Friday, November 26, 2010

When you take science and spirituality together, then you will progress in life

Bangalore, India, Nov. 15:

Q. When everything is God’s will, why is there a need for spirituality?
Sri Sri: We are made up of both, matter and spirit. The spirit needs spirituality, the body (matter) has some material needs and our spirit is nourished by spirituality. You cannot live life without spirituality. Do you want peace? Do you want joy? Do you want happiness? We think spirituality means going to a temple, church or a mosque. Spirituality is human values. Without human values, life is meaningless. If someone asks, why do you need human values, you would say, it is a silly question. There is no point in living like an animal, when you are a human being. Living with human values is being human.
Man has some needs and takes responsibilities. When needs are less and responsibilities are more, life is good. When needs are more and responsibilities are few, life is not so good. Some needs could be there but if you take very few responsibilities, then you are unhappy. It is not a spiritual life. Bharathiyaar, Kamraj and Gandhi took responsibility for the whole country and see the way they lived - their needs were minimum.
Take more responsibility. If the father does not take responsibility for the children and their needs, will they listen to him? Only those who take responsibility, gain authority. People in politics ought to take responsibility for the whole nation. But if they rise in power by corrupt means, the fall is certain.
When we take more responsibility, how do we manage them? The ability to take responsibility beyond our capacity and manage it comes from spirituality.
Q. Why is it that even when I follow good things, bad things follow me?
Sri Sri: If you sow a neem tree, will mangoes grow in it? You have to be intelligent. You may be a good person, yet are you intelligent? If you’re good and you put your hand in fire, you will still get burnt. You have to be good and intelligent. Use your buddhi (intelligence) and use it well. We use our intelligence only for corruption and not to be a good person. We think we are good, others are bad. It’s not like that. There is some goodness in everybody. Spirituality increases it. Even when problems are there, they teach us something – we get a depth. Happiness brings expansion, Difficulties bring depth.
Q. What is your advice for our youth?
Sri Sri: Take both, the modern and the ancient, and move ahead. The roots are spirituality, our tradition and culture. The leaves and branches are science. When you take science and spirituality together, then you will progress in life.
Sometimes in the name of spirituality, we follow superstitions or thinking we are scientific, we ignore our traditions. That is not the way. You must take the middle path. Honor and respect our traditions, have a scientific outlook and whatever good we can do for others, keep doing.
Q. What is man’s highest duty?
Sri Sri: If you think something is your duty, there is no love in it. Sometimes you even get headaches because you feel burdened by the duty. When you do something with love, that is the best. When you take responsibility with love, then it is not a burden to you. It becomes like a puja and that is the best. If you think that doing puja itself is a duty, then there is no benefit in doing it at all.
If a father thinks, ‘I have to get my daughter married somehow and get rid of my responsibilities’ then it becomes a burden. But if he thinks of her marriage with love, then the whole event is a celebration and there is joy for everybody. So, take responsibility with love and take responsibility for the whole world. Start with small steps. First your family, then neighbors, society, village - nobody should be sad in your village! This attitude will make your heart blossom. When the heart blossoms, there is happiness. Divinity resides in a blossomed heart. You don’t have to go anywhere and search for the Divine. His home will be in your heart.
Q. Why do disasters and natural calamities happen?
Sri Sri: We are exploiting the planet, using atom bombs, bursting them under water - so many nuclear weapons are being tested secretly under the water like this. The earth cannot bear it. Trees are being cut, so many toxins are being pumped into the ground, the earth is being mined and all the minerals are being removed – all this has to change. We must promote chemical-free farming methods. Our country’s corn is small. Imported corn is bigger. Our rice grains are small, imported grains are larger. But our grains are much more healthy. We must protect our indigenous seeds. Our cow’s dung and urine has medicinal properties. Protect desi cows and seeds. Imported hybrid seeds give good yield for the first two or three years but deplete the soil completely. Thousands of farmers in Maharashtra committed suicide because of this. We must encourage natural methods of farming.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contentment in the mind gives you all the power to work effectively & bless

Punjab, India, November 12:
I am feeling grateful to be in the city of Saints. The ten Gurus of Sikh tradition have made so many important contributions and sacrificed their lives for mankind. The grace of the Masters, from Sri Guru Nanak Dev to Sri Guru Gobind Singh is showering on this holy city. Doing Kirtan, (Satsang) we adore the old tradition. It is important today to solidify the voice of love. The one with a clean heart and enthusiasm can do this. The land of Punjab is the face of the whole of India. Yet the holy land is suffering because of evils like drug addiction and female foeticide. Seeing this, there arose a sankalpa in the mind to have a drug-free Punjab – Let the kids, elderly and everybody be free from addictions, and let the mind find peace and true intoxication in the Divine.
One more important issue that needs to be brought into light is to preserve the Indian seeds. How many of you suffer from body aches? (An astounding number of people raised their hands). This is because of consuming food with pesticides. So, preserving local seeds and adopting organic farming is the remedy.

Youngsters need to be awakened to the actual essence of the religion. We somewhere fail to present the actual relaxing and soothing aspect of spirituality or religion.
If the very root is spoilt, the tree withers. We need to respect our tradition, our roots. Sikh means one who learns and we can all learn something from everybody. We need to learn hospitality from the Japanese, precision from Germans, etiquette from the English and marketing from America and from India, human values.
Love is beyond language. When the heart finds a way, language is no long era barrier. Yet to realize love we need to remove the label of being unhappy from our hearts. ‘I am unhappy’ – We put and encourage this label on us. And why do we do that? Because of stress and conflicts that arise due to it. We have to work to make each home free from stress. But before that, we have to free ourselves of the conflicts that are happening inside our mind. This is self-knowledge. When stress is there, we become angry, making ourselves and others, sad. To get rid of stress from the very roots, we need to meditate regularly for some time. When you sit to listen to Kirtan, just be immersed in that. But if your mind keeps running and disturbing you even when you sit to cherish Kirtan, then Pranayama, yoga and meditation all come to aid.
Violence-free society, disease-free body, quiver-free breath, confusion-free mind, inhibition-free intellect, trauma-free memory, sorrow-free soul, and an ego that encompasses all are the birthrights of everybody on the planet. We have been bestowed with knowledge since ages, but the tragedy is that we don’t know our own tradition. In Tamil Nadu, nobody knows about the sacrifice of the ten Gurus. The kids have studied a little about Sri Guru Nanak Dev and Sri Guru Gobind Singh in their school curriculum. Similarly, nobody here knows that there were 63 great saints in Tamil Nadu. There have been so many sages in so many countries. Five years ago, we held an exhibition about ten Gurus and that brought awareness. What is our heritage? What are our roots? Self-knowledge is the very base of our ancient tradition. The very basis of science is spirituality, the ancient knowledge of our Scriptures.
Corruption has reached all fields. This is a burning issue that requires to be given attention. What society do we want to leave for the coming generation? If we do not give them a society better than ours, we will miss to fulfill our responsibility.
Satsriakal, honoring the truth that is beyond time and honoring the treasure that is within, is one of the best greetings in the world. When you identify the treasure within, worldly prosperity automatically follows. The inner richness is anyway there, but that treasure is to be identified. There is a science behind the sound of Omkar. Scientists have found that the frequency of the Earth rotating around its axis is the same as that of Om. The graph plotted for the two frequencies is the same. So, whenever we chant Om, our vibes match with that of the Earth’s natural frequency, the natural law. Few days ago a doctor shared his experience. He would take so many medicines and said, “Even after taking all these medicines, nothing was getting cured. All of a sudden I started humming a song of ‘Om’ and I would keep singing it for about an hour. I wondered how my problems start getting resolved!” He has even started music therapy using the sound of ‘Om’.
The same is said by our ancient Rishis as well. Maharishi Patanjali has said, “If you want to get rid of sorrow, contemplate on that one Divine principle/God. Think of that ultimate bliss called the Divine. Japji Sahib starts with that – EkOmkar, The one Omkar. All sorrow diminishes, doubts shatter and you gain health cherishing that one principle. That is why in Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism and in Hinduism, ‘Om’ has got a special place. The same is true for Taoism and Shintoism. Even in Islam and Christianity, we see a glimpse of ‘Om’ in Ameen and Amen.
So, now we chant ‘Om’ for three times and we will enjoy the divine kirtan, immersing ourselves in the ocean of Divine music.
We will talk more, but let us do some meditation first.
(After meditation)

How are you feeling now? How many of you got rid of any body aches?
(Many in the audience raised their hands.)

When you are content and not bombarded with your own needs, you gain the ability to bless, and we need to learn that skill of being content. This can only happen through meditation. We have this beautiful tradition where we go to seek blessings of our elderly in all functions or occasions. This is very scientific. Ideally, elder ones are expected to be content, and hence they should have the ability to bless. Yet today that is missing somewhere. And contentment does not mean being lethargic or not working, and also one is not to wait till getting old to feel contented. There should spring a wave of contentment in the mind. Keep on doing your work but have a sense of satisfaction in mind. Sometime in life, one should reach this stage of feeling, “I am contented.” Without contentment, that power does not wake up within you. Many people who have done the Blessing course have this experience that whatever good they wish for others, it gets accomplished. How many of you have this experience? (Again many hands in the air) Spend your life celebrating and enjoying doing Sadhana, Seva and Satsang. Be happy and make others happy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

30th Anniversary of the Bangalore Ashram

November 13, 2010:
An Ashram is a place where there is no shram/effort. Keeping the mind at peace and letting divinity flow through you is effortlessness. And when does that happen? When you are at ease with yourself and the surroundings. And this is, in fact, the significance of the Ashram – where you are at home.
Today is the 30th anniversary of the Ashram. This was a barren land before that, and there was nothing but rocks. The land has been transformed into a beautiful place. This has all happened because of the meditation, seva and satsang.
When you have experienced inner peace, then either the Ashram has no significance or all the places become an Ashram for you. Yet till then, the Ashram and its vibrations, do have an impact. So, on this occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Ashram, be at home, be at Ashram, and be at peace with yourself. Wherever you are, make it an Ashram. Every home becomes an Ashram, this should be our wish!

Friday, November 19, 2010

With satsang, sadhana and seva our faith becomes very strong

Gujarat, (India) Nov. 5, 2010
More happiness we share with others, more happiness we experience. Do you agree with it? Don’t just say yes. First you think and if you agree, then accept that. One can travel the whole world, but only in the Indian tradition you will see that even when the best of knowledge is spoken, one says, ‘You think about it, only if you find it’s right, then accept it.’
After reciting 18 chapters of The Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘You think about it, analyze it, if it appeals to your mind and if you agree then you accept it.’ This means the strength that is within us; the strength of the soul is what gives us this freedom. So now we have to utilize it in the right direction. So whenever we are happy and joyful, we should make an effort to spread this happiness, this joy to minimum ten other people. Will you all do it? Everybody? In my opinion each person has the capability to give happiness to a thousand people. Each one of you can bring light to the lives of a thousand people or more.
Like I said, spirituality is the only way through which we can be free from depression. Whether our society gets freedom from misconduct, corruption, injustice or not, we must spread spirituality. In every house, we must tell people to meditate, to get together and have satsang. In whichever village, people have gotten together and done satsang, all negativities have gone away. Mahatma Gandhi had once desired for an honest society that is now becoming a reality in many villages in India. Even in Gujarat, in many villages, this work is ongoing where people have left alcohol, drugs and with much joy and love are serving others.
One thing that is very important for you to remember: In everyday life, you may experience some lack here and there. Your mind gets upset or someone has tears in their eyes… this is all part of life, which keeps happening. It has never been like everything in life is perfect, ideal or rosy-rosy. It has never been like that, but to deal with problems we need strength and patience and that comes through sadhana. Don’t think of life as separate from sadhana, your life itself is your sadhana. Understand this and move forward. Don’t think that just by closing my eyes for a few minutes and doing something, sadhana is done. No! Whatever you do, walking, moving about, getting up or sitting down, smiling or getting angry, whatever you do in life is sadhana. We need to look from this perspective and then we experience so much relief. When in yourself, this cool breeze of relief and peace starts to flow then you will see how people around you will also start to feel the same. Already many people are feeling it, isn’t it?
It is said that devotion was born in Tamil Nadu, raised in Karnataka and blossomed in Gujarat. So here in Gujarat, devotion blossomed and became complete. Where is the blossoming of devotion? It is in service! We must do as much seva as we can. This does not mean we have to do what we cannot do. No. We have to do as much as is possible for us; and there is nothing as big or small service, the fruit of all service is the same. We must not feel that I have to do that service which is important or big, no, what is important is to have the feeling to be of help to others, and we serve with that feeling. It is in your nature to help and you are helping by doing that. That’s it!
If any of you are feeling ‘I am doing a lot of seva, remove that from your mind today. Who are you doing seva for? Without doing something we cannot live. That’s why we are doing something and if others are benefiting by us doing something, then it is a very good thing, isn’t it. So we must not feel proud of our seva or proud of our good qualities, this is what we need to offer into the fire of knowledge. So offer your negative qualities, also offer your good qualities and good actions, and live life smiling, feeling light and at the same time being immersed into the depths of knowledge.
You don’t have to work very hard to achieve love and peace in your life; this is easily achieved in a state of rest and such rest we can experience when there are no small botherations lingering in the mind. Then you experience deep rest; and desires linger in your mind when you do not have faith. When you are thirsty then only the desire for water arises, but what will happen if you sit and think about water all day? Do you understand what I am saying? What does desire mean? A lack of faith that I am going to get what I need. So with satsang, sadhana and seva, our faith becomes very strong and all work gets done like it’s getting done in your lives right now.
How many of you have experienced that what you desire is getting fulfilled? So whatever you desire is getting fulfilled, then you should desire for big things. What is the use of desiring for small things? There is no fun in that.
I am not saying do this, do that, I am saying do nothing. Now just five minutes before I said spread happiness, now I am saying you don’t have to do anything. Just relax… the contradiction between these two states only is life. That’s why if you read the Gita you will understand everything is contradictory. Gita is our very life; it is not only a holy text. Gita is for everybody, it is our life and in life there are contradictions.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meditation calms the mind

Q: Meditation calms the mind. It feels good. But in our daily life we have to handle paying bills, parking tickets and other mundane things. How can we do this with the same calm mind, without getting irritated or perturbed?
Sri Sri: You take a shower in the morning to clean your body. After that you do all the daily activities. You don't have to keep on taking a shower throughout the day. It’s like that.
You meditate and calm your mind, then go on with other activities. It’s not easy to keep yourself undisturbed, but it’ll happen as you keep doing the practices regularly. Then it’ll become easy.
Meditation is accepting this moment, and living every moment totally with depth. Just this understanding, and few days of continuous practice of meditation, can change the quality of our life.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the rush of our daily lives, we forget that Divinity is within us

Rajkot (Gujarat, India), Nov. 3:
There are many meanings of Dhantaras. In life, there should be all types of prosperity – usually money is associated with prosperity. Satisfaction is true wealth. The air, earth and time are also wealth. The right usage of time is very important. There is a wealth in knowledge. Its nectar should be in our consciousness. Whatever we have, whatever we can give, should be shared. We must practice charity.
Today the priests performed a yagya with Vedic rituals. Prayer is an expression of showing your gratitude towards God. Eight years ago we performed a yagya here. Since then there has been no famine. Earlier there were parch lands everywhere, today there is greenery all over. We should thank Goddess Laxmi for bringing prosperity to Saurashtra.
Divine love is not somewhere far, it is with me right here. If we have this faith, then we can never feel separate from Divine love. I have come to tell you that you can never be far from God. If you understand this today then I will consider my work done.
Devi and Devtas are forms of God. Honor them and rest deep in your subtle Self.
Is there only one type of sweet, then how can God be of one kind? Yesterday 5,600 types of dishes were displayed. 35,000 children, who had never seen these many varieties of sweets, ate from the spread.
Two years ago an event called Brahma Naad was organized in Delhi where 1,200 sitarists performed.
People said it’s not possible. Yet to make the impossible possible is our work. In Pune, 2,700 vocalists came together. Then the Gujarat team came up with this idea of Annam Brahm.
All this is a part of Goddess Laxmi. There are eight kinds of wealth that come in everybody’s life.
We rekindled this spark of Goddess Laxmi in our consciousness.
Just know that whatever you want, you will get.
Lord Krishna said that leave all religions and come to Me, I will liberate you from all your sins.
But we do just the opposite. We keep clinging to religion and start our journey to save ourselves from our own sins.
In the rush of our daily lives, we forget that Divinity is within us.
Let us all take this sankalpa - Remembering again and again that the Divine music is within us, my family and I take this commitment that people all over the world should stay happy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Knowledge nugget from Delhi:

Delhi, India, Oct. 31:

In life if you want satisfaction, then you need an ice factory in the brain, a sweet factory in the mouth and a compassion factory in the heart.
Whatever demands you have, surrender them to the Divine. As dukh (sadness) means tyag ka bal (strength to surrender) and sukh (happiness) means seva ka bal (strength to serve).
​Q: Any amount of positivity I try in life, small failure makes me feel low?
Sri Sri: How are you feeling now? Failures come in life - do you do sadhana everyday? Chant Om Namah Shivay for ten minutes everyday. The energy you get from chanting is amazing
In China, there was a popular person who had seven diseases. He started chanting Om everyday for two hours and the diseases got cured. Sage Patanjali said this many years ago: if we chant Om every day, it reduces negative energy at home.
‎​There are many health problems because of the number of chemicals used in food, soap and also radiations. We should keep our food satvic, do chanting and pranayama.
The incidence of cancer is increasing nowadays because we don’t give enough importance to food.
Q: How to do samarpan (surrender) in bhakti (devotion)?
Sri Sri: In the same way how we have sweetness in sugar.
Q: You always say we should be like children. I was careless and fearless as a child. Now as an adult a new fear has come.
Sri Sri: Just relax and keep doing sadhana. Don’t worry.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let the light in my life and wisdom around me always be there

Bangalore, India, Oct. 21:
This fortnight is the period of the Divine and we do puja every day. Today is the concluding day and also Sharad Poornima/full moon. Each poornima (full moon) is associated with a very significant event in history.
Buddha Poornima, the full moon day in the month of Vaishakh (usually falls in April or May) is connected to the birth, enlightenment and attainment of Mahasamadhi by Gautama Buddha. The next Poornima is dedicated to Rishi Vyasa. Sage Vyasa was the master of both the realms – material as well as spiritual. He knew the ways of the world, and that of the spirit as well. Veda Vyasa organized the entire knowledge, and there was no knowledge about which he didn’t know. Guru Poornima is the day on which all the Masters of all the Traditions are venerated. The last full moon is dedicated to Anant or infinity. Celebrating infinity – no boundaries – no beginning or end.
This month’s full moon is called Sharad Poornima. The brightest and without any blemish, it is supposed to stay longer too, the full moon of Celebration. It is said that Divine dance happened on the day between Lord Krishna and the Gopies – symbolic of grateful devotees. It is said that Lord Krishna danced with all the Gopis under this moon so many thousands of years ago. Sharad Poornima is known for dance and celebration. It is the time when devotees feel the presence of the Divine in their life. This moon is also dedicated to beauty. The sky is clear and the largest moon shines brightly. Our mind and the moon are connected. When the moon is full, the mind is also full. The energy on the day is very high and celebration will keep it up. But this energy needs to be channelized.
With every full moon, we find an excuse to celebrate - Celebration with the spiritual flavor.
The period of last fifteen days was a Divine period. We do all poojas and yagyas. What is pooja? Reciprocating what Divinity is doing to us. God makes Sun and Moon go around us, showers flowers, rain and fruits. Imitation of that Divine expression is called pooja. Pooja is the most natural way of showing one’s gratitude.
We conclude this beautiful period doing pooja with a playful heart and keeping this intention, “Let the light in my life, the enthusiasm and wisdom around me always be there. I take the light of life into me. I accept wisdom and love.”
Divinity is everywhere like the air. Yet you feel the air near the fan. Similarly, Divinity is everywhere but you feel it more near the fan. Knowledge, yagya and Guru are like the fan. Near these you feel the presence of Divinity.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diwali is a time to drop everything and start afresh

India, (Gujarat), Nov. 3:
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s address at Annam Brahm, an event that showcased 5,600 vegetarian food items. This initiative also brought to the forefront the unifying power of food. People of all religions participated in this event with the aim to showcase the unique cuisines from different communities.
Sri Sri:
“We are part of a Smashta Jeevan - An individual human being is connected to the whole universe, with all its life forms. Birds, animals and the life of people should be respected. When we care for nature, nature cares for us. It makes us complete and completeness is the basis of a human being. We need to take care of plants and animals. One of the most divine expressions is to plant a tree. Then we need to take care of people. Ladies while cooking should take out one handful of grains everyday and once a week or once a month should feed the poor. It is said that two to three hundred years back, there was not even one poor or hungry person in India. Such a complete and capable country we had.

Once again we must resurrect this country to that state. We should all work towards this.
Life without joy,
Heart without compassion,
Mind without imagination,
And Intellect without intuition is incomplete.

Life is all celebration. Celebration happens when all come together, and a society without celebration is no good.
Gujarat is full of celebration. The amount of dance people do out here, one will hardly find anywhere else in the world. The whole of Gujarat rises to dance during Navratras.
We are having Diwali. Greeting each other and singing with each other, we light the lamps on Diwali and celebrate. A single lamp is not enough, and we have to light the lamp in every field. Let the light shine on spiritual, social, financial and all other fields – This is the message for Diwali. While involving in daily activities, we do get upset with each other, we get upset and we make others also upset. But how long can you burn in that fire? Diwali is a time to drop everything and start afresh. That is why in this region, Diwali is immediately followed by the New Year. So, on this occasion my wish for everybody is to have the light of wisdom and spirituality in their lives, and the waves of joy keep rising in all hearts.
Today is Annam Brahma – the topic is food. It is said in all our Upanishads that Food is Brahma, and one should honor it. Like they say "Jaisa ann vaisa mann" – The state of your mind depends on your diet. Pure vegetarian food keeps our mind perfect, intellect sharp and body fit. That is why many scientists today are switching to vegetarianism.
We are not even aware of the huge variety of food which is there in India. From Tripura to Kerala and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, whatever type of dishes people eat, are present here today.
We offer prayers before eating. The food that we eat absorbs the vibrations. Respecting food means respecting farmers, we should always keep in mind that the one who is producing food should always be happy, because that is the origin of the thought cycle. This is our beautiful tradition, with such deep science behind. Food makes us experience the chaitanya (the consciousness), that is why it is called Brahman.
India is famous for its contribution in seven spheres. First is the variety of clothing available. Then is the huge variety of food. After this comes Nritya and Sangeet (Dance and Music) – India is being recognized in these fields also. Then comes tourism - Pravaas Udhyog, and the I.T Industry, and of course India is making its name in the field of Spirituality - Knowledge industry. Like this, India has made an extraordinary mark in these seven spheres. We have to popularize it. It is very important today. These things should be recognized as a world heritage.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Secret of material prosperity & spiritual blossoming

India, (Bangalore), October 13:

Sri Sri explains the significance of yagyas (pujas) performed during the ongoing festival of Navratri.

There are three levels of existence - Outer world, subtle world of different energies and Divinity or God. All the yagnas being performed here aim to achieve both spiritual and material benefits. When you go deep inside yourself, from where everything has come from, you experience the Supreme Peace. Only when you are in deep meditation, these mantras have effect. These are very powerful and beautiful and enrich the subtle creation. We are so fortunate to be able to be a part of this.
There are pundits from all Vedas, and they will chant mantras. It is happening from thousands of years. These are done to benefit the whole world. We have gathered here as one body, one mind and one spirit, totally immersed in what is happening. Even if we don’t know the meaning, we know these are doing something good at subtle levels of our life, and for the whole mankind.
The intellect may not understand but the subtle body understands the depth. And the vibrations that are produced are doing good to all the subtle layers of existence. This energy creates benevolence, benefits the whole mankind, washes away our bad karma, promotes harmony in the world and desires get fulfilled. Desires get fulfilled when there is strength in the subtle. These bring us close to self- realization and also to achieve success in the world.
As one body, one mind, established in the Ultimate Truth, fulfilling your worldly duties and relax in the depth of peace. Immerse in this love and devotion with the feeling that everything is happening well, everything is being done for you. Like corn – when it is little warmed, it becomes pop-corn. In the same way, consciousness is all Divinity, and with the chanting of mantras, it blossoms and manifests. This is a beautiful occasion for letting the consciousness to blossom. Om Shanti! (Let there be peace)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Inner joy and true happiness alone can stop the feverishness in society that arises through desires

Delhi, India, Sept. 21, 2010:
The most fortunate event that can take place in our lives is when we feel, “I do not want anything, and I am here for you”. I have been bestowed with the good fortune of feeling this way right from the beginning. My wish is to see more and more people being able to think in this manner. Imagine how society would be if each member of the society thinks the same way! This feeling, this virtue is already there in everyone, but it is just hidden somewhere deep inside.
When the leader of a country feels in this manner, only then will the country progress; and when he is focused on the development of the country and its people, it is impossible that the needs of the leader are not fulfilled. But if we focus only on our needs, then we don’t give ourselves and our abilities a chance to blossom. We must always believe that our needs will be fulfilled.
This does not mean that when you have some needs, you suppress them saying, “I do not want anything”. This is a feeling that arises from a state of contentment or fulfillment, and not by neglecting or suppressing your needs, and fulfillment comes from spiritual knowledge. When you pay attention and focus on the highest knowledge, then your needs are fulfilled even before time.
Inner joy and true happiness alone can stop the feverishness in society that arises through desires. This kind of inner joy and happiness can only be achieved through knowledge. It is a matter of joy that The Art of Living is bringing together the various communities of the world. The core of every religion and culture is love, and The Art of Living is also based on the same principle of LOVE, “I do not want anything and I am here for you”. More and more people around the world should be able to develop the ability to say this.
If everyone starts to think like this, this world will become heaven. If everyone only thinks of taking something from someone, then we will continue to see the current world situation.
We are developing the world to make it a heaven, and it feels very good to see it happening. So every day we move forward with this belief that ‘I am yours’. Love, action, fun and celebration are all present in this knowledge. All of this comes from the knowledge.