Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Karma in this present life

Question: If astrology is telling the life of a human being, is there any chance we could change our karma in this present life? Thank you for being with us.
Guruji: Definitely. Astrology Indicates. It just gives you a road map. That's all. But there is freedom too. Always consider the past as Destiny. If you think the past was free-will you become guilty, you become regretful, you become morose.
You are very upset thinking of the past "Oh, I could have it done this way. I could have done it that way. I could have could have..could have" It is useless. Past should be seen as destiny. Future should be seen as Free-Will. This is wisdom.
Wise people do like that. Otherwise, you get caught in regretting the past, and do nothing for the future. You simply sit. We must reverse this tendency. Just doing this one thing will help you to a great extent. Past whatever happened was destiny. Whatever happened happened - finished. And the future is upto you.

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