Saturday, November 14, 2009

Only through meditation can true knowledge dawn within you

Bangalore, Nov. 11, 2009:  
A Special advance course with 730 participants from all over Karnataka were in Satsang with a few hundred yuvacharyas (youth leaders) from rural Maharashtra and 280 Sri-Sri-yoga-teachers-to-be. Kannada and Hindi were the prevailing languages that were understood in mutual exclusivity!A beautiful Kannada song with deep wisdom is sung in satsang. Guruji speaks on some of the verses of this song. 
He then says:Music is not to be understood. It is to be enjoyed. So listen to the whole talk like music if you don’t understand (what is being said).
For all the youth from Maharashtra, I will speak a few words in Hindi. You all have done very good work.
In life, we like some things and not others. Likes and dislikes arise only when we know a little about it (the object of like/dislike). If we don’t know, then no craving or aversion can arise.
Moha (attachment), Raaga (craving) and desires arise only towards what we know. Disgust and hatred also arise only towards what we know.
In this world how much do we know? When compared to the size of this creation, what we know is less than the size of a mustard seed. Even in that, we like only a few things, and are caught up in them.
So now, let us discuss about the things we don’t know about- the unknown.
Sri Sri: How many times have you taken birth?
Audience: I don’t know
Sri Sri: How many times will you be born again?
Audience: I don’t know
Sri Sri: How many planets like the earth exist in this universe?
Audience: I don’t know
Sri Sri: How many stars are there in the universe?
Audience: I don’t know!!
Sri Sri: How many living beings are there on this planet?
Audience: I don’t know!
Sri Sri: How many atoms are there in every breath you take?
Audience: I don’t know!
Sri Sri: How many atoms are there in a handful of this earth?
Audience: I don’t know!
We know nothing! (audience laughs)
Do you see how we are rejoicing in what we don’t know?
In English, there is a proverb that says, “Ignorance is bliss”.
We know of one earth. They say there are 14 such worlds but we don’t know anything about them.
Love towards what we don’t know is called Shraddha or faith.
Do we know God? Does a child try to know the mother? It just loves her and has faith in her. Does it check which school she went to or what degree she achieved? The child does not even know the name of his mother till three to four years.
You are the child of this creation. You don’t know anything about Her. Yet you can have faith.

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