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There Is No Escape From The Guru

07/19/2016 Boone, United States
You can’t escape from having a Guru, or being a Guru. Everyone has to realize this, that there is no escape, or no way out.
There is a proverb in Sanskrit that says, ‘I first salute the wicked because he is teaching me by falling into a pit. He has warned me. Then I salute the one who has shown me the light’.
See, the one who is showing you the light is not doing so at his own cost. But the one who is falling, is teaching you at his own cost.
So by default everyone is a Guru because you are teaching someone something. You may not be moving people from where they are stuck, or granting them what they want, or bringing them freedom (as that requires a higher qualification), but you are definitely teaching them some wisdom. At least one of the four functions of the Guru everybody has, i.e., knowledge, progress, achievement and liberation.

There is no escape from having a Guru or being a Guru. By default, someone or the other will learn from you.

So there is no escape from having a Guru or being a Guru. By default, someone or the other will learn from you.
The four benefits of having a Guru:
1. Wisdom
2. Progress in life
3. Achievement
4. Liberation
Without knowledge there cannot be organization, if organization is there, that means that there is knowledge because knowledge has organizing power. This is what has been said by the Ancient Seers, ‘Knowledge has organizing power’.
There is a verse in the Vedas that says, ‘Wisdom and knowledge lies in the imperishable sounds and letters which are embedded in the space beyond the physical space, which is the abode of all the angels.’
This space (which the Vedas refer to) is the inner space in which all the Devas are imbedded, and if you have no access to this space then what is the point of all of this knowledge. And one who has access to the inner space is just full of bliss, and nothing can shake him or her. These four things come from that inner space – wisdom, progress, achievement and liberation.
This is all very interesting! In this era of technology, it is so easy to comprehend. Several decades ago, people would not comprehend this. It is very difficult for many to comprehend this, of course, not those who have meditated deeply. But those who just read this, it is very difficult for them to comprehend that there is a space in which all the knowledge is embedded.
Do you know, when you sent a text message what happens? The text travels through the space and in a fraction of a second, it enters into the other cell phone. In between two cell phones, where is the text? Have you ever thought about it? I think many people have not even thought about it. That space through which the text message travels is already there.
Supposed you type something, and the receiver gets something else; just imagine if there is some mismatch. You type, “Honey, I love you”, and the person receives a message from you that says, “You’re a stupid guy”. Nothing happens like because that Parame Vyoman is so structured. There could be an error in tying but not an error because of the space because the space is so perfect.

Perfection, authenticity, simplicity, clarity, universality and reality – this is what we have in The Art of Living.

Angels are not figures, they are just energies. When we use the word energy, it feels like some dead inert substance, but if you use the word angel it feels alive and lively. If you say, ‘The human body is carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins’, or you say, ‘A living human being’, it makes a difference somewhere. In the same way, the energies are called Devas.
The word Deva has many meanings, but one of the meaning is ‘Light’. Another meaning is ‘Playful’, one who loves to play. Deva also means ‘Perfection’. Perfection,
playfulness, light and positivity – this is what Devas are. It is a very interesting analysis.
We are so fortune to get all this knowledge which has been maintained from thousands of years. Without any scriptures and books also, you can realize this knowledge. But the authenticity of it is when you know that the same knowledge has been there for many years (scriptures). So, the authentication is essential.
Perfection, authenticity, simplicity, clarity, universality and reality – this is what we have in The Art of Living. It is all very sure and very clear. And this knowledge is also practical, it has a utility to it.

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