Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mind and words cannot reach the truth

Bad Antogast, Germany, April 28:
“Truth is that which neither mind nor words can catch. Only when the mind becomes still, only then can you grasp it.
For a few minutes, sit and reflect on yourself, on the truth in your life. Everything will vanish. All will vanish. What is the truth? Don't look for any answer. Just sit still. Sit for 10 minutes and reflect on this:
Mind and words cannot reach the truth.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meditation, & compassion are the best education for the soul

When disembarking from the flight to Sofia on April 25, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was asked: What made you commit your life to building a world without violence?
He said: “I do this work because of my love for humanity.”
On his first visit to the country, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was asked his guidance on many critical issues facing the world, including the role of religion in conflicts, and the Easter violence in Bulgaria.
Following is an excerpt from an interview for Channel 1, one of the most popular national television channels in Bulgaria.
Channel 1: What would you say to all those who suffer from depression in the world today?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Firstly, I would say that everything changes, and secondly that you need to see the hand of the Divine in everything that happens. Thirdly, look at the situation of those around you and you can certainly find someone who is in a far worse position than you. If you can help those who are worse off than you, your depression will be lifted. The fourth thing is to learn breathing exercises. This can ward off the depression before it even starts, just as vaccinations remove the danger of disease before they strike.
Channel 1: What do you think is the best education for the soul?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Meditation and compassion.
Channel 1: Can the soul travel in time and space?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The soul can be compared to electro magnetic waves. The body is like the television itself and the soul is like the waves which are everywhere.
Channel 1: What do you say to those who are suffering from hardships?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Hardship makes you deep, and strong. Sadness, and joy are complementary. Happiness causes expansion but misery brings a depth. Both are necessary.
Channel 1: Why is there so much stress in the world today?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Because people have not learned yoga and meditation. It’s that simple.
Channel 1: Are bad thoughts harmful?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Only if you act on them. Bad thoughts, and good thoughts come and go. Don’t become attached to them. If you try, and resist bad thoughts they will persist. Just let them be
Channel 1: Are you afraid of darkness and evil?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: No, because I’m connected with the light.
Channel 1: What do you say to those who say true love doesn’t exist?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I’d say come to Art of Living and learn true love.
Channel 1: Are you a happy man?
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: What do you think?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Sri Sri said today - Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Europe, April 25(Saturday):
Sri Sri is currently in Bulgaria. On his arrival, he was interviewed on 'Seismograph', a prime time show with Svetla Petrova, a leading Bulgarian journalist on the television channel BTV.
Excerpts from the interview:
Q. You said in an interview that you see the world as one family?
A.: The world is one family - language is no barrier, religion is no barrier, culture is no barrier. It's the love in our hearts. The love in our hearts connects us all with one another.
Q. Then why is religion the reason for so many conflicts?
A.: I would say the differences should be celebrated. If you don't have distance you can't breed conflict out of nothing. Multiple cultures would bring in more tolerance, more learning and you have to relieve yourself from stress. We all need to create a stress-free and violence-free society. Actually violence is an outcome of stress. If someone hasn't slept well or is stressed they become aggressive. With the breath you can calm yourself. When the mind is calm and the person is happy it's impossible to commit crime. It's all in the mind. We don't learn anything about the mind at home or at school. We tell people don't be angry, don't get upset but we don't teach them how not to. This is how the ancient Indian teaching has helped people and should be available for everybody. It's so useful. A violence-free society. Disease-free body. Confusion-free mind. Inhibition-free intellect. Drama-free memory and a sorrow-free soul. This is the birthright of everybody.There is a lot of violence in the media and in video games. Every emotion is connected with the breath. If you change the breath, change the rhythm, you can change the emotion.
Q. Is it possible to breath in a different way without thinking about it?
A.: We all have talents. We all have ten fingers but some can take a guitar and produce music and some can’t. But, everybody has abilities. If we learn about the different rhythms in our breath, we are able to have control in our lives. Take long deep breaths in and breathe out as slowly as possible. Deep inhalation and slow exhalation calms the mind. When one is working with a computer the eyes start worrying and it's good to do some eye exercises. This will build up the circulation. I just landed now from India after eighteen hours of flight. Do I look tired?
Q. Can you comment on the recent crimes over Easter in Bulgaria?
A.: There is violence in the youth today because they have emotions trapped inside and they are not taught how to handle their own minds so they just burst out into actions such as this violence you have recently seen in Bulgaria. It is absolutely essential to teach our children how to control their mind using their own breath. We have done experiments in America, in India, and people have been saying, in prisons for example – “If I had known how to handle my emotions I would not have had these problems.”And the process is very simple, just four or five days and you learn the relationship between breath and the mind. I would like all the teachers to learn it. Many schools have started this program so that children learn how to handle their minds.
Q. What can we expect from the meetings you are having with Ministers?
A.: I would want to know how we can help. Probably we would like to train some youngsters who would like to volunteer and help prisoners get a peaceful, calm mind.
Q. What made you commit your life to building a world without violence?
A.: I do this work because of my love for humanity. When you have something precious it's natural to share it with everyone. It's a natural instinct to share.
Q. What did you have to sacrifice?A. Now what did I have to sacrifice in order to do this! In the beginning there was a lot of prejudice, East-West prejudice and North-South prejudice. People outside India criticized but I said – “No, this is very good and everyone needs it.” I did not mind what people thought.
Q. Can you tell us about the process to discover the techniques you teach?
A.: For me personally, it was with limited food and ten days of silence and going with fruit juice and cleansing the body but, it's not for everybody. One has to listen to their own body. What they feel is good for them. You don't need to do all that; you just need to learn a little bit about your breath. That is for everyone.

Friday, April 24, 2009 web chat with Guruji

GURUJI's Web Chat on IBN live held on 23rd Apl 09
"Guruji had a web chat live on and replied to so many currently politics based questions out of more then 4000 questions put up to him in half an hour from 4.30 to 5.00 pm. Jai Guru Dev"
Satyanarayana:Given the staus of today's politics and politians what is the long term solution for Indian demoncracy and governce?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: we cannot blame all the poloticians as bad people. there are many good and honest ones as well in every party. they need to be an institue to train politicians. they need to be qualified to be politicians, right now, there is no qualifications to enter politics. ccriminals and people with no character and integrity should be kept away from politics. laws needs to be made to that effect.
Sudhir Kumar Gaur:Guruji, Politics is a key area for our growth, why it happens that we throw up the leaders who do not deserve to be our leader and totally opposite to what we expect of our leader. Are we are not the same which we think we are or we have different yardstick for us and from our leader.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: A person has no time to analyze himself or the leader in today's fast life. However, change will always humble the arrogant and empower the honest.
Kishan pai:Guruji ,whats your opinion on uniform civil code and Ram temple in ayodya???
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: goa has uniform civil code and Supreme Court has asked the govt to form it. Ram temple has to be built but not by antagonising the Muslim community, or I-win - YOu loose attitude. with the consent of the muslim commnity
Om Chandran:Why don't you and other Hindu gurus start a campaign to teach this pseudo-secular media a lesson?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Educating the media is a long process. However, you should remember their impact is short-lived.
Venkataramani:what in your opinion is the future of india and its political climate?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: at present, opportunists make allainaces and in election time blame each other and try to fool people about their genuinesness... those people who were with the party for 5-4 years enjoy sharing power suddenly become enemies and start accusing each other is just a staged drama to fool people. They blame each other left and right and finally say that this misunderstanding is due to language. Due to wrong policies and decision, we lost our neighbours as friends weather in Nepal or Sri Lanka. Today Tamil Nadu is burning, millions are suffering in Sri Lanka. India could have done so much to avoid this situation. The anger of Sri Lankan Tamils towards Indian Govt is mounting day by day.
Manu :should we vote considering person s educational background or on the party s history for the achievements they have done in the history.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Elections are there for choice. One must always go for change. It will give the party in power time to reflect on the deeds and the misdeeds that they have committed. It gives them time to rest to prepare to come to power again. This will also give checks and balances so that there is no rampant corruption or irreparable damage that a civilization or country will have to face for a long time. If a single party is in power for too long a time, we will never know the extent of corruption and financial irregularities that have taken place.
Ivis Linette Botello Otero:If God really love us so dearly... why then He allow his devotes to suffer so much? When you love someone so much you care for them and you want their joy and happines..
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: With the problems or challenges, you will become stronger and deeper. Your suffering appears too big for you, because you not seen the suffering of others. Become strong and help others!
D.R.Gulati:What role do religious heads have in elections?Kindly explain.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Religious leaders will have to create a long-term vision for people to help them see a broader picture of the nation and to choose candidates without a criminal background. They will have to help people to see through the nefarious designs of politicians to divide caste, community through rhetoric and false promise. A religious leader needs to be Samadarshi - equanimous, Satyadarshi - committed to truthfulness, Paradarshi - transparent, Doordarshi - foresighted, Priyadarshi - having a pleasant personality.
Srikanth:is entering of pontiffs/saints good for Indian politics? Although this is a known thing in north India, i think this is the first time we have seen a pontiff entering the political fray from Tumkur
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: the Tumkur seer was subjected false allegations, finally he was aquitted of all allegations it was a dirty politics played on him so perhaps it has made him enter politics in full swinnd was under trails for 4 years.
Manish Shrivastava:Earlier Kings had "Rajguru" , to help king, run the "RAJ" based on "NEETI". How do you feel , this model can be functional today ?? As the absence of it in modern politics is eating away the nation.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Politics devoid of spirituality loses its character and gets loaded with corruption.
Honeybee:Guruji, the moment we use words like 'spiritual' or 'religious' or 'holiness' , a mental block arises. and the other person is not even willing to listen. would it not be easier to say 'humanitarian' or simply ' values enrichment'? JAI GURUDEV!
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes! This block is obvious and that is the reason for growing naxalism and violence in the country. The media has brainwashed people especially against Hindu spiritual and religious leaders. This block is only with the Hindu spiritual leaders, whereas it is not the case with the Buddhists, Christians, Jains, Sikhs and Muslims.
M Vikram:It is clear that a 90+ percenatge of votes polled, the typical vote bank politics doesn't work. There are many who are not interested in voting, out of apathy. How do we get to these people?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: its right that there is a general apathy among people looking at the politicians and the way they jump from party to party like cars changing the lanes with no principles, no policies, no character, no committment. People of integrity, people who do social service and role models will have to inspire the voters... give them new hope.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sri Sri on Peace Mission in Sri Lanka

You will soon return to your homes in peace

Day 1: Apr. 20, Colombo:'We have to bring back the principles of non-violence & brotherhood’ , said Sri Sri

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Day 2: Apr. 21, Refugee camp, Vavunia: Sri Sri comforted the displaced people in Sri Lanka:‘The Art of Living Foundation and I are right with you in your hour of need’


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is Faith

Guruji is travelling in Sri Lanka on Peace Mission.
Meanwhile we present a talk by Guruji delivered a while ago.
Faith is the central core of human existence. Faith sustains life and leads one through difficult times. Faith brings out hidden courage and potential in more ways than one. To have faith is to realize that God is protecting you. Realizing this is sufficient to move ahead in life.
There are three types of faith: Faith in oneself, faith in the world, and faith in the Divine. All these faiths are connected. You must have all three for each to be strong. The concept of faith is treated differently in the East and West. In the Occidental or Western way of thinking, faith comes first, and experience follows. According to Oriental or Eastern philosophies, the reverse is true: experience comes first, and faith follows.
During the harvest season, the farmer separates husk from grain with a broad sieve. He stands on an elevated platform, holds the sieve and puts all his grains into it. He then proceeds to shake the sieve. If the particle that falls through the sieve is mere husk, it flies away and is lost. Meanwhile, the grains fall to the ground and stay put. Similarly, if your faith is shaken very quickly and too often, or if you lack faith in difficult times, then you are akin to the flying husk.
God expects only one thing from you your unshakeable faith. One whose faith shakes when faced by catastrophes cannot smile through them. If you lack faith and if events frighten you, then you fly away like the husk, lost and anchorless. On the other hand, if you have faith that everything will be all right, you will find stability and everything will settle down.
Contrary to popular thinking, faith does not contradict logic. When knowledge establishes itself firmly in one's life, it is called faith. Make the knowledge, "I am blessed," your companion and have faith in the Infinite.
This feeling of "I am blessed" can help you overcome any obstacle. There is a saying: "Behind every successful man is a woman." I would modify it to read: "Behind every success, there is the Divine that says, "I am behind you.' " Once you realize that you are blessed, complaints disappear, as do grumblings and insecurities. Not everything in this world is hunky dory. However, if you are grounded in faith, then you will progress and maintain your equanimity in this world.
Faith leads to prayer, and prayer is a vital tool to improve your life. Prayer nurtures values such as integrity and honesty. Now, prayer happens in two situations or in a combination of situations. You pray when you feel grateful or when you feel utterly helpless. In either case, your prayers will be answered. If you are not grateful or prayerful, you will be miserable.
Our love, faith and belief should be deep-rooted. The world is a celebration and you should be happy in life. All aspects of life involve ups and downs. For example, the human body may be susceptible to colds, coughs and fevers one day and may be fine the next. However, one must ensure that happiness is always established in oneself. This unconditional happiness can dawn only through deep-rooted love, faith and beliefs. This, according to Hinduism, is known as Purushaartha.
Faith plays a big role in shaping one's life. Even those who say, "I don't believe in anything," have to believe in their words! The issue is where you place your faith. For an atheist, his faith in objects is obvious; his faith in people is fluid and his faith in the unseen power of creation is ambiguous. However, for a believer, his faith in the unseen power is supreme; his faith in people is inconsequential and objects do not matter in any way.
The role of faith is even more visible in the materialistic world. Faith saves one from suicidal tendencies and helps people see beyond the obvious. When life is based on faith, one follows philosophy rather than getting caught up in revenge and hatred. If there is faith that everything will be all right, then everything will settle down.
Faith is realizing that you always get what you need. Faith is giving the Divine a chance to act.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life moves with commitment, not feelings

Bangalore, India, April 18 (Saturday), 8:50 pm:
Seated in the amphitheatre for satsang this evening, Sri Sri’s seat was beautifully outlined against the backdrop of the lotus-shaped Vishalakshi Mantap. As the sounds of the bhajans rang through the open sky, it generated an atmosphere of high energy. People in the 2,000-strong crowd danced, clapped, and meditated together.
Q. The people of West Bengal are suffering under the CPI government and their ideology since 30 years, it seems to be unending. Can we expect a change at all and how?
A.: Change can happen by educating people. People like you (points to the crowd) who do padayatras (walkathons) and educate people. West Bengal is far behind. There’s no industry, no business, it has obsolete ideology. Make people aware.Communist China and Russia have changed their course. But in India, it doesn’t change because of lack of awareness. So, create awareness and meditate. Nothing is impossible. If something is impossible, then we can do it!
Q. Which limb of Asthanga yoga does Sudarshan Kriya belong to?
A.: It does not belong to any particular limb of yoga, it is a culmination of all the paths.Everything comes together in the Sudarshan Kriya - meditation, yoga asanas and dharna.
Q. Are the customs and rituals of religions conducive to spiritual growth or are they obstacles?A.: A vehicle is kept to the left in India. In the United States of America, cars keep to the right. Customs and rituals are there to guide society, steering society from going right or left.They are made according to the time and the country. For instance, men wear unstitched clothes for a puja in South India. In North India, people wear coats. Perhaps, this is because the weather is cold there. When Muslim males go to Mecca for Haj, they have to wear unstitched clothes.Yet, these customs and rituals are neither conducive nor act as obstacles on the path to God.There are many customs when it comes to marriages. A coconut and a mirror are placed on a plate, when welcoming the in-laws in South India. It is as though to say: ‘Enter with a smile. See your face and feel complete. We are feeling complete here.’ When you see yourself in the mirror in the morning, you smile. You don’t frown when you see yourself.People in Maharashtra welcome the in-laws with a betel nut and a gold coin on their head. This gesture says: ‘Your thoughts should shine like gold.’ This is an auspicious gesture.There are other rituals in Bihar and Bengal. These customs from different parts of India should be studied thoroughly. Someone should take up this project.In Kerala, a nirapara is kept at the entrance of a house to welcome people. It is a vessel filled with grains, a coconut, flowers and a diya (lamp). This custom signifies that the house which is being entered is full, there is happiness. It is a sign of prosperity.Similarly, people gift each other chocolate eggs for Easter in Europe. It is a symbol of prosperity and progeny.In India, people fast when going on a pilgrimage – say, to Shabri Mala, Vaishno Devi or Tirupati. Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia, fast too. They don’t eat vegetables or dairy products for some period of the year. These are rituals and customs. There must be some reason.
Q. Can I take a sankalpa for a change in someone else’s behavior?
A.: Do it, take it. Bless them to behave better. When you want to bless someone because their behavior hurts you, it doesn’t work. When you want to bless them because their behavior hurts them, that would work. That is compassion. Say: May you behave better, so that you can be happier.
Q. Meditation gives me a high. If I discontinue for a few days and resume, I get a greater high. I fear that I will lose this high.
A.: I think you have too much free time. If you’re engaging yourself in some creative activity, then where is the time to feel bad?Anand Yog means communion with the Divine, which brings bliss.Anand Bhog is doing things for enjoyment. It is not the best. If we worry about whether we are high or low, then we get trapped in a self-centred cycle which may lead to depression. Do some seva. Do your practice. There are so many people who need you. Do some job.If there is nothing creative to do, then you will feel like this.The world doesn’t care – it shouldn’t care.You stand up, wake up and say: ‘My life is going to move with commitment, not with feelings.’Feelings are unpredictable. You can predict that the pigeons in the hall (pointing to Vishalakshi Mantap) will remain there, but you cannot predict your mind.
Q. My father is an astrologer. Whatever he says comes true. He told me that I will get mental disorders after six years. I’m scared. Please help me.
A.: Remind your father that there is upaya (remedy) also. There is no astrology without upaya. The mal-effects of astrology can be countered with upaya. The remedy is meditation and satsang. Sit and chant: Om Namo Shivaya. It takes care of all the mal-effects. All the five elements and the whole life force is present in Om Namo Shivaya. Don’t worry about it. On this path, you should drop those concerns and worries.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silence is the mother of all virtues

Bangalore, India, April 17 (Friday), 8:10 pm:
Dance, laughter and high energy! The Vishalakshi Mantap at the Art of Living Centre was pulsating with the sounds of the guitar, dholak (a percussion instrument), a drum and tambourines. The crowd erupted in cheers when Sri Sri opened his eyes after meditation and asked: ‘How are you all?’ (Sri Sri often asks this question in satsangs around the world.)
Excerpts from the Q&A session that followed:
Q. I repeatedly get stuck in the same behavioural patterns. How do I get rid of my behaviour?A.: Why do you do the same mistakes again and again? We think it is giving us some joy, some pleasure. We should not eternalize or generalise problems.Some people keep saying: ‘I’m always in problems’. If you are always in a problem, then how will you know when you’re in one! Knowledge always comes when you experience a contrast. People say: ‘Everyone is sick in town.’ Perhaps, it could be only 40-50 percent of the population and not everyone.Generalising and eternalising problems like ‘Everybody is bad’ will not allow you to rise above challenges. It will pull you down. Just by being aware about the problem, it will drop off.If someone keeps saying: ‘I have to do this, ‘I have to do this,’ then you feel tired just thinking about it.Just relax. Silence is the mother of all virtues. Let go. Silence is the mother of all qualities, all abilities.
Q. Are the thoughts in the mind created within or come from outside?
A.: You get more thoughts than me. Then you’re an expert at generating thoughts. You should know. Sit and find out.
Q. They say God is omnipresent and they have vahanas (vehicles). Like Nandi (the sacred cow) for Shiva and the mouse for Ganesha. What is the significance of these?
A.: The Divine energy is carried through different symbols. The Parmatma is One.Yet different aspects of that Divinity are carried through different symbols.It is so interesting. Our ancient people had the concept of opposites. The mouse is so small and the elephant is so big. Yet, the knowledge of an elephant (Ganesha) is riding on a small mouse (his vahana).Kabir (a renowned Indian saint) did not study in a university. He had his Guru mantra. With one little mantra, he went into Samadhi (the deepest meditative state) and his consciousness blossomed. The Divine Mother comes on a tiger. The Divine Mother is the most delicate feminine form of Divinity and She comes on one of the most ferocious of animals. The commander-in-chief of the armies of the Gods, Karthikeyan, comes on a peacock. The peacock is associated with art and music.There is a deeper significance to these symbols.Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) is sitting on a rock. The rock does not move anywhere. Goddess of Wealth (Goddess Lakshmi) sits on a lotus flower in water. Wealth is unstable. You don’t know when the share market is going to be unstable – how money can come and go. The very fact that most Gods and Goddesses are sitting on a lotus flower depicts a fully blossomed consciousness. Only when the consciousness is fully blossomed, does Divinity ride on it.Like the lotus flower whose petals transform from being concave to convex. Perhaps in those days, there weren’t any chrysanthemums. Otherwise, they would have put some Gods and Goddesses on chrysanthemums.Your real wealth is your inner strength. Your inner sense of fullness and not your bank balance is your real wealth.You may have lots of money in the bank, but if your mind is fearful and small, then what is the point?Today a gentleman came from Mandya (a small town in Karnataka) to meet me. He has two houses and doesn’t have a job. He wants to sell one house and use the money to start a business. He wants to donate the other plot for a meditation centre.He insisted that I take the land. The land costs several millions of dollars. He had even come with the land papers. I took the papers and told him: ‘This is mine, but it will be with you. You take care of it. You keep it. You start your business, make your life stable, make your finances better. I’m not going to accept it.’ What I’m saying is that those who have very little have big hearts to give. I appreciate it. This is the most precious offer. That man came with his wife and mother. They kept saying, ‘Guruji, please make a Temple of Knowledge over here. We have benefited so much from the courses, we want others to enjoy.’Just the gesture is enough. The heart that wants to do gets blessings.Isn’t it so interesting? Values of humanness and generosity are still alive on this planet.People with big hearts are still alive.I remember on the last day of the Silver Jubilee (The Art of Living celebrated 25 years of service in 2006), I met all the volunteers. As I was leaving, a 25-year-old boy came up to me, gave me an envelope and began to cry. He grabbed my feet and hands and sobbingly said: ‘Thank you, please accept this.’I took it and asked him what he did for a living. He was a labourer from Kerala (an Indian state) and had come to do seva for 15 days. ‘Guruji, I don’t know how to express my gratitude. My life has changed. Please accept this.’ (Pointing to the envelope.)I opened it and saw that it had Rs 5,000. It must have been his salary of two months.I asked him about his family responsibilities. He has a mother, sister and is the eldest of two sons. I took Rs 100 from the amount and told him: ‘This money is worth millions to me. Take the rest of the amount home.’All that we need is to have a heart to do something. Nature will help you.God will help you.
Q. How important is money in pursuing goals, career and achievements? If we don’t have enough, will we achieve our goals?
A.: If you go with a ‘lack consciousness’, then any amount of money won’t be enough for you. You will have thoughts like: ‘What will happen in my old age? What is going to happen?’One day, however much you feed your body, it is going to go. Money is a means. Earn money, don’t spend foolishly. People are ready to spend money on parties, weddings , garments…yet when it comes to giving to a good cause, I don’t know where that stinginess comes from.You should put that sankalpa: ‘I will get what I need. I will never suffer from a shortage.’
Q. How much power is there in imagination?
A.: Well, there is a story.Once, Mulla Nasruddin imagines that he is dead. He was so convinced that he is dead, that if someone asked him to sign a paper he would say: ‘How can a dead man sign a paper?’If someone asked him a question, Mulla would say: ‘How can you ask a dead person a question?’If someone called him on the phone, he would say: ‘Hello who’s this? Mulla Nasruddin is dead!’This went on for months and years. His wife was fed up. She couldn’t live with him anymore.On someone’s suggestion, she took him to a psychiatrist.Mulla Nasruddin told the doctor: ‘All these people don’t believe that this (pointing to himself) is a dead body.’The doctor asked Mulla Nasruddin: ‘What are the signs of a dead body? Blood is not there, theheart doesn’t pound….’Mulla Nasruddin: ‘Yes, you’re correct! The doctor thought to himself: ‘I found a way to cure him.’He took a pin and pricked Mulla Nasruddin. ‘Look, blood is here!’ the doctor told his patient. Mulla Nasruddin then said: ‘Ha, ha doctor. Today I discovered that even a corpse bleeds!’Now you have a proof in me. Re-write your medical books!’That could be the power of imagination!
Q. What is self-respect? How is it different from ego?
A.: Self-respect is respecting yourself irrespective of what others call you.A thousand years ago, when India was attacked in the North east, a saint was captured.The captors tried to humiliate the saint, chained his legs and wanted to sell him as a slave.The saint kept smiling. He said: ‘A slave is on sale. Who wants to buy him?’There are many examples of people who were humiliated in the world. Yet they kept on walking with their heads held high.In self-respect, you keep your composure. Ego needs someone else to be there. When you’re all alone, there is no ego. When someone comes in, then the ego comes up. Your body language changes. If someone pokes you, then your ego gets hurt. Nobody can take away your self-respect.Just keep smiling and be happy,Embrace the ups and downs of life and continue walking.Do whatever you can do for others.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Intelligent people celebrate diversity’

Bangalore (India), April 16 (Thursday), 8:10 pm:
The 2,000-strong crowd in the Vishalakshi Mantap Hall at the Art of Living Centre sat rapt in attention as Sri Sri answered many questions at the satsang this evening.
Q. What is the science of relativity? How does it work in life?
A.: You go on the internet. There is so much on it. Volumes and volumes. Everything is related: if you’ve slept well, you see everything better. If not, then things are blurred.
The observer and the observed vary. That is why it is said that different states of consciousness understand different knowledge.
Have you heard the Japanese story?
In Japan, there is a rule that a motel-owner must give free boarding and lodging to monks.
To test if a monk is genuine, the owner would ask a knowledge question. If the question is answered, monk can then stay. If the owner gives the right answer, then the monk will go further.
There was a motel run by two brothers. The elder one was very intelligent. The younger one was dull. The elder brother used to manage affairs such that he did not have to give free rooms to the monks. If the elder brother had to go away, he would tell the younger one: ‘If any monk comes here, act dumb. If you’re silent, the monk will not stay here.”
As soon as the elder brother left, a group of monks arrived. They said: ‘Come we will argue.’
The younger brother gestured: ‘I am in silence.’
The monks: ‘We will have a dialogue in silence.’ They showed the forefinger to indicate ‘one’.
The younger brother had only one eye. The other eye was bandaged. He showed two fingers.
The monks then showed three fingers.
The brother then showed a fist.
The monks became very happy and left.
When the elder brother came, the younger one explained what happened:
‘They told me that you have only one eye.
So I said, ‘You have two.’
They then said: The dialogue is between three eyes.
So I said: I will punch you.’
Later the monks returned and told the elder brother that the younger one had shared the highest knowledge in silence.
The monks narrated:
‘We asked: What is the one truth?
He said: Not one, there are two: Buddham and Dhammam.
We said: There are three things: – Buddham, Dhammam, and Sangham.
He said: They are all one!’
It was such a mind-blowing realization!
This story shows that different levels of consciousness can interpret different things, differently.
Fools always create conflicts over nothing. And die for it. The intelligent will celebrate diversity. Fools can’t tolerate diversity.
The ancient sages in the Rig Veda have said: ‘Accept even the atheist and they have included them in prayers: Those who call You as no God and think there is no Divinity, I bow down. Those who say, You are not there, I offer my obeisance.’
One accepts even atheism. That is true wisdom: You have broad vision which accepts people and differences.
Intelligent people celebrate diversity, fools fight over diversity.
Q. I don’t understand what is happening in my life? How much of it is my responsibility?
A.: See the past as destiny. Your regret is because you see the past as free will. If the future is destiny, then you will become lethargic and procrastinate. The intelligent see it as destiny and future as free will and live happily in the moment.
You have the choice – be happy, in the moment and enjoy.
Q. You say craving is not good? Is craving for the Divine also not good?
A.: Well, we need to translate the craving to commitment. Craving is self-centered. Commitment is always for a cause. ‘What do I get,’ this feverishness of getting something has to be transcended. That is immature pleasure. The child always wants to get something. Grandparents want to give.
We are born with the tendency to grab. Somewhere we have to make the shift: What can I give?
Q. Days just seem to be passing by. What is the purpose of life?
A.: That is a very important question. The question itself is a vehicle for you to move on in life.
Q. You say innocence is a virtue. Aren’t innocent people exploited?
A.: There are innocent people who are foolish as well as intelligent people who are cunning.
What is desirable is a combination of intelligence with innocence.
Q. Why do bad thoughts keep flowing in the mind?
A.: Because you want to chase them out! Give them a hug and a little place, they will disappear.
Q. We lost a 33-year-old son last January. How to overcome the grief?
A.: There are four ways:
1. Know that you have the strength. The problem has come, the grief has come. You can’t do anything about it.
2. Realise that every one is going to die one day. Everybody here will go under the soil. It will all happen in the next 100 years. Someone has gone earlier.
3. Look at those who have greater troubles than you. When we see people who have greater difficulties, and start serving them: our problems will disappear. See what is happening in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.
In Iraq, the plane will land in circles. If it lands in a straight line, it can be targeted and shot. The amount of fear that people have …..
People in Sri Lanka don’t even know if they’re coming back, once they leave for their jobs in the morning. If you are a Tamilian, they will whisk you away.
When you see the bigger problems on the planet, then yours will become small.
4. The Divine is with you. Offer your problems to the divinity and relax. We must have that confidence.
If we are calm, then we can spread peace.
If we are happy, then we can radiate and spread happiness.
Today, Maoists have attacked 13 places in India. They are misguided people who believe in violence. That’s unfortunate.
That’s why spiritual education and knowledge is so essential. It is so needed. We all have to encourage our youngsters to join the Non-Aggression Programme (The NAP – taught by the Art of Living). It is so big in Europe and many countries. Children are so aggressive. They need to be taught to calm the kind. This job, we have to do.
Q. What is the relation of sin and merit with life?
A.: Sin brings sadness and merit attracts happiness
Q. Is Divinity connected with our body?
A. ‘Devtaa’ means ‘divya shakti or Divine Energy. Each cell of your body has 33 different aspects of Divine energies. The same cell becomes an eye, the skin, the bone, the sensory perception of the smell in the nose and so on. A Devtaa is not sitting in Himalayas but in your body itself.
Ishwar (God) is present in each and every part of your body.
The formless, omnipresent Divinity who is of the nature of existence, knowledge, bliss (Satchidananda) is called the Ishwara.
All forms belong to Him who is formless.
All names belong to Him, who is without name.
Indian tradition recognises the One Divinity in Creation and recognises everything in creation as part of One Divinity. The Indian tradition has welcomed and accepted Buddha, Mahavira and Guru Nanak. Sufi saints, Christians and Parsi saints were also accepted. This is because we see one in all and all are one. Then there is no need to say: ‘Your God is better than my God’. This kind of thinking can become the basis for conflict.
We need to have a broad vision (Vishaal Drishthikon). This is what spirituality gives us.
Q. I find myself lacking in every aspect: business, family, everything.
A. Your sankalpa is wrong. Who said you can’t manage? You have managed everything till now. Tell yourself that you will do justice to all the roles. You can play all the roles: ‘I’ll be a good spouse, good child, good parent, good citizen. ‘You simply have to acknowledge and take it. Assume that you have all these equalities in you. It is already in you. Just let it blossom.
Q. Why does insecurity develop in us and what should we do to overcome it?
A. The cause of insecurity is that you think nobody loves you. That is your own misunderstanding. There is so much love in the universe.
1. I’m here. When you have that confidence, then fear disappears. At least here (at the ashram), there are so many people who love you.
2. Usually you feel that if someone loves you, you think they except something from you. I want nothing from you, other than your smile and happiness. When you know this, all your fears will vanish.
3. Practice pranayama, asanas, kriya, meditation regularly,
4. Your entanglement can cause fear. More the entanglement, more the fear. Only knowledge can bring freedom from entanglement.
Craving brings lack of peace.
Attachment brings fear and insecurity.
Greed brings ‘lack consciousness’, poverty.
Freedom from craving, will give you peace.
Through non-attachment, you are free from fear.
Generosity will help you to get over ‘lack consciousness.’
Q. How to combat fatigue?
A: You know, your fatigue could be due to sugar.
If your blood pressure is is high, you get fatigued.
If your sleep is weak.
If u lack vitamin B in your diet
And if u don’t do pranayama.
Q. What is the significance of Swastik?
A. Swastik is an ancient symbol. Jainism and Buddhism have used this symbol. The Sikhs have also used it. The Swastik symbolises the cyclic nature of time, cyclic nature of the Universe, the four yugas (ages) and the four Vedas. Swasti means health and established in oneself. Swastik is the symbol of the Self, of auspiciousness, of peace.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The remote control of your life is in your hands’

Tuesday, April 14, 2009‘Bangalore, (India) 8:30pm: The satsang this evening celebrated Vishu (New Year), which is observed in parts of India. The celebratory atmosphere became more joyous when Sri Sri entered the ashram amphitheatre. To mark the festival, a procession of people carrying diyas (candles) and flowers (traditionally called the thalappoli) walked with Sri Sri. The resident ashram elephants – Maheswara and Indrani – also joined the entourage.Over 3,000 people participated in the satsang this evening.
Q. Guruji, you say hurt is part of love. Do you ever get hurt in love?
A.: That’s only in the beginning stages. When you move into knowledge and wisdom, then nothing can hurt you.
Q. Can students be equal to their Guru? If yes, then how?
A.: Yes, absolutely. The Guru will make you an equal. The Guru will make you like him. This is only for those who want to be like him. It is not by compulsion. Knowledge melts the difference between you and me.
Q. Are the Mahabharata and Ramanayana true? Maybe there were just rumours which became hyped up at the time.
A.: Then you will believe that all of history is a myth. If Buddha is a myth, then so is Jesus and so is Mahavira. This is because miracles are attached to all these stories. But if you accept only Krishna as true and not Rama or that Jesus lived on the planet and not Rama, then there is something wrong in your thinking. Did Moses exist? Could the Red Sea have been parted? If the Red Sea could have been parted, then the bridge to Sri Lanka could have been built too.
Q. I had a terrible fight with my mother this morning. How do I get her to listen to my point of view?
A.: Patience and perseverence. Keep these two things in your mind – don’t expect someone to accept you immediately. Give a little bit of your ideas to people. Then leave them for a few days so that they have time to digest the ideas. Then again you share some ideas. So, bit by bit you can tell them. Then perhaps, you will change your point of view! This happens many times. Life is very complex, the intellect is very intellect – we should not be stuck with something. Our mind should be flexible, not rigid.
Q. What is the better way to stay in the present moment? Concentrate on the breath or observe the mind?
A.: Both happen simultaneously. There is no choice for you.Q. How to react when a close one breaks your trust?
A.: When someone breaks your trust, give them another chance, and another chance and another chance. When they keep breaking your trust, then you know how to behave with them.
Q. How to become an angel?
A.: There is no way. You already are one!
Q. Youth support your vision for change. There is no role model. When will the Art of Living come up with a political party?
A. There is no role model because the spot is waiting for you. You be a role model. It is only spirituality that can bring transformation in the nation. Devoid of spirituality, politics becomes so corrupt.
Q. Do you need to be aggressive or calm to achieve your goal?
A.: Both. You have to be calm and dynamic. I won’t call it aggression. Sometimes you have to be dynamic – whenever needed.
Q. What does the intellect have to do with spirituality?
A.: Spirituality makes your intellect sharp. They are not contradictory, they complement each other. Don’t think spiritual people shut down their intellect. They have a spirit of enquiry. Your questions assume a higher dimension. If your intellect is mature, then you have no choice but to be spiritual.
Q. Man says that the blood flow is controlled by heart. The heart is controlled by the brain. What controls the brain?
A.: That is the life force.
Q. I have so many flaws. Everyone threw me away, you took me into your arms? How?Easily. Everyone can do this. Accept people as they are.When you have the remote control in your hands, you can change the channel on the television. The same television can show a horror channel or something nice. The remote control of your life is on your hands.
Q. How to control the drug menace?
A.: Sudarshan Kriya! It gives so much intoxication, that is good enough.
Q. How does one balance seva and studies?
A.: Do you know how to ride a bicycle? If you steer to the right, then it goes there. If you steer to the left, the cycle goes there. You have to balance life.
Q. What can I do to mitigate astrologically bad periods?
A.: Chant ohm namo shivay and meditate.
Q. There is a lot of back-stabbing and politicss in my office.
A.: People play politics. When you think they play politics, then it becomes big for you. Even if they do something small, then you think it is intentional. Just understand the human mind. If people behave like that, it’s their nature. They play all these games because they are ignorant. It is the weakness which brings up these tendencies.Have compassion. When you label them, then you are cutting off communication with them. People will not be the same everyday. They change. They change also because of the way we interact with them. In February, I met some Maoists in Jharkhand (India). I told them to drop the bullets and take the ballot. They have done that and are now standing for the elections.We should not cut off communication with people, however they are. We should bring out the greatness in people, instead of retrieving in our shells. Others will then perceive us as close-minded people. People are people wherever they are. Don’t see intention behind their mistakes. Give them the benefit of doubt.
Q. Where is the seat of atma?
A.: You have a mind. Close your eyes and search for it. You will that it is everywhere and nowhere. It is not an object to be kept somewhere. The field is all over.
Q. What is beauty?
A.: That which is innocent (shivam), that which is truth (satyam).Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. That is what is divinity. Every child looks so beautiful, whether the child is from Mongolia, Africa, Bangalaesh. Why is it so? This is because of innocence.
Q. How can we achieve Trupti and be satisfied in whatever I have?
A.: Just wake up and see. Even if you get crores of rupees in the future, then what? Can you spend all the money? You will just put it in the bank. Then you will die and your children will fight over that money. This is what we do. It is unwise to postpone being happy in order to gain something. Aspire for something but be happy now.When you feel that you have everything now, you will have more. Do you know who gets invited to dinners? The one who has plenty to eat. Feel the plentitude.
Q. So many people have been born in the last few years? Where are the new souls coming from?A.: Many animal species have disappeared. Now you don’t see sparrows, snakes and scorpions. There is no dearth for souls. There are plenty.Have you seen advertisements on a billboard? Sometimes only few letters get lit. For example, an advertisement for Lux soap or Colgate toothpaste.The bulbs are there all the time. Sometimes some bulbs are lit, others are not. In the same way, the souls are there. Some manifest, some don’t.
(Many youth from the ongoing Yes+ programme shared their experiences. Sri Sri told them:Save your mind at all costs. We talk about saving the environment, saving the world but not the mind. Tell yourself: I am in charge of my life, my mind. Nobody can make me unhappy.
Q. Whom do you worship?
A.: Meditation is the culmination of prayer. One parmatma, one divinity – is everywhere.
Q. What is the secret behind the ever-green smile?
A.: I have no idea. Perhaps its because I always walk my talk and talk my walk.
The satsang ended with a group of volunteers presenting a contribution of Rs 3 lakh for relief work in Sri Lanka. This group taught the Breath-Water-Sound workshop in 12 villages in the last week. They shared their sankalpa (intention) of reaching out to 1,000 villages in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu within a year’s time. From April 15th, a Youth Leadership Training Programme will commence in a village where alcoholism was rampant. “Even the police were unable to reach this group. Someone went and spoke to them about the YLTP. They agreed,” shared a member of the group.

Knowledge naturally blossoms through devotion

Monday, April 13, 2009
Bangalore, (India), April 13 (Monday) 8:30pm: The Vishalakshi Mantap Meditation Hall was filled with over 2,000 people from different walks of life: urban youth, senior citizens, corporates and youth from rural areas. Many are participants of the Teacher’s Training Course who are aspiring to serve society and spread Sri Sri’s message of peace and harmony. Others seek inner peace through the ongoing Advanced Meditation programme.
Q. I’m feeling feverish. Please guide.
A.: Are you feeling feverish about things? Just relax and meditate.You know, we are a combination of matter and energy: Prakrati (matter) and Purusha (spirit). When you’re talking to somebody, think whom are you talking with? The Prakrati or the Purusha? The body is like the wick of the candle. The spirit (Purusha) is the glow. Recognise the spirit.Keep this guiding thought: ‘I am the spirit, not just the body’. Even the memory of this, ‘I am the spirit and not the body’, sorrows will vanish like dew drops vanish when the sun rises.
Remember: ‘I am not the wick of the candle, I am the glow.’The candle will never say, ‘I don’t want the wick’. The wick has its place. The glow is there and so is the wick. This is Jeevan Mukti (liberated while in the body). Have this dharna (guiding thought), when you sit to meditate: ‘I am the glow’ and relax – do nothing.Whatever discomfort is there, let it be.This is the other mantra – let it be. If there is any stress, tension or stiffness – don’t try to get rid of it, be with it, it doesn’t matter. You will find that the quality of your meditation will improve.The moment you say, ‘let it be’, automatically there is expansion. The tension is relieved.
There are some questions seeking guidance on improving of the political situation of India. Some sharing of healing experiences and so on. A member of the audience suggests that let Guruji speak on knowledge instead of answering so many questions on diverse topics.
To that, Sri Sri says:The Bhagvad Gita starts with a question and answer. If there were no question and answers, then there would be no Gita. Open your mind and listen: the Guru speaks only knowledge. The Guru doesn’t even need to speak – there is knowledge in his presence. If you simply sit in his presence, there will be knowledge.In this atmosphere, Knowledge dawns.Through surrender, Knowledge dawns. Empty your mind here and keep a pleasant state of mind. Simply being here is being in knowledge. Every cell in the body absorbs the knowledge from the vibrations in this atmosphere. These vibrations are knowledge itself. This atmosphere is so sattvic (pure). Knowledge blossoms in a sattvic atmosphere.Even if the questions seem meaningless, where there is love and where your attention is, there is celebration.The mother doesn’t try to find meaning in a baby’s talk. She feels good to simply listen to her baby. The vibrations between mother and child are of another level. When you sit only with your question in the mind, then you become deaf. You don’t listen to anything else. Drop your question in the question basket and listen to what the Guru is saying. Gyan (knowledge) naturally blossoms through devotion. Drop your worries. Don’t be in a hurry to gain something. To constantly seek gain is the way of the world. It doesn’t work on spiritual path. When the mind dissolves, much is gained. Just empty yourself and be here. Then you will see progress in every step of your life.
Remember this sutra, Loko Binna Ruchi:
In society, people have different tastes. Even in one house, members of the family have different preferences. We have to deal with this diversity with compassion, understanding and tolerance.Whether it is politics, homes or spirituality - remember, Loko Binna Ruchi.
These are small sutras. It would be good if people learnt a little Sanskrit, especially women. Then children naturally imbibe these values from the mother – Loko Binna Ruchi.(Someone from the audience asks a question.)
Q. Is the Golden Age over or is it coming in the future?
A.: The day you feel good, that is the Golden Age for you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silence increases our energy level, awareness

GURUJI Speaks while in Bali, April 10:
It was truly Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – a One World Family that gathered at the satsang this evening. The participants of the advanced meditation programme represented countries farom across the globe. Their interaction with Sri Sri reflected common queries of people everywhere. Sri Sri’s answers: simple knowledge tools, applicable to every human being.
Q. Could you please explain the significance of Easter?
A.: Easter is the symbol of spring, it welcomes the spring. There is a new resurgence. Everything is a celebration in life.Take any excuse to celebrate. We don’t have to wait for an occasion. Life itself is a celebration.
Q. Can you please tell us about ego?
A.: Ego? When someone insults you, they will tell you what it is. I don’t have to tell you. You do some good job and somebody ignores you or gives you a derogatory remark: you will automatically know what ego is. And the antidote for ego is being natural. When you are natural, then the small ego cannot survive, then you expand. Or your ego should become so big that you take everybody in it. Then also it will not bother you.
Q. What is time? What is life? Is there any correlation between the two? Also, do parallel dimensions exist?
A.: Yes. Time is the measurement between two events. Space is the distance between two objects. That’s it. Life is between birth and death. The distance between birth and death is called life.
Q. What is karma and how to reduce it?
A.: You know, you should read the book Celebrating Silence. Read the book and gift it to everyone you know.I was travelling from Canada to the United States of America. A man at the security check came running to me and removed a copy of Celebrating Silence from his bag. ‘You are the author of this book?’ he asked me. I said, ‘I suppose so.’ He then told me that somebody presented the book to him for his birthday. ‘My life has changed after reading the book,’ he said. He hasn’t done the course, doesn’t know anything about the organisation, just reading some pages from the book made a difference. You all have the book Celebrating Silence and Celebrating Love? You should gift it to everyone. It makes a difference. All the knowledge is present there.I have spoken in detail about karma in the book.
Q. The Sudarshan Kriya is too short. It starts and finishes in no time. Can it be made a bit longer?
A.: When you are happy, time appears to go very fast. Ask those who are here for the 21-day Teacher’s Training Programme. Did you find it short? (People throw their hands in the air.) They also find it too short. That’s because they are really enjoying it. Meditate after short kriya.
Q. What is divine love?
A.: Love, itself, is divine. When it has no distortions, it is divine. When it is unconditional, it is divine. Conditions, such as, ‘I love you, so you must love me’, come from the small, small mind and small love. Divine love is unconditional. And always evolutionary.
Q. What is the origin of thought? There is a thought behind every discovery and behind every misery as well. Why does a thought occur?
A.: Where did these thoughts come in your head? It came in your head, right? Better find that out yourself. Before it comes, try to catch it. When you look inside, you will find that the thought is coming from an empty space. An empty space. And that empty space is the mother of all inventions, all creativity.That’s why, time and again, experience silence. You will get creative and innovative thoughts will come to you. Our mind is chattering all the time, 24 hours. That’s why be silent. Silence increases our energy level, our sharpness and awareness level. It has enormous potential. Imagine someone with insomnia – they are tired the whole day and are unable to sleep at night too. They don’t know how to rest. They chatter and chatter.You continuously talk and listen to the television and radio. We get immersed in sound from morning to night, from the time we get out of bed till we go to bed again. Chatter, chatter! How much wear and tear would’ve happened to our brain! We don’t give it any time to rest. There is so much disharmony around you. You know why you like music? Because music is a harmonious sound and all disharmonious sounds gets submerged in it.You will start enjoying that quietness. That inner harmony and serenity is much more pleasurable than the best music you can ever listen to. I am not saying you should never listen to music. It is necessary but don’t overdo it. You should eat, but you shouldn’t overeat. Similarly, you should listen to music, but not get obsessed with it.
Q. Silence is good, but in reality people who talk more, get more.
A.: When you are scared and afraid, you don’t talk when you should be talking.But when you are confident, you talk where you need to talk and don’t talk when you don’t need to.
Q. How would you know that I’ve make the right decision?
A.: Just wait for the result and you will know.
Q. Art of Living and meditation encourage a calm and slow mind. At work we need a fast and aggressive mind. How do I reconcile this?
A.: If fast and aggressive minds led to progress, then Iraq and Afghanistan should have been the most prosperous countries in the world. Afghanistan has had aggression for more than 30 years, they’ve seen nothing but war. The Human Rights Commissioner came to our German centre. He did the part I course and requested to be allowed to cook his own food. He was not eating anything. What was the matter? He thought everybody at the ashram ate drugged food because everyone was so happy.He was scared to eat our food. Then, our people spoke to him, I also spoke to him. For the last 20 years, he had never seen happy people. And here he couldn’t believe that people were so happy. He realised that people could be happy after doing the kriya. You don’t need to be on drugs to be on a high. It was so funny.
Q. Are the kriya, meditation and seva enough for a peaceful life or should I read the Bhagwad Gita?
A.: You should read the Bhagwad Gita. It is an important book on yoga. It’s good.
Q. You said that the past is a dream. People have been sexually, financially, spiritually abused. I have had nightmares about it. How do you say it can be dream?
A.: Listen, people have gone through abuse. Practices like the Sudarshan Kriya, pranayama, and yogasanas will help them to erase those impressions and move forward. Along with the kriya, see the whole event as a movie, a dream. This understanding, without giving them the depth of meditation, is incomplete.This understanding and the practices complement each other. It’s like watching television and listening to it. You have to do both.
Q. How can we find a cure for auto immune diseases?
A.: Have confidence, pray and leave the rest to the divine
Q: My mind is alright but the problem I face is with my heart. My heart keeps troubling. Sometimes I can feel my heart is bleeding.
A: Read knowledge books. Listen to the knowledge talks. That’s why I have given a commentary on three types of knowledge talks. Patanjali Yogasutras – all about yoga and the mind. Bhakti Sutras which explain the different types of love. The Ashtavakra Gita which explain every aspect of life and awareness.
Q.: Could give us some suggestion on career development, especially during the economic crisis?A.: This is just a passing phase, don’t worry about it.
Q.: What is the soul?
A.: Soul is the one who is asking, the one who is understanding, sleeping, the one who is doing everything. See, there are different aspects: the individual self, small self and the big self. The small self has five aspects - ignorance, existence, ego, craving, aversion. Turn back and see your life: How ignorant you were and how much aversion you had. How are you now? It’s reducing.Once these things are reduced, you become one with the universe.
Q: When you were a child, did you ever get into a fight?
A.: I am still a child. My childhood will never finish, I will never let it finish.
Q: How did your parents raise you?
A.: Very good.. Always understanding and always cooperative.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Your armor

Bali, (Indonesia) April 9: During the satsang held tonight, advanced course participants heard Sri Sri give practical tips for daily living.
Ancient wisdom revived for modern life.
Q: Kindly enlighten us on love and compassion.
A.: Remember that love is our nature. Don’t ask for proof of someone’s love for you. That’s a big mistake. ‘Do you really love me? Come on, prove it to me,’ people often tell each other. How can you put into words what you feel, right? People are doing a big mistake by asking this: ‘Do you really love me?’ That’s a big mistake. That’s why the knowledge of the Bhakti Sutras is so essential. Before people get married, they should know this. Otherwise, what happens is that they get married and then start demanding proof of their love to each other. And it creates more doubt. Suppose a woman demands from a husband: ‘Do you really love me? Show me. Prove it to me. Take me to a picnic, come home on time, do this, do that…..’ It’s such a big burden. A man has to prove himself everywhere in the world. At home too, he needs to prove himself that he is a loving person. It becomes a headache. How long can he do it? He does it for sometime and then he gets fed up and runs away. This applies to the man and the woman.
Love is our nature. And all other negative qualities in you are off springs of love. Jealousy comes to you because you love somebody so much. Greed is because you love material things more than somebody. You love your own position and status – that is called arrogance. Isn’t that so? You love certain part of the body too much. It is called lust. You become angry because you love perfection so much that you cannot stand imperfection. Obsession, greed, anger – all these are off springs of love. If you don’t have love, you won’t have any other problem. But now, we don’t want greed, jealousy, arrogance or lust. With wisdom and knowledge, love remains pure. It’s like putting a preservative in love. So that love doesn’t get distorted, it remains love. Compassion is one of the flavors of love. Compassion is, in fact, an action for those who are miserable. Compassion disappears if nobody is miserable. For compassion to exist in life, you have to have someone in life who is suffering or miserable. And there are plenty of people who are like that. For love, there are no such requirements.
There are four important moods or attitudes that we have to keep in our life.
1. Friendliness towards those who are happy. We need to be friendly with those who are enjoying their life and those who are on cloud nine. If we are friendly towards them, then there is no jealousy.
2. Compassion towards those people who are unhappy. If you are in the same boat, you cannot save them. So friendliness is no good with people who are miserable. What is good? Compassion. If your friend is miserable, if you are friendly with them, you will also get miserable. That’s where the karma principle holds good. Compassion.You should be happy when you see people who are doing good and meritorious work. Don’t try to pull them down. Generally, you try to pull down someone who is progressing. The problem with journalists is that they criticise people when they see that they are progressing.
I’ll give you an example. One of our teachers met a journalist and showed him all the work that we do – all over the world and in India. Around 10.6 million people participated in the Mission Green Earth project. A pledge was taken to plant and nurture 55 million trees. When this was presented to a committee, they commented that no work happened in Nagaland. My dear, there are already so many trees in Nagaland, why not look at the work that has been done elsewhere?You try to find fault in everything. ‘You are planting so many trees. Oh, you want publicity.’ We don’t need any publicity, we are getting enough already. What do you call these minds?
There is a term in the Bhagwad Gita – asuya. It means an intolerance towards good work. It is the tendency to find fault in anything.In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna: you are anasuya, i.e. devoid of fault-finding eyes. Lord Krishna was also anasuya. That is why, many people would try to find fault in him.
3. Ignore the ones who commit sinful work. There could be someone who doesn’t behave well with you, despite your good behavior towards them. Then it’s their problem. They could be mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law or neighbours too. When you sit for meditation, then the neighbours will switch on loud music or increase the television’s volume. They know the time that you sit for meditation and hence misbehave. With people who do things that are incorrect, your attitude should be that of ignoring then. Then your action can be one of correctness. But if you are emotionally upset, then your mind starts thinking of ideas to teach them a lesson. Your behaviour indicates that you want them to change because it’s inconvenient for you. When you want to teach them a lesson, it never happens because you are doing it with anger. The one who has true compassion can teach people a real lesson. One who says, ‘Look my dear, what you are doing is not good for you.’ Then they will listen, it touches their heart. But if you say, ‘What you are doing is hurting me, then they will not listen. ’Have this attitude: ‘Come what may, I will not get hurt,. If someone is going to be nasty, I will learn to be compassionate.’The anger is boiling inside them, so don’t welcome their negativity into your system. That’s where you need to shield your mind. We need to save our mind.
We say – save the planet, save the environment, save this and that, but nobody says save the mind. Think they have left that task to us.We have to go with this slogan – save your mind at all cost.
4. A sense of belongingness. When someone dear to you progresses in life, doesn’t it make you happy? It does. That attitude is good. Say, a close friend gets selected for Miss Universe or becomes a champion in hockey. You feel happy that my friend won the gold medal in Olympics, long jump or 1,000 metres race. So, you feel proud and happy. That sense of happiness, of compassion, of joy, protects the mind. Maharishi Patanjali gave the sutra in yogasutras. Your mind will float in grace, if you can have these four attitudes. Not going, ‘Bang, bang bang… you are a cheater’. My dear, relax. Others may be a cheater and you are no better than a cheater, because you are also spreading negativity in a different fashion.
When you have these four types of attitudes, relax. Knowing that everything will be taken care makes a big difference in our lives. Otherwise, if you wake up and see, corruption is rampant. This corruption has entered every field, including religion. Many religious people try to convert people from one faith to another by giving money. Just to increase the number of followers! When you read about the actions of so-called religious priests in the newspapers, your mind will get agitated. And when you are angry, you cannot do anything that will bring you peace. An agitated person cannot bring peace to the world. If you yourself have been suffering with bondage, how can you liberate others? So, the way to make our mind strong, pure and clear is by having these four attitudes.Otherwise, it’s so difficult. Like when you commit a mistake, you expect others to excuse you. This is because the mistake happened in an unconscious state of mind. Suppose someone invited you for a party at their home and you couldn’t turn up or you went late. Suppose they are angry at that. And they hold on to that anger for all their life, what can you do? Small things are made into mountains. We need to check that.
That’s why we need all these silence programmes to introspect:Are we so rigid that everyone wants to run away from us? Are we so stiff that it becomes miserable for others to live around us? How many people feel comfort around us or in our company? Are you that pleasant personality that everyone feels comfortable around you? And to what degree has it manifested in you? Look back and see: How much were you unlikeable in the past and how much do people like you now. You don’t have to make an effort for people to like you. Are you being pleasant? Even when you have to point out a mistake, you can do it in a skillful manner. Suppose you have to work with a boss, who is foolish and nasty, how do you work with them? With skill. You have to tell the boss: ‘You are the best, you know everything. I have an idea, but you know it better.’ Then the boss will say: ‘Yes, yes, it’s correct.’The boss will want to ascertain his position as boss. You are shaking his position to make an action come out of it. It’s not going to work. Do you see what I am saying? People are so insecure: about money, relationships, health, friendship, prestige, status in society. They are insecure in every angle. You live in such a world, it’s a mental case. It’s a gone case. You hardly find people who are healthy and established in self.
In Bali, they say, Om swasti astu. Swasti means health, may health be upon you. Swasti really means the one who is established in spiritual health. Like your liver should function normally, heart should beat properly. Brain should perceive things related to this reality. When all the organs are doing their job, then you are healthy. Similarly, Swasti means being established in the Self.
The greeting of Om swasti astu means ‘May you be in yourself! May you be in the best of health: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.’When you see people are not centered in their life, a small thing can trigger and put them off track. Isn’t that so? And you have been doing that also. A small comment, someone criticizes you, you went off, not one day, but months together, refuse to see them. Someone says, ‘You look like a ghost.’ Say, ‘Yes, I am a holy ghost.’ Have some humor. Humor can save you through all these rough weather. Make it fun! I heard that a minister in India once said, ‘All these beautiful women are getting married to fools. They have fools as their husbands.’ His wife said, ‘Don’t keep complimenting me all day. Enough is enough, you have complimented me enough.’Instead of telling her husband, ‘Why do you keep looking at beautiful women? Blah, blah, blah…’ the wife skillfully silenced him. So, when you tell people, ‘Why do you love me so much?’, their love increases. But if you ask them to prove it to you, then you are creating a situation which is so heavy, so unpleasant. Got it?
Now, there are two secrets: One for men and one for women.
Ladies first: Never step on the ego of your man because he will be nothing without his ego. The whole world can tell him that he has no brains, but a wife should never tell him that he is useless or that he has no brains. You should tell him, ‘You are the best man in the whole world. The only thing is that you don’t use your brain enough.’You should always praise your man. Don’t put him under your feet or squash him. Never. When he is tired of proving himself to the whole world, he comes home and at least he finds some peace. Always pump the ego of a man.
Now the secret for a man. Are you ready for it? Never step on the emotions of a woman. Give her the freedom to participate in religious programmes. Never say anything against her family. She may complain to you about them, but you had better not participate. If you do, she will turn against you the very next moment. She will change sides, so, never ever say anything negative about her family. And when she wants to go for shopping, never say no. Just give her your credit card. So, keeping our mind, saving our mind at all costs is necessary.
Recently a couple came to see me in Germany. They were unhappy. The man said that his son hated him, despite him doing so much for the child. Since the father and son didn’t get along, the mother was caught in between the two. I told them to send their son to me. When the son came to see me the next day, I just told him one thing: ‘Look, your father is so old, do you want him to die miserable? You can’t change him. You expect him to change? And do you want him to be miserable when he breathes his last breath? Can you tell him something nice? Can you do that for me? Just one or two gestures?’ The boy looked at me and said, “Yes, Guruji.”Then the boy changed. Once, he surprised his father by receiving him at the airport. He said some good words and suddenly the burden got lifted. The whole family became happy. Each one is right in their place, but we forget that we live in a society, in an atmosphere with differences.
Have you heard about this research that came in the newspapers recently? Two scientists from California and Russia were researching together for 20 years on the topic of happiness. What they found is that if the friend of a friend of a friend of yours is happy, then suddenly you find yourself happy. 20 percent of that happiness comes to you. We are living in a collective consciousness. We are enveloped in a collected consciousness. That’s why satsangs are important, because it increases the vibrations of the whole environment around us.
In Sanskrit, it’s called kavach, armor.
Group meditation, service projects all these are essential in life.
Q: What is the meaning of the phrase: ‘Everything is there in everything’?
A: Just one drop of blood is enough to test the blood in your body. From just one drop of saliva, doctors can determine your DNA. The functioning of the kidney, pancreas… everything can be detected by one drop of saliva, one drop of blood. You can virtually create every possible creature from one human DNA. Did you know about this? Scientists say a single human DNA has the DNA chains of all the animals on the planet. An elephant, crow, mosquito, even a hippo …. so there is a hippo hiding inside you. But inside a hippo, there is no human being. At least, science hasn’t made any claims on this yet. Modern science and ancient knowledge are in the same boat. The most ancient Vedic knowledge says the same thing. There is a doctor from Germany who has scientifically proved that everything is nothing, the whole universe is nothing. What you think as a solid substance is actually nothing. People think he is crazy. But he gives scientific explanations for every fact. It is startling to hear the same truth as the Vedantic Truth that has been around for thousands of years. From subjective and objective analysis, they ultimately mean the same thing.
Anyways, enough discussion for today. Remember: Just drop all that is bothering you, if you are not free today, you can never be free anytime. Don’t expect freedom to come to you. Tonight I am free, everything is going to happen the way it is going to happen.
Sri Sri

Guruji speaks - Comfort is not just a nice bed and room, its inner comfort’

Bali, April 8, 2009: The beach, open skies, gentle breeze and meditation: the biannual advanced meditation program in Bali began on April 7. Thousands have flocked from different parts of the world to listen to Sri Sri’s knowledge and experience the program in his presence. Sri Sri’s talks and programs appeal to people from diverse backgrounds, bridging together diverse communities and ideologies. An excerpt of Sri Sri’s talks during the satsang this evening:
Prakriti & Purusha.
Our consciousness has three qualities, the whole universe has got five qualities.
1. Asti: Existance
2. Bhati: There is consciousness, it feels
3. Preeti: love
4. Nama: Name
5. Rupa: form
For every name, there is a form. In the material world, there is name and form. The body is a matter, mind is energy. The whole universe is made up of body and mind, matter and energy. Energy exists, it is conscious and is love. Matter is just the name and the form. The ancient people called this whole universe as prakriti and purusha, matter and consciousness. What do you think you are? Are you the body or mind? Most of the time we think we are the body. Our body is like the wick of a candle, the mind is like the glow all around it. Our mind or consciousness exists and it is called love. Prakriti or matter changes. Everything is changing in the world, right? Purusha, the reference point, doesn’t change. So, think for a moment. Just wake up and think, “I am not the body, I am not the mind, not the matter.” It brings such a shift, in your behaviour and in your interaction. When you interact with somebody, who are you interacting with? That somebody is the body or mind, body or spirit. You don’t know the spirit. You are simply caught up in the outer behaviour. Obviously, you cannot communicate with a dead body. That is because the mind has gone from that body. Suddenly, you find your communication has got cut off. This is because you’ve been communicating with the complex called the mind. A change in our attention is required. When you see the whole universe as the wick of a candle and the unseen consciousness as the glow, it makes a lot of difference in our lives. It is important to understand that there is a distinction between the body and mind. Everyday, our body is changing. Many cells are dying and new cells are being born. This body is changing all the time and the spirit is unchanging. It’s alive, it’s love, it’s consciousness. It is the breath that connects the body and mind. It is the breath that brings you deep relaxation and good rest.
Astrology:The science of astrology is called jyotish which means the knowledge of light. Now, suppose all these are the bulbs, glowing bulbs. Astrology is the science of knowing the color of this bulb. It recognises that the bulb is glowing and understanding its light. Not that light (points to a tube light), but the light above called human light. Astrology will recognise whether this light is Capricorn, whether this glow has come from Capricorn or a Sagitarian. The science of astrology will explain the glow, how big or small it is, when it’s going to blink. You see what I am saying?Save the MindEvents in our lives come and go. Right now, wake up and see. All that happened till now, is it not like a dream? Or is it, in anyway, more than a dream? Yesterday you came here on an airplane. Those who came 20 days ago, you were packing your suitcases to come here, then boarded the plane. This moment when you wake up and see - it’s like a dream, isn’t it ? The fact that a doubt never arises shows that it’s a dream. When you dream, there is no logic. You are on a horse, suddenly you are in an ocean, you are driving into the ocean. There is no logic, nor doubts in a dream. I tell you, the same thing is happening in this world. We don’t doubt what we need to doubt.
This happening, is it real? All the conversations that you have in your own mind, or about the people around, are they real? All these years, we have blamed so many people. It has made you and others miserable. Is this what we need to do in our lives? We are miserable and make others miserable too. Wake up and see, another 40 years. Doesn’t it seem like a dream? We always want some perfection, we want the way it should be. So what? You will be here for a few years and the world will continue. There will be imperfections the way that are now. Your children and their children will do things that you don’t like. So what? Is it going to change? Our hanging on to perfection, brings stiffness to our own minds? We are spoiling our health and causing misery around. Is this the way you want to live? Wake up and see that all that has happened is a dream - some pleasant, some unpleasant. Will you get angry about the past? Is there any reason for getting angry about the past? Can you justify it? You can’t be angry about the future, right? You can be angry, but it shouldn’t stay longer than the time you need to draw a line on water.You should drop it and move on. Can you do that? That’s it! Then you have won the race. Save that consciousness. Save this mind. When you meditate, how do you feel? Like a delicate flower within you. This mind needs protection. What can protect it? With knowledge, we raise to a higher level of awareness. That makes us so strong to deal with any situation, right now. And we will be able to do that with a smile.Skill through silence.
Suppose your mother is nagging or complaining all the time and you don’t know how to handle her. It could be your niece or spouse too. You need skill to handle that. Right? You get that skill by inner silence of the mind. Silence enhances our skill. In life, you need both. Comfort is not just a nice bed and room, its inner comfort. Spiritual knowledge gives depth and comfort. Comfort to the soul and mind. Silence enhances our skill. Skill in dealing, working and in doing everything. Skill in speech, skill in action.Divine Love.
You know, when we think, I have nothing to do, just remember when you were a child, you couldn’t even eat your own food. A baby needs to be fed by the mother, right? Somebody needs to feed a baby or an old person. Nature has made arrangements in such a way that you are taken care of, in the beginning and at the end.If you see reality, divinity is taking care of you throughout your life. You were taken care of when we couldn’t walk. Someone fed you, someone comforted you, someone put you to sleep. Somebody will take care of you towards the end of your life. That’s not a person, who is taking total responsibility for everything. That consciousness gave you love as a father, a mother, a teacher, a sister. It is the big mind that has been comforting you as a friend, a partner. One consciousness has played all those roles. If you cannot understand this right away, just have some patience. You can go deep in meditation or study physics. A physicist will call different substances or particulars as one wave. It’s one electricity that is becoming the fan and the light bulb. The mind can argue: what does the fan have to do with light? This mind is not intelligent or informed enough. Almost everything - the television, fan, air conditioner, light bulb, water system - is run by electricity.
In the same way, the whole universe is run by consciousness. What we have always wanted, the deepest desire of every living being is to attain this higher level - right here, right now.
Q. Guruji, will divine love take care of my worries? Will divine love cure the illness of my loved ones?
A.: Divine love is not a currency that you can use for whatever you want. You cannot even use the same currency everywhere. Definitely, divine love will take care of you but don’t keep thinking about it as though that is the main problem. You know, love means letting go, not trying to grab. If you think god loves you, then god knows what is best for you. He doesn’t need your recommendation. You see what I am saying? Nature knows. It will take care of things. We do our best, leave rest to nature.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Guruji replies some where some time ago...

Q. When in meditation, I see you. Whom do you see?
A. I see you.
Q. How to save Hinduism? (from conversion)
A. We need to educate our Pujaris (priests) to createan environment of love where we talk to devotees, solvetheir problems, give them knowledge. And, we shouldintroduce our culture in education. We should have pridein religion.
Q. You message for youngsters.
A. Don't forget your culture. Youth means enthusiasm.Spread this enthusiasm which is in you, everywhere. Increaseenthusiasm of people around you. Bring everyone to spirituality.Youth is not having pizza, coke or chinese food [laughter].You know "khandwi" (a gujarati dish) is given in many airlinesaround the world, but it has been named something else.Polpularise your culture.
Q. "Jo hota hai accha hi hota hai" (whatever happens, happensfor good) is a truth or a mere positive feeling?
A. See it from your experience. Now you don't need to say thisto tsunami victims. This is a deeply understood knowledge.Have "viveka". Know what to say where.
Q. You say "vasudhev kutumbakam" (one world family), then whydo you say not to use imported items?
A. If family's one member is troubling other and the near onesare getting poor, you need to support them. We are not againstforeigners and thier products, but we also need to save peoplearound us. I'm not saying don't use imported products. Ifsomething is not available locally you definitely use importeditems, if you require it. Have a broad vision but support local.To stabilise economy we need to do this.
Q. Do you know everybody's mind?
A. You know what happened when we were coming to Surat from Mumbai intrain for Mahasatsang. (no). There were two ladies in the sametrain as we. They were longing to meet me. They couldn't meet mein Mumbai and thought it would be almost impossible to meet in Surat. Few devotees where scheduled to meet me at Valsad station. Before we could finish the train started. Me and Rishi Nityaprogya ji (Nitin Bhaiya) ran and jumped into one of the boggies.It was a ladies coach
Huge laughter]. The two ladies were sitting in the same boggie. They started crying like anything after seeing me. Then I sat with them for half an hour and spoke to them.Longing always increases but never gets completed. Love increases but never completes.
During my agyatwas, I asked our driver, to drive the car in some remote village. I asked him to take left and right, here and there. Then I asked him to stop in front of a small house.
It was a farmers house. Once I entered the house, everybody saw me. The whole family was so happy to see me. The farmer saidhe wanted to see me since such a long time but never knew how toreach me. Then I also visited a few farmers near by, they alsowanted to meet me since long but would never get a chance due totheir duties and work. I spent some time talking to them. They all became very happy. So you never know when I'll go where. I can come anywhere, anytime. So better keep you house neat and clean.
Q. Why do we cry when we meet you?
A. Yes, some of you cry, some of you smile. These tears are veryprecious. Even the gods and angels long for such tears.
Theek hai.
These two months be careful. Don't drive rash. Drive slowly.Step in to the vehicle with the foot of active nostril. Say if your right nostril is active then step in vehicle with right foot. There will be unnecessary fights, arguments, confrontations. You will not be able to do anything. Just be calm, composed and strong.
Pray. Things will get better eventually.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sydney, Australia, April 6: All the problems that you face in life are because you attach over importance to events. The events grow bigger while you remain smaller.Say, for example, you are riding a motorbike on a busy street and in front of you, another vehicle is emitting exhaust fumes. You have three options:
1. You can complain, somehow bear with it, and still follow the vehicle.
2. You can slow down or wait for some time to allow the vehicle to move far away from you.
3. You can use your skill, overtake the vehicle, and forget about it.
As in the first case, most of you stick on the events and are miserable, like inhaling fumes throughout your journey.
In the second case, you don’t get permanent relief, because another bigger vehicle might come in front of you. Running away from events is not the permanent solution.
Wise people use their skill to surmount the event. If the vehicle is in perfect condition, the skill is effective.
Conditioning the vehicle is Sadhana – practice. And skill is the grace of the Guru. The mistakes you have made in the past have made you humble; you need not make mistakes in the future to become humble.
What Sri Sri Said:‘Meditation is the journey to the big mind’

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It is only spiritual knowledge that can cut off a narrow mentality

Bangalore ashram, March 29 (Sunday), 5:30 pm: Sri Sri spoke in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and English on the request of the 5,000-strong, diverse audience that had gathered at the amphitheatre for satsang this evening. Politics, the upcoming elections in India, a solution to terrorism, the role of youth and the importance of spirituality …. this evening’s conversation covered a wide-range of topics.
On the many questions on politics and the upcoming elections in India, Sri Sri said: Vote for change. Be duty-0riented. Jana seve, janardhan seve – service to mankind is service to God.
Go around villages and tell people to bring a change.
When hearts are united, then whatever one talks, it is music. That’s why when lovers repeat the same thing ten times, one likes to hear it. That is because our relationship is from our hearts.
If the mind is not sweet, then the best of speeches can make one restless. If the mind is sweet, then the world is sweet.
There are three things to keep in mind:
1. We have to do something for society.
2. We have to spread the knowledge that we have received in our lives.
3. How many of our acts have pleased others?
How many have pleased us? If we only do things that please us, then others will be unhappy. And if we only act for the happiness of others, then we will be unhappy. We have to be attentive to this balance.
Our country is burning from all four sides. There are caste and religious divides. Our neighboring countries are burning too. We have to save society.
Wake up, the youth of the country, - wake up.
We have to awaken self-respect. When you respect yourself first, then you can respect others.
If you have self-esteem, then you can do that – if you don’t then you are walking around without a spine. Sadhana awakens your self-esteem. With meditation, emotions like violence cannot arise in you.
There is so much violence in our neighbouring countries. Last year, 400 bomb blasts went off together in Bangladesh. There were ten terror attacks in our country last year. America had one 9/11. In this country, every month has seen a date with terror.
Terrorism cannot be cut off unless spiritual knowledge is given. It is only spiritual knowledge that can cut off a narrow mentality. Without realising this fact, even if we pump millions into Pakistan to end terror, these attempts won’t be successful.
Only money will not make the change: the mindset has to be changed. We all have to strive for a spiritual education. Spread the message of non-violence, love and compassion. Then this attitude of violence, dominance and hatred will go.
We need religious education but not unscientific education. Take only that which is scientific. A broad-based, spiritual education is essential. We need religious education but fanaticism is no good. This continent is passing through a tough time but it will change.
There are three things that we must do:
1. Everyone must meditate for some time everyday2. Do service to society3. Vote and encourage others to vote
(A person from the audience stands up and asks a question.)
Q. I feel so fortunate to be listening to a modern-day Vivekananda. How does one know which specific field you are cut off for? Then we can be more effective.A.: Yes, its true…. All those who want to do some service activity, want direction, come here. Let us make a team, take specific targets and do service. We have adopted 38 slums around Bangalore. There are many of you who can go and inspire them and help them.
(Another visitor narrates his experience of hearing Art of Living bhajans when passing by a police station. Sri Sri says: “Even in prisons, inmates hear these bhajans all the time.”)
Q. When will all national boundaries dissolve?
A: When everyone starts to do the Sudarshan Kriya. (audience laughs and claps)
Jai Gurudev!