Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walk in life knowing that knowledge is life, and life is knowledge...

Q. What is Adhyatma (Spirituality)?
Sri Sri. Adhyatama/Spirituality is that which you know yourself, that which uplifts your Atman/Self.
Q. I can’t meditate, please advise.
Sri Sri. When you watch TV, you get into meditation – There is no such thing that mind cannot meditate. Wherever your mind goes, whatever it likes, there meditation occurs. You need to move from “word’ (shabdha) meditation to “wordless”(nishabhda) meditation. We separate life and knowledge, but walk in life knowing that knowledge is life, life is knowledge. Just as our relationships are manmade, join that relationship/connection with knowledge.
Q My nature is happiness but am overcome with periods of sadness – how do I overcome these periods?
Sri Sri. Offer them to the Divine. Do your practices and meditate. Sometimes waves of worry/sadness take over. Just know that it’s a temporary phase, it’s a passing cloud and it’ll disappear.
Q. How do we overcome constant aimless feelings even though you’re focused?
Sri Sri. Check to see how aimless your life was before knowledge. When you do so, you’ll realize that knowledge has transformed your life. Superfluous interest in knowledge will make your life aimless. With deeper interest in knowledge you’ll find life is so purposeful. If you think “what about me, what about me”, life is useless, you may as well put it in garbage. Knowledge gives life direction – then you find life is so purposeful.
Q. People seek roles and positions and seek temporary power. Can you talk a little bit about this power?
Sri Sri. If you work, if you take responsibility, power comes along with it. If you don’t work and don’t take responsibility you are powerless. Responsibility is taken and you don’t wait for someone to give you that power and we acknowledge that. It’s the position not the person who has that power.
Q.How do you know when to be in activity (Pravrati) and when to be in non-activity/rest (Nivrati)?
Sri Sri. How do you know when to sleep, and when to eat? When you get tired, you know you need sleep, when you get hungry, you know its time to eat. Like that everyday take a break to be in meditation then you become recharged and can work better.
Q. What is the difference between ego and self-respect?
Sri Sri. In ego you need someone else. In self-respect, others are not needed, and no one can take it away from you.

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