Monday, January 28, 2019

Inner Peace Outer Dynamism (IPOD) - An Interaction with the Youth

Monday, 5. February 2018 Kochi, India

What is the Sign of a Youth?

Not being stuck in one place – that is a sign of youth. Enthusiasm, dynamism, progress, and wanting to do tough things! Isn't it?
A big program was organized in Pune, like this one. After the program, a youth was driving me to the airport, and he told me, "Gurudev, everything went so smooth. There were no challenges at all."
I told him that I thought a young man is driving me, but now I see an old person is driving me.
Young people want to take a challenge. They don't want everything to be smooth. Am I correct? (The audience says "Yes")
There are a lot of things in the world that are challenging, and as young people, you must take on those challenges. Every challenge you take on will bring the best out of you.

Keeping Calm Midst Chaos

When you take on challenges, there is one challenge that you face- How do you keep yourself cool?
You can't handle a challenge when you are disturbed. You cannot handle any tough situation when you feel weak from inside. You need something that makes you solid, and that doesn't let you lose your smile.
If you play a game with someone junior to you, you play with such confidence. But if you play the same game with a senior or a more professional group than you, then there is a little nervousness inside of you. Can you have the same confidence whether you play with a junior or a senior? Can you have the same respect for the juniors as you have for the seniors? This is a very tricky situation. This is the way to train your mind.
Sometimes, when you are overconfident, you lose. You think juniors may not know much, but sometimes, juniors know better than you. And similarly, you think seniors are too big to handle, and you become nervous. If you stop being nervous, you will see that you will be able to handle them much better. So, what you need is that balance – something to log on to. Now, what is that something? That is the inner peace.
Once you have inner peace and inner strength, I tell you, you can do anything. You can handle any situation, you can manage any challenge and you can manage them successfully.

How to Have Inner Peace?

You need to attend 3 things:
  1. Have a healthy diet
    You need to take care of your food and your diet. I suppose you are doing that already. If not, observe your diet.
    Now tell me, how many of you find post-lunch session very boring? (Many in the audience raise their hands) Do you know why? Because you have eaten sumptuous food and you feel like dozing off, especially if it is a history class or a trigonometry or geometry class immediately after lunch. So, we must take care not to have foods that don't cause drowsiness during lunchtime.
  2. Practice pranayama and breathing techniques regularly
    Do you have any idea of how much food you consume per day? You consume 1 to 1.5 kilogram every day. Some of you can consume 2 kilogram.
    How much do you drink? Two and a half liters! But do you know how much air we breathe in every day? 10,000 liters.
    Fortunately, Kochi has good air. In Delhi, it is very difficult, even the air is not pure. 90% of the nutrition for our body comes through the air. Oxygen is that which energies every cell in your body and make your cells grow, and that comes from the air. So even without food, you can survive, but without air, you cannot survive.

    So, every day for a short while, do a little pranayama. Deep breathing can change our mind. If you feel low, depressed, or unhappy, just take deep breaths for ten minutes, and you will feel energetic and happy again. You will feel enthusiasm just coming out of you again. So, breathing is a very important factor in keeping your energy high.
  3. Intuition and Meditation
    We have come up with an intuition process for kids. Just in two-three days, you can learn how to use the power of your mind to read beyond your eyes. Being blindfolded, you will be able to read, you will be able to write, and you will be able to download information.

    Our brain is like a computer. You can download things which you don't even know. Those of you who want to do research on this, you are welcome. We have already trained nearly 35,000 children all over this country, in China and in Europe.
    We all have intuitive abilities. We only have to enhance them. And meditation is the keyword. Now, meditation is not concentration, it is deep relaxation.