “ism” will sustain if humanism is lacking. Greed of a few people caused the financial disaster that the world is facing today.
It was an old paradigm that we were working in different compartments. The social sector was separate, politics was separate, business was separate, religious and spiritual sectors were separate. For harmonious sustainable growth of a society, all different sections of society will have to work in rhythm, in harmony, in cooperation. The ethical and moral values are the backbone of business. And business is the way to sustain the planet, free it from poverty and build confidence in society. I’m happy that the Indian and German business delegations are here. I would like you to talk and develop this ancient tradition we have been having between Germany, Europe and India.
We all are part of one family. A disease-free body, a violence- free society and a happy mind is a birth right of every individual, every human being and every society. Let us all work together to achieve a happy society. Thank you very much.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The form and name are not the truth, the Tattva is the truth

Bangalore ashram, Nov. 15, 2009:
Q. Guruji, why is it that sometimes you answer certain questions and sometimes you don’t?
Sri Sri: There is a right time and place for every answer. If questions are asked at the wrong time, then silence is the answer.
Q. What kind of siddhis (powers) are required to be able to know what is happening in other places?
Sri Sri: An ordinary person through spirituality can know what is happening all over. Mansik shakti (strength of mind) is enough. When you put your attention somewhere, you can know what is happening there. Practice and you will see it is easy.
Q. When we sit for meditation sometimes we are disturbed by other people. If we are humble, then they take advantage of it. How do deal with this situation?
Sri Sri: Just leave it; you will see it will settle on its own. If it goes beyond a limit, then you can also roar. A lion simply sits, doesn’t roar all the time. Inside you must be pleasant, outside you can roar. To roar you need inner strength.
Q. How do you recognize that somebody is your real guru and for you? How do you know if someone is a true disciple?
Sri Sri: I don’t test anybody nor do I let anyone test me. If anyone will ask me, I will say, “No!” and move on! Divine really doesn’t test anybody. We think we are very good people and when difficulties arise we assume that the Divine is testing us. We don’t get into trouble because of our goodness: it is because of our foolishness. Some things are your karma. Some difficulties teach you lessons. Look back and see all those problems you have come out of. You will see that you have become stronger. This is what you should recognize.
Q. What is a sign of the dawning of wisdom?
Sri Sri: Prasanna chitta (pleasant state of mind) is a sign. Friendliness, foresight, intuition, a mind in the present moment – these are signs of wisdom.
Q. What is the truth behind this Universe? Is everything an illusion?
Sri Sri: This universe has come from one unchanging principle. Vedanta also says the same. Everything you see in creation is Maya- like dolls in a laser show, what you see is not the truth. The wave is not the truth, the water is the truth. The form and name are not the truth, the Tattva (the principle) is the truth. The pot is not true but the mud is the truth.
The same brahma tattva (Infinite, Supreme, eternal principle) is the tree, grass, stone and everything else in creation. Brahmatatvamasi bhavayatmane - All has come from that Brahman. This is the ultimate truth. Knowledge of the truth, that this creation has come from Brahman, comes through meditation - Sarvam kalvidam Brahma.
Q. How can one attain Siddhis (power)? How does it affect a person to strive for Siddhis?
Sri Sri: A Sadhak or seeker will get many Siddhis on the path. However if you misuse them or start running behind them, you will be lost. Only when you are established, you can receive the true knowledge. One who knows never loses his equanimity.
The tradition of the Masters (parampara) is very important. If anyone moves away from the parampara, it may seem good for some time, but then it brings lot of misery. A sadhak should toe the line of the parampara. The sign of a devotee and seeker is to pick up the best and not try to find all the negative things about others. But if someone cheats, misuses the powers, they undergo the consequences. This should not deter from the path. You move on the path of knowledge.
Q. What is the ultimate goal of meditation?
Sri Sri: A pleasant equanimous state of mind. A blissful life without sorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Satsang, meditation and pranayama is the best gift to you

Bangalore ashram, (India), Nov. 12, 2009
The second day of the advanced meditation program in Kannada saw songs of deep meaning being sung in satsang.
One participant had composed a song based on the wisdom from the previous day. The song was a declaration of the beautiful, ‘I don’t know’ and a realization of the foolish mind that thinks that it knows.
Sri Sri: You know, when one accepts that one is a fool then he is actually intelligent. A real fool does not recognize his foolishness.
We are in a universe full of secrets.
We are floating in the ocean of infinite secrets. There are infinite secrets in every atom. Science tries to discover and reveal these secrets but this attempt is like trying to discover the ocean in a small boat. It is that small, and there is so much more left to discover, which is impossible. And when science tries to find one secret, ten more arise. No scientist can say that, ‘I know all the secrets of the universe’. No one can say that. As science discovers more, it finds that there is so much more that is unknown, a secret.
So, love the secret! Honor the secret! This is the Chidambara rahasya. There are infinite secrets in the consciousness. You can’t understand all of them. The sky is endless. Like the sky, even secrets are endless. Our ancestors honored secrecy. A mantra is kept secret when we want to do japa (chant).
What you keep as a secret, grows. We don’t express our love, we don’t say ‘I love you’ everyday. When you are so deeply in love, just one glance is enough. Sometimes by saying it so many times, the love diminishes. If you do not express yourself at all, then also it is of no use.
There is the appropriate way to express your life experiences. It should be like sowing a seed. It is a sown a few inches deep, not just on the surface level nor too deep. Then the relationship lasts for the whole lifetime. No child tells the mother, ‘I love you’, all the time- it is shown through his actions.
A yogi always does things in moderation - neither too much work nor sleep. Neither too much food nor too much fasting is favorable. It is not a favorable solution.
If you don’t eat for days or do such things then it is not only a torture for your body but also a torture for your soul. So have moderation in your food, interactions and speech. Then yoga siddhi (state of perfection) is attained and all sadness fades away. So, to become free from sorrow continue to do your sadhana and meditation.
Meditation happens to us. We don’t have to do it, with an effort. And the solution to be free from any obstacle to meditation is to sit in that space of the beautiful ‘I don’t know’.
In the Chidambaram temple, there is a screen and behind it there is only a wall. It looks as if you are bowing down to a wall but there is a deeper meaning behind it. It signifies the akasha tattva (the space principle). When you move the screen, the space is revealed. When you remove the veil of illusion and desires, you experience the vast infinite inner space. For a few moments your mind becomes free from thoughts. We realize that there is some secret of which we have had a small glimpse, like a flash, and this experience brings a transformation in life.
Q) How do you go beyond karma? When did it start and when will it end?
Sri Sri: When did the world begin?
Audience: I don't know!
Sri Sri: When will the world end?
Audience: I don't know!
Sri Sri: This question is also like that. We don’t know when the cycle of karma started. We don’t know the beginning but the seeds of karma can be burnt in the fire of knowledge.
Q) Guruji, why do we have to suffer because of our past impressions? In the present we are innocent.
Sri Sri: If you plant a coconut tree three years back then you enjoy the fruit later. You put money in the bank and expect it back with interest isn't it? Will you agree if the bank tells you to forget about it because it was so many years ago that you put the money? You want only the fruits which are favorable!
We need to realize, accept our mistake and move on. Then the intensity of the karma reduces.
Asking forgiveness for all mistakes made knowingly and unknowingly is part of our pujas also.
Q) Guruji, there are so many spiritual leaders, do we need to visit all and read their teachings?
Sri Sri: Respect and honor everybody. Follow one path. Suppose you meet four gurus and you take four mantras and techniques, which one will you use? It is like trying to reach your destination on four different boats at the same time! You will reach nowhere. If you had a guru before and you have come here now, know that he sent you here. Even saying 'all gurus' is wrong. There is only one guru principle. And all the Masters want only your happiness. When you want to dig a well, if you dig two feet deep in ten places, you will not find water. You need to go deep in just one place. There is no need to go everywhere, it’s not necessary. When you have faith in one path and move ahead then for sure you will reach your destination.
Q) How do I free myself from weaknesses? Does performing puja help?
Sri Sri:Satsang, meditation and pranayama is the best gift to you.Chanting mantras,doing pujas has its place. Don’t worry too much about it. Meditate and do a little puja. Don’t leave it out completely nor overdo it.
Q) How do I see God?
Sri Sri: Have you seen the breeze? Yet you know it is there. You can feel it. Similarly you can’t see God but the heart feels the presence, the prana (life-force).
Q) Guruji, you have said to love the secret, but I feel curious to know it also!
Sri Sri: Curiosity is natural. It sharpens the intellect. Loving the secret refines the feeling level. Life is a balance of the intellect and the feelings.
Q) Technology and science have advanced so much, when will spirituality grow?
Sri Sri: It’s already happening. So many of you are here. In our country science and spirituality are not in conflict. They complement each other. Both are necessary. Bhava (heart level) and buddhi (head level) are both required. When you watch TV, seeing and listening is important.
Q) Guruji, when I heard that the world is going to come to an end in 2012, it was a blessing in disguise for me because I was able to stop my racing and really look at myself and do the things I really wanted to. I could bring some rest for my mind.
Sri Sri: Pralaya (dissolution) can happen anytime. Thousands of black holes can swallow the solar systems, the sun is carefully moving through them. Whether dissolution happens or not, you still keep your calm and work to uphold justice and the truth without being caught up in craving and aversion. Do what you can.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have a pure heart then everything in creation is significant for you

Bangalore Ashram, India, Nov. 14, 2009:
The third day of the Kannada advance course.
Q. I would like to bring some reformations and changes in my village. However, every time, I meet with so many obstacles and it is quite frustrating for me. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Sanghe shakti kaliyuge. One or two people alone can't bring in a reform. A coming together is required. For that knowledge must dawn. So bring people to programs like this. Bring people together and do this work. What we do sometimes fails and if the failure repeats you can lose your courage. When we want to bring in reforms, even if we fail 10 times we should go ahead. We have to be so strong. Know that you will never be alone. Come together and work to increase awareness in society. Do satsangs. I will guide you constantly.
Q. When we meditate, why do we take our attention to different parts of the body when we have to go beyond the body level?
Sri Sri: When we want to build a tall building, the foundation must be sufficiently deep. The string of the bow is stretched back further when the arrow has to go far. So to transcend the mind we bring our attention to our body, and then we realize we are beyond the body.
Q. There are so many problems in the world. Isn’t it better if we have the power to know them wherever we are so that we can do something to help?
Sri Sri: Aren’t you seeing enough on television? Why do you want to know about all the problems? Whether you know or not, meditation and Satsang will bring the transformation. Knowing is not a big deal. Where you put your attention, you will get knowledge about it. Yet once you have the power you will not want to use it. A scholar does not carry all his books on his head all the time. He refers only when necessary. Same way the consciousness knows, when necessary it knows.
Some karmas have to be experienced. The effects of some can be reduced through upayas (solutions).
Q. What is the significance of bowing down to the feet in India?
Sri Sri: Only in India, so much significance has been given to the feet. The legs take you forward. Our energy can be transmitted through the hands and the feet. The energy or vibrations are absorbed by the head. This transmission can happen simply through sight as well. Even just being in the presence is enough to soak in the Divine energy.
Q. Guruji, you say that self blame is not good. But I feel sometimes it’s good as it brings perfection.
Sri Sri: If you feel you are becoming perfect by blaming then do it. Yet if you keep blaming yourself then that is not perfection. Also, make sure you don’t blame others! Don’t try to make others perfect.
All of us have divine qualities. When you try to raise these qualities of others and they don’t want it, then what is the use? It is like forcibly helping an old lady to cross the road when she doesn’t want to. Whatever work we want to do, do it with good intentions. Nobody’s curse can affect you if your heart is pure. If your heart is impure then surely it will have an influence.
Q. What is the significance of using salt for nazar utarna (a tradition in India where a handful of salt is taken around the person to remove the effects of the evil eye)?
Sri Sri: The defects in our aura can be cleared with salt. In the West, people take salt baths. Others’ feelings can affect our aura. Instead of worrying about the influence, just use the salt. Each substance has its own aura. People find it relaxing in the ocean side because of salt in the water. Through salt, the toxins in the body and mind are removed. Yet if you intake too much salt you will get blood pressure and if you sit everyday in salt water your skin will get affected. So do everything in moderation. Athi savatra varjayeth.
Q. What is the significance of the conch? It is used in every puja or celebration or big event.
Sri Sri: In the olden days, people started wars by blowing the conch. Water from conch is used along with chanting associated mantras. There are definite vibrations for each object. The conch is a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity. Shankhabasma (ashes of the conch) is very good for health. It brings strength in body.
In this creation every blade of the grass has importance. Bilva, parijata, neem - all have their significance. More than all this, you are very important. Your consciousness is important. You give importance to the external surroundings and fill your house with garbage, then it is of no use. So first have a pure heart then everything in creation is significant for you.
Q. Can you speak on the importance of vaastu?
Sri Sri: Everything in creation has certain vibrations. This world is an ocean of vibrations. Every being has definite vibrations. The gods are all depicted as riding on different vahanas (animals as vehicles). This indicates the specific vibrations of the gods. Elephants attract, from the cosmos, the vibrations specific to Ganesha. Tigers, the Devi vibrations; peacocks attract the vibrations of Lord Subramanya. Yet don’t trouble yourself with all this. Just say Om Namah Shivaya. All the corrections in Vaastu will be taken care of.
Q. Does learning traditional music make us spiritual?
Sri Sri: Music is called laya yoga. Bhakti is different. Music as music without devotion is not so useful. Only one part of your brain is developing. Total personality does not develop. Gyana (knowledge), gaana (music), dhyana (meditation) - all are required. Gyana nourishes the left brain. Gaana nourishes the right brain. Dhyana nourishes both sides. All three activities are essential.
Q. Why is human life considered the highest of all life forms?
Sri Sri: Because you can ask these questions and understand the answers. If you don’t ask or understand you are not better than any other animal or species.
Q. Despite meditating, I still get angry and tense. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Even now you get tensed, but it goes away right? Anger, tension - many people don’t even know they are like this! At least you know. On a white clean cloth - a small dust particle is also seen. When the mind is clear, little anger or tension is also seen. Slowly you will see nothing is affecting you. A few months or years of practice and you will see that nothing can touch you.
Q. What is your advice on the Fatwa against education for women?
Sri Sri: This is ignorance. Fatwa against women going to school is anti-progress.
Women should be given equal rights as men. That is the symbolism of Ardhanaareshvara- half Shiva and half Shakti. Women should not be treated like second class, third class or a servant.
Saying that you cannot sing Vandemataram because it praises the earth as a mother - people are not listening to such dictates anymore.
Women should be given all rights. They should be empowered and should have a say on everything. We should have one common law. Politicians keep dividing society to enjoy privileges, vote bank. They don't want education to reach the poor people so that they can rule over them. This is a rotten mind. We have to go ahead and educate the population. Illiteracy is the reason that wrong people enter politics.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keeping your mind pleasant is your responsibility

Bangalore ashram, (India), Nov. 13, 2009:

Q. How do we know what is true love?
Sri Sri: How do we know false love, tell me? My dear! Love is love, you can’t call it is true or false. Don’t doubt love. We don’t doubt hate. What is the guarantee that people hate you? May be at that time they were angry! Love is our nature. Because of desires and greed our love is sometimes not expressed. It becomes hidden. There is no prani (living being) without priti (love). Prana (life-force energy) has come from love. Thousands of atoms together form the body. Without love, all these atoms would be separated and that is nothing but death. When the Prana loves the body it stays in the body, there is life. When that love ends, there is death. We should not mistake emotions for love. Love is our nature, know the difference.
Q. When the Paramatma (Divine consciousness) is supposed to be ever-content, why does discontentment arise?
Sri Sri: So that the Paramatma has some work. An intelligent person recognizes the play of the Divine. It’s like being in a puppet show. When you are in the knowledge, you are like strings in the hands of the Divine. Without this knowledge you become the puppet.
Q. What is the significance of the jyotirlinga? (There are 12 celebrated pilgrimage spots in India called the jyotirlingas)
Sri Sri: Linga is a symbol. Jyothi is light. A jyotirlinga is a symbol of light. Ancient Rishis and sages have meditated and done their tapas (penance) in such places and those vibrations were created in that space. Here (in Vishalakshi Mantap) you have a jyotirlinga, you can’t see the linga but the light is there. Swayamhi tirtani punamhi Santah. Teertha (holy spot) is where a saint sits. Every pilgrimage spot is a place where a saint has meditated has done tapas (penance) and then transmitted that energy to the stone, water, etc and the place becomes vibrant with that consciousness. When the spiritual energy in a place decreases, then conflict increases. Dhyana (meditation), puja (prayer), seva, and a spiritual life should be there. Then the Chaitanaya Shakti (spiritual energy) increases.
Q. Even water takes a specific time to evaporate! How long will it take for my ignorance to disappear?
Sri Sri:'I am just an ordinary person. How is this possible for me?' Don’t think like this. Only an ordinary person can attain this knowledge. How long does it take to empty a vessel? Whether it is filled with silver, mud or gold, it takes the same amount of time to empty. To fill mud will take less time, it will take longer to fill gold. You have to make a lot of effort. But to empty it out takes no time and no effort. There is no expectation of qualification to attain the Divine. No need for any effort. Just be.
Akincana- I am no body
Aprayatna- I do nothing
Akama- I want nothing
When you see someone has done a lot of tapas (penance) and so they received the knowledge, know that the tapas was to empty themselves.
When the rajas calms down, all restlessness disappears. In that there is an experience of the Divine consciousness. Don’t think that somebody will appear and tell you this and that! That will only be a hallucination. Just relax. In rest and relaxation, there is no distance. It is just you and the Divine. So meditate for a while. And feel that nothing belongs to me. If you do japa (repetition) of mantras it helps you to move into meditation.
In any puja, first there is meditation. When the puja ends, there is meditation too. This practice has dropped. Without it, it is like riding on a horse without a saddle, blinkers or a whip. How will you control the horse?
Once Mullah Naseeruddin was being carried round and around the city on the back of such a horse. Somebody asked mullah where he was going. And he answered, ‘Ask the horse!’
Our mind has become like that. We run wherever our mind runs. Nobody has the time to think about you - whether you are happy or not. It is simply for the sake of asking most of the time. Nobody really wants an answer. How you feel and how your mind is, keeping it pleasant is your responsibility. If you make your emotions your responsibility, no one can make you happy or unhappy. Where you have to house the Divine why do you want to fill garbage? Keep the mind clean - that is meditation. Keep it free from craving and aversion. That is shishya vritti. A disciple should not have space for hatred. There is space only for the guru. The mind is nirmala (blemish-less). There will be 100,000 things that will try to disturb your balance. Offer your dislikes, mentally surrender it to the river and let it all be washed away or offer it into the fire and let it be burnt to ashes. This is agnihotra. Kama (desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), mada (arrogance) and whatever other bad intentions - let them all be burnt in this fire. Let the nirmala jyoti (pure blemish-less light) be lit in me.
Again and again, being in the knowledge will clean your mind and intellect. Between you and the Divine is the intellect. Through knowledge, this separation can be removed. Through devotion, meditation and knowledge, the separation dissolves.
Q. How and when should I use the mantras?
Sri Sri: Chant the mantra effortlessly and naturally. You don’t have to do japa (repetition) 24 hours of the day. Chant for a while and move into meditation. You don’t have to bathe 24 hours to be clean! A few minutes of cleansing is enough to keep you fresh for the day or at least half the day. Like that mantrasnana (cleansing oneself in the shower of mantras) is important.
Q. Guruji what should I do, should I be an atheist or a believer?
Sri Sri: Why do you want to label yourself? One day be an atheist and one day be a believer. Are you ready to do that? Whatever you are, be authentic. Today the so-called atheists are not authentic. Atheists cannot say, “I don't know!” Atheists say, “There is nothing that I don’t know. What I see only exists, nothing else”. Believer says, “I know that there is the unknown”.
When you say that something does not exist in this creation, you need to know everything about the creation. Who knows everything about this creation now?
You can only say, “I don’t know whether it exists or not”. An atheist claims that something doesn’t exist. That is very difficult to say when you don’t know the entire time and space. Do you know everything in this time and space, in this creation?
Your acceptance of your ignorance doesn’t allow you to be an atheist. So you can never be an authentic atheist.
Q. Guruji, what is the purpose of my life?
Sri Sri: You are very lucky. So many people live life never asking this question. Nurture it. You have this question in your heart, you are very lucky. I will tell you one thing. One who knows the answer to this question will not tell you and one who tells you does not know.
“That which you cannot express is Love.
That which you cannot reject/renounce is Beauty.
That which you cannot avoid is the Truth.”
~ Sri Sri

Monday, November 16, 2009

Only through meditation can true knowledge dawn within you..... cont

Sharanu Viswatmadali Mankutimma...(the first line of the Kannada bhajan)
Viswatma - vishwa is the world, atma is the consciousness. Viswatama is the universal consciousness. Do you know about your life? You don’t even know who you are? You don’t know about your sleep or dreams - why do dreams come? We don’t know!!!
Arrogance comes when you think you know something. You can be Nirahankari (free from arrogance) when your mind becomes calm and you realize that you know nothing.
When you go to the temple, you don’t know what the priest does or chants but you have faith that something good will happen. In the villages, the people have so much faith. You take the medicine from the doctor but you do not know how it works. If you try to know how your food is digested, you will be surprised (devare)! How much work is required to just digest the food! From putting it into your mouth to chewing it, the saliva mixing in it, swallowing, then the food travels all the way to the stomach, the digestive fires and enzymes working on it, moving further into the large intestine for assimilation and so on. So much is happening!! All we know is to put the food in the mouth. After that we don’t know what happens.
There is the significance of what we know, but the significance of what we don’t know is much more. It is just not possible to know everything about this entire creation.
There is a story in the Puranas (ancient Indian epics). Brahma (the creator) and Vishnu (the protector) wanted to know about Shiva (the transformational energy). Shiva is the eternal principle without beginning or end. So Brahma begins the journey in search of Shiva’s head and Vishnu towards the feet. They go on for ages but find no beginning nor end. They decide to turn back. On his way back, Brahma sees a ketki flower falling and asks the flower where it is coming from. The flower replies that it was a decoration for Shiva’s head. Taking the flower’s words for the truth, Brahma assumes that he has seen Shiva’s head and tells Vishnu the same. Vishnu however says that he could not find Shiva’s feet. This universe is Ananta vistara, of infinite expanse. The consciousness pervading this infinite universe is also infinite and is agneya – not knowable. It is only lovable.
Don’t wait to know the Divine. Just love the Divine who is not knowable. That is Shraddha.
When you meditate and you hear other people have such good experiences, you start thinking, “What about me?” Don’t get into this. Know that the Divine is not knowable. So sit knowing, “I don’t know anything”. This is the seed for meditation “I know nothing”.
Don’t use this knowledge wrongly. If someone asks you where you are coming from or where you are going or what is the time, don’t say “I don’t know!”. That is not right. Use this when you sit for meditation.
If we are caught up in craving or aversion then life becomes limited. There is no joy in limitedness.
Nalpe sukamasti - no joy in small things
Yovai bhooma sukam - joy is in expansion, in vastness.
When you are joyful, your consciousness expands and when you are in pain or sadness, your consciousness contracts.
Vrutti tan mayavahudu mankutimma.... (second line of the Kannada bhajan)
To sing this line, the poet has experienced the dissolution of the vruttis (distortions of the mind) in the Divine consciousness. In craving and aversion, in knowing, there is vrutti. Vrutti dissolves in the Vishwatma. The mind becomes calm and centered when you are in the space of the unknowable. You can’t have thoughts about that which you don’t know. So acceptance happens at the level of feelings. To think, you need to know a little about it. Nirvichara (thoughtlessness) is seed for Self realization.
Shraddha or faith should not be blind. That is why we do Sadhana (Self – effort). Analysis and logical thinking are required for our day-today interactions. But they are not the raw materials for meditation.
Nada and Veda are both required. Vedas are the ancient wisdom. Nada is music that transcends knowing. Shraddha transcends both. It is the space of a silent consciousness.
Normally when we don’t know something or we don’t have the information, we get irritated or angry. But this ‘I don’t know’ is very beautiful. When this ‘I don’t know’ arises, the mind becomes peaceful and calm. This is the space for dhyana (meditation) and mauna (silence) is the way for it.
Q. Guruji we all know what is right and wrong but why do we still do wrong things. Why does this happen?
Sri Sri: there are only few things which makes us do wrong:-
Anger - we know that getting angry is not good for us but still we get angry.
Lust - we know it is not good but still the mind races.
Greed - we know according to the law it is wrong but still your greed increases.
Dishonesty - you know it is not good to speak lies but still you do so.
Anger comes only out of weakness. Yet you see now, after practising meditation and pranayama, it reduces. When you are constantly in knowledge your anger reduces. Behind anger, there is a desire. Anger arises whether your desire is fulfilled or not.
Desires are of two types - from the level of the body and the level of the mind.
At the body level, desires are influenced by the chemical responses in your body due to your food, water, environment, your age and the company you keep.
And at the level of the mind, past impressions influence the desires that arise. Only meditation and pranayama can bring a transformation in this.
Even well-educated people have made mistakes. It is ok. Whatever happened in the past, it is ok. Just drop it. In the present moment you are innocent.
One who is caught in self blame will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. So for this, you should listen to the Bhakti sutras. Surrender your mistakes to the Divine. Just with devotion you can calm down thousands of your desires. Desires have no end. There are people who spend their lives earning money to simply have more money than somebody else. People keep on buying clothes, shoes, sometimes more than they can ever use. There is no satisfaction
Only through Seva (service) you can experience true satisfaction and joy. And that joy will reduce your desires. Greed has no end. It is ok to have desires. There is no harm. But you must be happy. Your happiness should not depend upon any desire being fulfilled.
One should have a calm and centered disposition, have awareness and live by the yamas and niyamas (the guiding principles for life). Integrate them in your llife as much as it is possible. Don’t overdo anything. It is said ‘ahimsa paramodharma’ - Non-violence is the highest dharma. When you speak many germs die,
some people always keep their mouths covered because of that. No need to go so far. The more you practise the yamas and niyamas, that much more you will shine. Your interest and pull in life should be towards these principles. Violence starts in the mind. The root cause for violence is craving and aversion. Craving and aversion can be finished in the mind itself. What happens at the body level without your knowledge, as Lord Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita to Arjuna, “Know that you can neither kill any being nor give life.”
You know, the Bhagwad Gita is one of the most ideal scriptures. Even Einstein had said this. Integrate this Knowledge in your life such that your life itself  becomes knowledge. And this can happen only through meditation. Only through meditation can true knowledge dawn within you. And then you see the world in new dimensions.
Q: Dear Guruji, when can I become one with the Divine?
Sri Sri: When will the wave meet the ocean?! My dear, Where is the wave?
If you feel the restlessness and longing, then you are blessed and fortunate. Your inward journey has begun. Do Seva Sadhana and Satsang. They will free you from restlessness and soak you in the fountain of love.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Only through meditation can true knowledge dawn within you

Bangalore, Nov. 11, 2009:  
A Special advance course with 730 participants from all over Karnataka were in Satsang with a few hundred yuvacharyas (youth leaders) from rural Maharashtra and 280 Sri-Sri-yoga-teachers-to-be. Kannada and Hindi were the prevailing languages that were understood in mutual exclusivity!A beautiful Kannada song with deep wisdom is sung in satsang. Guruji speaks on some of the verses of this song. 
He then says:Music is not to be understood. It is to be enjoyed. So listen to the whole talk like music if you don’t understand (what is being said).
For all the youth from Maharashtra, I will speak a few words in Hindi. You all have done very good work.
In life, we like some things and not others. Likes and dislikes arise only when we know a little about it (the object of like/dislike). If we don’t know, then no craving or aversion can arise.
Moha (attachment), Raaga (craving) and desires arise only towards what we know. Disgust and hatred also arise only towards what we know.
In this world how much do we know? When compared to the size of this creation, what we know is less than the size of a mustard seed. Even in that, we like only a few things, and are caught up in them.
So now, let us discuss about the things we don’t know about- the unknown.
Sri Sri: How many times have you taken birth?
Audience: I don’t know
Sri Sri: How many times will you be born again?
Audience: I don’t know
Sri Sri: How many planets like the earth exist in this universe?
Audience: I don’t know
Sri Sri: How many stars are there in the universe?
Audience: I don’t know!!
Sri Sri: How many living beings are there on this planet?
Audience: I don’t know!
Sri Sri: How many atoms are there in every breath you take?
Audience: I don’t know!
Sri Sri: How many atoms are there in a handful of this earth?
Audience: I don’t know!
We know nothing! (audience laughs)
Do you see how we are rejoicing in what we don’t know?
In English, there is a proverb that says, “Ignorance is bliss”.
We know of one earth. They say there are 14 such worlds but we don’t know anything about them.
Love towards what we don’t know is called Shraddha or faith.
Do we know God? Does a child try to know the mother? It just loves her and has faith in her. Does it check which school she went to or what degree she achieved? The child does not even know the name of his mother till three to four years.
You are the child of this creation. You don’t know anything about Her. Yet you can have faith.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Only spirituality and knowledge can bring charm into your life

Bangalore Ashram, Nov. 10, 2009
Q: Guruji tell us where did you go what did you do?
Sri Sri: Wherever I go, there is Satsang there is celebration.
Q: I have been in love with a girl for the past four years. Recently she broke up with me because of some misunderstanding. I want her back and don’t know what to do.
Sri Sri: Basically you broke your heart. Okay so what do you want? You want her back right? What is the guarantee that if she comes back to you she will be happy? Do you know how to achieve what you want? You have to go deep inside. You have to become calm and centered. When you are feverish, your mind is agitated. You lose all your charm. If you are not charming, what is the guarantee that anybody will stay with you? You have to make yourself pleasant, charming, strong and subtle. Who wants to be with someone who is unhappy, sad or depressed? First get rid of your sadness. Shake off the past. accept the lessons from the past and move on. You have to become strong, serene, and calm.
Only when you meditate, do pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga then you can have all the four. Do yoga and you will see the difference immediately? When the difference comes your wishes will start being fulfilled.
When you are desperate, you can do only two things. Either commit suicide or repose in yoga. Only spirituality and knowledge can bring charm into your life. A yogi is one who not only can fulfill his desires but can also fulfill others desires.
Q: Guruji I want to understand what it means when people say one should donate their eyes, organs after death. How can we, when this body itself does not belong to us?
Sri Sri: It is ok to give or donate your eyes or organs. After you are gone realize that it is not yours so let anyone take whatever he or she want.
You know abroad people also plan what they should wear when they die, where they should be buried. They are so attached to those things, to their body.
Primitive thinking creates fear. It doesn’t matter, whatever you donate, as it is it is not yours so why worry and think so much about it.
Q: Guruji I have been doing pranayama, meditation, but I don’t think its helping. I think I am wasting my time doing this because I am still not able to study. I did not even fair well in my last exam, so am I wasting my time doing meditation?
Sri Sri: Sometimes you think you have too many thoughts. If you want your mind to be still then you need to do abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (dispassion).
Through practice and dispassion you can meditate. An over ambitious mind kills the spirit. Listening to knowledge for 15 to 20 minutes a day and doing the practice will ensure to you get into meditation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Einstein said that we were only using 10 percentage of our potential

Q: I was delighted as a young man when Einstein said that we were only using 10 percentage of our potential and there was a possibility that we could develop our full potential. So of course the search was on. Having him say that, it was kind of like intellectual greatness was that potential and I looked around and realized that there were a lot of other qualities that are great: compassion, courage, happiness and responsibilities. It made me realize that, at least made me think that our full potential wasn't just intellectual greatness, it was other greatness that is part of our full potential. I was wondering if you could describe the qualities of a person who is really living their full potential.
Sri Sri:You know, the energy in an atom is something you can not measure. Similar to the human potential, you can not see how much is full potential. The ancient saying goes that nature of a human being is very similar to that of an atom.
In an atom, the central part of the atom is positive and the negatively charged particle is only on the circumference, the ion. Similarly, all the negativity of a person is not his true nature; its only on the circumference. So when someone is centered, it means to be calm, steady, pleasant and violence is not there as part of his or her nature. Violence is an indication of violation of the domain a human has.
If you ask me, how we can be more energetic, yes, because every atom releases energy in our body! And in Sanskrit its said, "praktar tig market mukshar" means if you know one particle of your existence thoroughly, you will be free, you will be liberated. Of the zeak philosophies, one is called the vashika - means the knowledge of atoms or particles and substances in the creation; in that school of philosophy, they don't talk about god at all.
God also is a field not as a person or an object. And whether the knowledge we have is correct or not, how do we know? There are so many methods to know about the knowledge we have - is correct or not correct? Thats why, even 10000 years ago, 15000 years ago, people knew there are 12 moons to the Jupiter, without any telescope or anything. And the subjective way of knowing things, is using the intuition within you, quieting your mind from all the thoughts and the mind becomes calm like a space, like sleeping but you are not sleeping.
You are totally alert inside, and then an intention is taken. And with that intention, intuition comes, knowledge comes, inspiration comes from within. Using this method they calculated all the bending eclipses happening and then all the mathematics was derived.
Today even the almanac calendar, says exactly at what time, which minute the eclipse is going to happen. And or when the moon is transiting the sun, the whole of astrology, astronomy is derived at. And it was always said, the sun is the center of the solar system, and all the planets
are going around, this is an ancient system that has been coming out. People have been used to this thought. And also, which herb is good for what, to treat in their medicines. The ayurveda system was developed that way.
So I see that the methodologies they used, is to awaken the intuitive awareness inside you, in which you feel every cell in your body is alive now, fully alive, and mind is quiet. And you call that Samadhi.
Samadhi is the function of the body. I feel that if we take some time, two or three days in a year and those three days we take silence and observing the watchfulness of our own thoughts and observing our own emotions, then we are able to get a sense of what is the quietness that is inside, how we can be quiet. You know the freedom from the jugglery of thoughts, is the basis of intuition. And intuition is part of innovation. What do you say? Correct?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Q/A session with Sri Sri in Philippines, 3rd November 2009

 Q: Guruji there seem to be so many single parents these days. Why is that?
Sri Sri: When People are not able to deal with their own stress and negative emotions, they project them onto the people closest to them, usually the husband or wife.
If one’s mind is calm and emotions are settled, then there can be love and understanding which is necessary for any marital relationship to work.
Q: How do we balance having a wish (really wanting something) with surrender?
Sri Sri: When you wish for something the wish just happens naturally. You have no control over it. It doesn’t ask your permission. It doesn’t need a visa for entry!
So, just say “Let thy will be done”!
Q: How to bless areas? For example: areas that have been affected by calamities?
Sri Sri: Every area is already blessed. Every area belongs to God.
Q: Guruji what do we tell people that have been through a calamity?
Sri Sri: Tell them to give all their worries to me. Disasters and calamities also have a positive side to them. They bring people together.There is a new creation after every calamity. Nothing is permanent. In every crisis there is an opportunity. The Chinese word for crisis contains the word opportunity in it. Every crisis reminds you to smile, makes you aware of the impermanence of everything, even ourselves. So instead of sitting and blaming, lets see how we can move forward, rebuild and help others.
Q: Guruji what does Om Namah Shivaya mean? What is the difference between chanting and silent meditation?
Sri Sri: Om is the life force. Sound is energy. When the sound is made with all your heart, it has a very positive effect. Namah Shivaya includes the 5 elements – na – mah – shi – va – ya: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space. Chanting and silent meditation also have an impact.
Q: Guruji you are always around so many people, how do you balance your energies?
Sri Sri: They balance themselves! I do not do anything that is not in my nature. Just like the wind blows, it does not tire because that is it’s nature. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Question : As the saying goes, "charity begins at home". How can we do seva outside when we are needed at home?
Guruji : You are talking about your spouse? You need to balance. If you say I'll do all my home work before I do seva then that will never happen. Because so many things keep coming for home and it will not stop. You cannot neglect your home also. But at home it's called duty not seva. Outside it is seva.
Question : Whenever I feel like doing seva, I start finding excuses. Bless me that I can do some seva.
Guruji : Just keep doing seva, blessings are already there. Good things in life you should not delay. Just do it. Whenever you get a chance to do spiritual practice, seva, generosity, don't miss it. Those are the real catchy moments of your life.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How many times have you cried?

Just turn back and look at your life when you were a kid. How many times have you cried?You cried as though hell has fallen on your head. You thought that was the end of the world and then sobbed and sobbed and then went off to sleep.
So what happened afterwards? Anything happened to you ? You remains unaffected by all these.
Try this :
You can come home happily and say with a smile, "today the entire job that I did flopped! There was no success in any of the work I did today." Anyway everything has flopped, so at least do not let the mind also flop.
You should have the guts to say "come what may I am not going to give up the smile on my face because I am much more than the event or the circumstances. Everything comes and goes, but I continue in spite of all the situations."
When somebody has passed away, you cannot say "Okay, now I am going to be happy" and smile and dance! No, you should not do that.
The ancient people had designed a methodology for this.
They said that if anyone dies in a house, the people of that house are in 'ashoucha' for 10 days. For 10 days you can mourn and cry. After 10 days of mourning, on the eleventh day, they usually distribute sweets to the people, have a celebration, wear new clothes, have a family get together and have a feast.
On the day of the final rituals, they take some ghee and water and put it on their eyes which give a cooling effect and then they decide. "Okay, now we get on with our life."
If a spiritual person passes away, then even this not there. Then every moment is a celebration because the spirit is all pervading.
In the same way, there is 'shoucha' when a child is born in a house for 10 days. You are so excited because a new soul has come into your family. So be with all the excitement and happiness for 10 days. You are free from all the social rules and obligations for you to enjoy 100 per cent.
Then come back to your commitments and responsibilities.
The sadness or sorrow is only in the circumference.
It is like a cloud covering the light that you are.
The nature of your being is joy. That needs to be uncovered.