Thursday, April 3, 2008


Question: Guruji, why do we want to spend time more with the person, we are in love with?

Sri Sri : It would be unusual if you don't want to spend time with the one you are in love with. Similarly when you love yourself, you spend time with yourself. When you do that, it becomes meditation. Then it is wonderful. We like everything else, but ourself. The one who is resting inside, love that, know that!! Some people say oh ! I am bored with myself, cannot spend two hours alone. If you are bored with your self, how much boring will you be to others!! If you are not able to spend time with yourself, how will you manage to spend time with others? If you get to spend time with yourself, then I tell you are lucky. You will be contended. When this feeling comes, then no power in the world can make you shake and cry. Then Bhakti comes, mukti comes and then moksha happens. Two hours you cant spend alone!! You start sending sms to your friends; you start calling them, talking, restless. Know yourself by yourself. Khudi khud mein khud ko pao….

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