Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why Good People Suffer

Fri, 12/12/2014 Bangalore, India
(Below is a continuation of the post Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility)
Gurudev, it is often said that these are bad times for good people. We see this in our society that many times the wrong people end up winning and dominating others and come out as winners. They seem to be enjoying their life. What should we do?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility

Fri, 12/12/2014 Bangalore, India
You know, it is said that the solar plexus is the central point of our human body. It is the centre of gravity.
The size of the solar plexus is found to be very large in yogis. If one does not meditate regularly, then it remains small in size; just like the size of a small gooseberry. But if we meditate regularly, then its size expands to become as large as a full lemon.
All our emotions get stored in the solar plexus. It is the point from which your gut feeling also arises. Even scientists say the same thing about this.
The more expanded your solar plexus is, greater is your mental stability and your intuition.
Our ancient people have termed the solar plexus as Padmanabha. It means one whose solar plexus is like a fully blossomed lotus.
When you see the image of Lord Vishnu, you will see that Lord Brahma arises from the lotus blooming out of Lord Vishnu’s navel. What does this signify? This signifies that when Lord Vishnu was in a state of Yoga Nidra (here referring to a meditative state coupled with complete alertness), then a lotus blossomed from his navel out of which Lord Brahma was born.
How many of you have heard this story? (Many in the audience raise their hands) The secret behind this story is that, when you are in Yoga Nidra, then your navel region blossoms and this brings up a lot of creativity in you.
What our scientists tell us today, our wise ancestors have already conveyed the same a long time ago, by means of such beautiful symbolic stories.
Usually, people think that first something has to be created, and only after that can it be nurtured and maintained. But in this story, the one who nurtures (Lord Vishnu) appeared much before the Creator (Lord Brahma) could arise.
The maintenance department was already present much before something got created. This is a sign of great efficacy. So the creation actually happened later.
Our ancestors and Rishis were very wise. When people today listen to these stories and the symbolism behind them, they are so deeply fascinated by their depth and beauty. They think, 'There has been so much intelligence and skill in this country since ages!'
They symbolically said, ‘One who maintains himself, from him the creation came up’. The maintenance department was already ready before something got created. That was the sign of efficacy.
Gurudev, how do we handle people who emotionally abuse you?

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Secret To True Happiness

Thu, 12/04/2014 Bangalore, India

Thursday, August 13, 2015

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Divine

Wed, 12/10/2014 Bangalore, India
When you have that deep urge to get rid of any bad habit, deep prayer will can change it. How many of you have experienced this? (Many in the audience raise hands)
What is the relevance of morality in the real world when divinity is considered beyond morality, like in the case of Krishna?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sri Sri's New Year Message

Wed, 12/31/2014 Bad Antogast, Germany

Changing Time, Unchanging Witness

A New Year is the time when a lot of people stumble at the realization, "Oh! Another year has gone by!" We wonder for a few moments at the current of time that flows by, and then again we get busy. The funny thing is that this happens nearly every year.
If we go deeper into these moments of wonder, we realize that there is an aspect of us that is a witness to all the events of time. This witness inside us is unchanging, and it is from here that we observe all the change that time brings.
All the events in life that have passed have become a dream. Wisdom is becoming aware of this dream-like nature of life even as it is unfolding right now.
All the events in life that have passed have become a dream. Wisdom is becoming aware of this dream-like nature of life even as it is unfolding now. Knowing this brings tremendous strength from within and you do not get shaken by events and circumstances. At the same time, events have their own place in life. We need to learn from them and keep moving.
Among the major developments this year, the elections in India brought a significant shift in the social and political atmosphere. People actively united in voting against corruption and mis governance and after three decades, the country got a stable majority government. This change has also positioned India very strongly on the world stage. Our relationships with other countries are much better than they have been and the United Nations has recently declared an International Yoga Day at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call. The successful mission to Mars a few months ago also showcased India's merit in technology.
However, news and videos of barbaric mass killings by terror groups around the world have been a very disturbing development this year. Tehreek-e-Taliban, the same group that burnt the Art of Living Center in Islamabad earlier has now killed over 130 school children in Peshawar. IS has also wreaked havoc in several countries. Our volunteers have been engaged in relief work in Sinjar Mountains and Erbil in Iraq where the survivors of the genocide on the Yezidi community have been trapped. Despite many difficulties, our volunteers have been able to airdrop about 120 tons of food and rescue 200 girls from IS but a lot more needs to be done.
As you go inwards, the witness aspect grows in you and you remain untouched by events. And as you go outwards, the actor in you becomes more skillful in responding to situations.
Whatever the challenges, we need to keep making efforts to create a better world. This is possible when we are established within ourselves. In you, there is an actor and there is a witness. As you go inwards, the witness aspect grows in you and you remain untouched by events. And as you go outwards, the actor in you becomes more skillful in responding to situations.
These two entirely opposite aspects of our being are nurtured by meditation. When you come closer to the Self, your action becomes powerful in the world and right action in the world brings you closer to the Self.
As the new year approaches, let us resolve to be unshakable within and move towards a better world. Time changes people but there are people who change the time. May you be one of them. Happy New Year!